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Product DescriptionThe residents of Bodega Bay are inexplicably attacked by hundreds of birds of all shapes and sizes.Amazon.comVacationing in northern California, Alfred Hitchcock was struck by a story in a Santa Cruz newspaper: “Seabird Invasion Hits Coastal Homes.” From this peculiar...

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Akira: 25th Anniversary Edition

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 13-11-2013


Product Description
Neo-Tokyo is about to E X P L O D E! Akira isn’t just a movie – it’s the genesis of a genre. Katsuhiro Otomo’s landmark cyberpunk classic obliterated the boundaries of Japanese animation and forced the world to look into the future. Akira’s arrival shattered traditional thinking, creating space for movies like the The Matrix to be dreamed into brutal reality. Without Kaneda and Tetsuo, without espers and psionic assassins, without that badass motorcycle

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Watch and Download Akira: 25th Anniversary Edition

Akira 25th anniversary edition blu-ray/dvd - stuf anime, This 25th anniversary edition akira features original 1988 streamline english dub 2001 pioneer/animaze english dub.. https://www.rightstufanime.com/Akira-DVD-Blu-ray-Hyb-25th-Anniversary-Edition Blu-ray/dvd review: “akira” 25th anniversary edition, This year marks 25 anniversary release katsuhiro otomo’ watershed feature akira. otomo wasn’ director depict potential threat. http://www.indiewire.com/2013/12/blu-raydvd-review-akira-25th-anniversary-edition-124597/ Akira: 25th anniversary edition (dvd) - amazon., Amazon.: akira: movie: johnny yong bosch, jan rabson, wendee lee, katsuhiro otomo: movies & tv. https://www.amazon.com/Akira-Movie-Johnny-Yong-Bosch/dp/B00ENNBZ68

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