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Baseball: The Tenth Inning

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 19-09-2010


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1992 – 2009: As the tumultuous twentieth century is drawing to a close, and a new millennium begins, baseball continues to reflect the complicated country that created it. In an age of globalization and speculation, the players and the owners wage a cataclysmic battle over money and power; dazzlingly talented Latin and Asian stars transform the game; Cal Ripken becomes the game’s new Iron Man; sluggers Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds do things that have nev… More >>

Baseball: The Tenth Inning

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I’ve had the Ken Burns 9-part (innings) documentary chronicling the history of

what many call “America’s Favorite Past-Time” on DVD for about 8 years now

and I still enjoy watching it from time to time.

When it first aired on PBS back in the fall of 1994, I really thought it was

brilliantly done and was a close second to his other masterwork “The Civil War”,

which raised the bar as far as documentary / historical storytelling with it’s

innovative mix of period music, photographs, film clips, newsreels and present

day interviews with either those who survived the particular era or who are

scholars & experts on the particular subject matter.

BASEBALL is no exception, though it wasn’t embraced the way “Civil War” was at first.

It took a few years before it began to gain noteriety and appreciation from people

who may have missed it when it first aired. As of 2010, this whole documentary series

is being remastered, repackaged and re-marketed, for a very affordable price I may add,

to a new generation of baseball fans, but this time with the long-anticipated “10th Inning”,

which deals with what has happened in the game (good and bad) from 1992 to the present day.

I have heard so many good things about this addendum series to the original

that I was on the early pre-order list for it as soon as it came out.

Of course, PBS and Ken Burns will air it all in it’s entirety during the last week

of September 2010 if you want to see it before you buy it.

Again, if you like the way Ken Burns presents his documentary series,

and if you’re a true fan of Baseball, you will enjoy the brand new re-mastered,

restored, re-issued DVD version of the original BASEBALL along with the

“10th Inning” and 2 1/2 hrs of extras added in for good measure.

As for me, I will just buy this individually to add to my original

2002 DVD version since it plays & sounds just fine to me.

A great addition to your DVD collection that will both entertain & educate. (-:
Rating: 5 / 5

This is the very best documentary I have ever watched on any subject, period. That said, let me qualify the statement. I have hundreds of documentaries from the BBC to Errol Morris. “Planet Earth” (BBC) is photographically brilliant and David Attenborough is a very good narrator. Errol Morris can make the most mundane subject fascinating with his superb editing. Ken Burns’ series on the Civil War was good, but his “Jazz” documentary was cursory at best. The recommendations, on Amazon, about this documentary (Baseball) were spot on! It is, in every way, the standard by which I will measure documentaries from this point. I recommend this to any movie lover. One does not have to have an interest in baseball to enjoy it. One may, however, have such an interest after watching this delightful set of DVDs.

It is not only Burns’ best documentary, it is the best of the whole genre.
Rating: 5 / 5

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