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A Clockwork Orange

DescriptionA jolting tale of crime and punishment stars Malcolm McDowell as a young neo-punk who becomes the guinea pig for a state-sanctioned cure of his tendency toward ?the old ultraviolence.Amazon.comStanley Kubrick’s striking visual interpretation of Anthony Burgess’s famous novel is...

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Air America

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 11-03-2011


When Billy Covington (Robert Downey, Jr.) accepts a job to fly planes in Laos, he expects to join a crew of civilian pilots flying in peaceful air zones. What he gets is Air America, a ragtag group of renegades dodging gunfire to run secret – and shady – missions for the CIA. As danger grows and the line between allies and enemies blurs, Billy turns to a wild and grizzled pilot named Gene Ryack (Mel Gibson). Together, Billy and Gene take a stand against the chaos and be… More >>

Air America

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