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From the mega-hitmakers who produced and directed The Rock and Pearl Harbor comes Armageddon. And now, these mind-blowing action-adventure explodes on Blu-ray for the first time ever! Bruce Willis (Surrogates, Sin City) and Academy Award winners Ben Affleck (1997, Best Original Screenplay, Good Will Hunting) and Billy Bob Thornton (1996, Best Adapted Screenplay, Sling Blade) head an all-star cast that incudes Liv Tyler (The Lord of the Rings trilogy), Steve Buscemi (Con Air… More >>


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Watch and Download Armageddon

Amazon.: armageddon: bruce willis, billy bob thorton, Buy armageddon: read 2034 movies & tv reviews - amazon.com. Armageddon | netflix, As a massive asteroid hurtles toward earth, nasa's head honcho hatches a plan to split the deadly rock in two before it annihilates the entire planet. watch trailers.

What battle armageddon? | bible questions, Is battle armageddon god’ war world? book revelation final war— begins, lives dies.. https://www.jw.org/en/bible-teachings/questions/battle-of-armageddon/ Armageddon (1998) - rotten tomatoes, Michael bay ( rock) directed science fiction action thriller worlds collide tradition. astronomy students discover comet-asteroid. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/armageddon/ Armageddon | define armageddon dictionary., Armageddon definition, place final battle fought forces good evil ( called reference battlefield megiddo.. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/armageddon

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The Criterion Collection release of Armageddon is a treat. It offers 2 commentary tracks, one featuring the director Michael Bay, actors Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has comments on several interesting things. Affleck’s commentary is sometimes very funny. The other commentary track features the Director of Photography and special effects people.

The commentary includes interesting details, including background information on the characters and filming locations. Note: The commentary is raw and sometimes laced with profanity, although the movie itself is rated PG-13, for reasons explained in the commentary.

Although it’s not much, this collection is also a Director’s Cut and has a couple scenes added, notable of which is Harry Stamper’s character visiting his father before launch. Some other scenes are cut slightly differently, adding some depth to the story.

The Gag reel on the second disk is extremely funny, raw, and not your typical “behind-the-scenes” documentary.

The second disk also features a tremendous amount of information on the special effects and includes many different trailers and promo material. The Aerosmith song video is also included.

While the story can be nit-picked, it’s still very exciting and enjoyable.

Overall, if you liked the movie, the Criterion Collection release is the DVD to have.
Rating: 5 / 5

…where the whole world is going to be destroyed and only some obscure nobody in the middle of nowhere could possibly save us!

Oh, it is?


The science fiction part of this left a lot to be desired. Being the closet geek that I am, I have to honestly say, I was completely disappointed with the science fiction part of it. The technical details, the reasons they wanted THIS man instead of someone trained for space duties… I just find that my suspension of disbelief fails me here, and I simply found myself saying, “Yeah, right.”

However, that being said, the humor of the story is great. It’s subtle, not in your face, and Willis, as always, has some excellent sarcastic zingers done in such a subtle way, that the laughter just sneaks up on you. Comedy is a nice twist for him.

In the end, I honestly have to say that I was not expecting what happened. I figured, “Oh, this is going to be sad, the kid is going to die, and Willis’s character will learn a lesson, and him and his daughter will be so close…blah blah blah – blech!”

When that WASN’T what happened, I must honestly say, I was both pleasantly surprised, and I cried. Yes, me, the woman who very rarely ever cries at any movie, cried at the way this one ended. When he called him his son, I just lost it.

So while the science fiction part of it left something to be desired, the sub plot here, or in some people’s minds, the actual plot, really makes this movie a tear jerker worth watching.
Rating: 4 / 5

This review is for the Criterion Collection DVD edition of the film.

This is the largest packed special features release by criterion to date at the time of release. Being the case, both the film and the special features will be reviewed.

The film is about Earth being threatened by an asteroid that would cause the end of every life on Earth. There are some opening scenes of a metoer shower over New York City.

Chapter 3 on the DVD is one that some may want to skip. There are two scenes that may hit too close to home for some people. In one scene, a meteor is shown hitting the World Trade Center, and in another scene shows the World Trade Center with the top ¼ of one of the towers destroyed and the rest of it on fire.

The film has good acting with an all-star cast. The movie has some excellent special effects. The film has many errors though. there are too many to mention in less than 1,000 words.

The Criterion edition is a director’s cut with scenes not shown in theaters.

The special features are really good. There are 2 discs in this set one of which only has special features. Disc 1 has TWO aduio commentaries. One is with director Michael Bay, actors Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The other is with cinematographer John Schwartzman and two scientific consultants. one from Nasa and the other an asteroid expert.

On disc two, there are deleted scenes, outtakes and blooper reel, (You may want to note that the blooper reel contains profanity rarely heard even in some R rated films and will offend some people.), Storyboard images, analysis of Visual effects and production design, Trailers and TV spots, and the music video of the song “Don’t want to miss a thing” by Diane Warren and performed by Aerosmith.

Overall this is high quality and is one of the more well-known films that have been given the Criterion treatment.
Rating: 4 / 5

What the hell was this? 2-and-a-half hours of complete garbage, which I only gave one star because you can’t rate it in turkeys. The dialogue is cheesy, the action sequences have no structure, there’s not a shot in the film that lasts more than five seconds, which becomes irritating quicker than you’d think, and everyone but Steve Buscemi gets out-acted by the asteroid they’re trying to destroy.

A few tips for the writers: as a previous reviewer mentioned, there can be no fire in space as there is no oxygen; you can’t have sound either. Secondly, the Taj-Mahal is not a religious site so no one would go to it to pray (as is shown near the end). Also, not even Bruce Willis’s character would be stupid enough to fire a shotgun on an oil-rig. And NASA want him to save the world! Yeah, right.

The only good point of “Armageddon” is the one funny line, delivered very slowly to an insane Steve Buscemi when he starts “riding” the bomb: “Get off…the nuclear…warhead.” These are the people who made “The Rock” and “Con Air.” Come on, you can do better!
Rating: 1 / 5

It’s been a year so I’m fuzzy on some details of the “plot” but I vividly remember how awful this was, even embarrassing to watch. I know very little about physics but I knew the “science” was bogus. More problems: 1. Drunk Russian stereotype – yeah, he’s smart enough to be an astronaut but even their scientists are vodka-swilling boozehounds. 2. Willis chases Affleck with shotgun after finding B.A. in bed with L.Tyler; so unfunny and another movie cliche 3. Fire on asteroid? No oxygen for it to burn. 4. No bomb can blow up asteroid that big 5. They become astronauts after a few weeks training. 6. Bruce Willis’ presence. 7. Yet more stereotypes: Fat guy, big black guy, goofy yet smart little guy, etc. You know the routine. 8. NASA people incompetent; stand around and let an oil driller run show. 9. Love scene between LT and BA 10.Aerosmith soundtrack. Don’t always dislike them, but these songs were crappy. 11….ad infinitum: The bad science I mentioned earlier. I wish a real asteroid had hit the set when they were shooting this. Absolutely horrific. Appalling. I was so embarrassed to be watching this movie. Please, spare yourself the torture.
Rating: 1 / 5

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