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Body Heat

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 26-09-2010


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A woman convinces her lover to kill her rich husband so they can flee to a tropical paradise and live on the fortune, but her plan has an added twist.Amazon.com essential video
While scoring high-profile credits as a screenwriter (including The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Raiders of the Lost Ark), Lawrence Kasdan made his directorial debut with this steamy, contemporary film noir in the tradition of Double Indemnity and other classics from… More >>

Body Heat

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Matty: “You’re not too smart. I like that in a man”

Ned: What else to you like? Lazy? Ugly? Horny? I got’em all.

Matty: You don’t look lazy.

Finally upgraded on DVD this top notch film noir looks better better than the previous edition on DVD. It isn’t perfect (image appears a bit soft at times but part of that was intentionally due to the soft diffuse photography by Richard Kline the other part of that could be due to the interpostive negative aging)We can practically see the heat and humidity sweat through the TV screen. It also has some very nice extras for fans of the film. John Barry’s sultry score sounds rich and creamy in the 5.1 remix on this disc.

William Hurt plays criminal lawyer Ned Racine who gets pulled into an affair with married woman Matty (Kathleen Turner). She has a solution to all of their woes when she suggests they murder her wealthy husband (Richard Crenna). Featuring strong performances from a top notch supporting cast including Mickey Rourke and Ted Danson “Body Heat” recalls films like “The Postman Always Rings Twice” with its noir plot but has its own unique twists and turns.

The previous edition had very little in the way of extras. This re-release includes three featurettes on the production of the film covering everything from pre-production to post -production. We find out for example that George Lucas personally agreed to underwrite any budget overruns but did so quietly without telling Kasdan and did it on his own accord. Also Alan Ladd Jr. insisted that Hurt shave his mustache as he felt it made him look too sleazy (precisely the point). Kasdan just went ahead and shot it his way. After they saw the dalies they never complained about it again. Other interviews include new comments from Hurt, Turner, Danson, Editor Carol Littleton, cinematographer Richard Kline and director Kasdan discussing various aspects of the production. Hurt has always marched to a different drum and that’s evident in both the new and original 1981 interviews included with this set. He’s certainly off-beat.We also get five deleted scenes and the original theatrical trailer. While it might have been nice to integrate some of the deleted scenes back into the film they wouldn’t have benefited this already tightly coiled film.

This along with “The Big Chill” and Kasdan’s revival of the epic western “Silverado” continues to be the highlight of his career as a hyphenate. Although he would go on to writer/direct other challenging and memorable films such as “The Accidental Tourist”, “Grand Canyon” and “Wyatt Earp” (not to mention the underrated “I Love You To Death”) “Body Heat” established his mastery of both the written word and fleeting image of cinema.

Rating: 5 / 5

The most important thing you need to know is that most of the women I know consider “Body Heat” to be the sexiest movie they have ever seen. Now, I do not feel that way, but I am pretty sure I can explain the difference in judgment. Then again, writer-director Lawrence Kasdan created sexual tension between Princess Leia and Han Solo, so we should not be surprised at what he can accomplish in a galaxy closer to home.

Attorney Ned Racine (William Hurt) is one of those lawyers whose life is in cruise control, the sort that usually find redemption in those John Grisham novels. Instead he meets Matty Walker (Kathleen Turner), a sexual siren with a well-to-do husband who leads him willingly down the path of damnation. Kasdan gets credit for taking 1940s film noir in which love goes terribly wrong and bringing it into the sexually provocative 1980s, but it is Turner who breaths the fire and passion into this film: Think Lauren Bacall’s throaty voice put into the sculptured body of a sex goddess and covered in the sweat of a hot and humid Southern summer night. The plot takes some delicious twists and turns as well. “Body Heat” paved the way for every every other sick and twisted tale of bad love to come down the road since, from “Fatal Attraction” to “Basic Instinct” and beyond.

Most Romantic Lines: “You’re not very bright, are you? I like that in a man.” That pretty much sums up this film’s idea of “romance.”

If you like “Body Heat,” then check out these other films on AFI’s list: #49 “The Postman Always Rings Twice” and #84 “Double Indemnity.” Why? Because they are also movies where a guy meets the sort of gal he would kill to be with–and he does.
Rating: 5 / 5

Lawrence Kasdan has done a lot of great stuff as a writer (a small, indie film called Raiders of the Lost Ark comes to mind) but in Body Heat he demonstrates a great touch with the 40’s noir style as a director.

Kathleen Turner sizzles, and I mean sizzles, as a smart, ruthless, greedy, and incredibly hot married women who’s can’t hide her lying eyes. William Hurt is naive, innocent, and believably dumb as her intrepid lover/lawyer/sap.

I dont’ want to spoil too much of the plot, but it’s dark, atmospheric, and well directed with great lighting that only the dvd shows well. The vhs version is terrible. Pan and scan ruins films like this one, and shadows used this effectively need dvd.

You’ll like this film if you like noir, or if you just like exciting murder/romance stories, or even if you just like steamy love scenes. It’s got it all.
Rating: 5 / 5

A noirish mystery from the time when William Hurt was an icon of you-know-what, and soon after, Kate Turner was too? I’ve never been that impressed by her acting ability, but here her limitations map perfectly onto the role of an insincere woman who pretends to be in love merely to entrap William Hurt into her scheme.

From the captivating eroticism, oops romance, to the windchimes, to the sultry background score, to the water condensed on the side of the tub, to every detail of the plot, this film is picture perfect.

But the main draw to the film is easily the terrific writing, it actually has a plot (a respite in itself!) and the final few scenes of the movie weave an intriguing web for all the loose ends of the movie. Five minutes before the credits, we’re sure the story is over and we’re into the wrapup — after all, we’ve seen movies like this before — but then, in one final killer twist, everything is upended, and we see that the there is much more to this plot than we had realized. The clues had been there, but in the end, we discover that we’ve been as gullible as William Hurt’s character, and we’re bowled over by the truth that’s finally revealed.

Very well-thought-out scheme that’ll leave you thinking for a while. Get it if you can!
Rating: 4 / 5

“Body Heat” is one of my all-time favorite thrillers. It’s literate, suspenseful, well-acted, beautiful photographed, reasonably believable, and very, very sexy. What more could you want?

The movie is an excellent example of film noir; however, since it was released thirty years after that genre’s heyday, some critics originally dismissed it as a “Double Indemnity’ knockoff. Indeed, it does closely resemble that Billy Wilder classic, and, as Roger Ebert noted, it’s hard to make a modern film noir. Back in the late 1940s and early 1950s, such movies didn’t have this label applied to them. The filmmakers didn’t know they were creating something unique in these mostly `B’ pictures. These films were most likely a byproduct of Post-WWII cynicism. Still, the genre has been successfully revived from time to time. Robert Altman’s “The Long Goodbye” (1973) comes to mind.

I think writer/director Lawrence Kasden would readily admit that his movie is partly a homage to all those earlier dark thrillers, but, even so, he takes the genre and makes it his own. The many ways he conjures up the image of heat serve as a textbook for novice filmmakers who need lessons in style. Ditto the way he depicts the numerous sexual encounters between William Hurt and Kathleen. We see lots and lots of skin and sweat, but there is not a single frame of gratuitous nudity, at least as I define the term. Ditto the way that every subordinate character is there only to move the plot along, yet at the same time is a memorable one.

Kathleen Turner shows here, in her first movie, why she became a major star in the 1980s. She is sultry and sexy, a true femme fatale. She has bits and pieces of Lana Turner, Veronica Lake and Barbara Stanwyck in her, but, with that incredible voice, she is a one of a kind. She becomes her character, Matty Walker. From the moment we first see her, we are fascinated, intimidated and uneasy. This in one smart, powerful woman.

On the surface, it seems like the story is all from Ned Racine’s [Hurt] point of view, but it is equally Matty’s tale. As Racine, Hurt is great. He doesn’t play Ned as dumb, he plays him as vain and lazy. This is the perfect choice. Matty takes full advantage of his deficits, and by the time he figures it all out, it’s far too late. Had he been merely stupid, she would have come off as merely cruel, rather than as complex and calculating.

Oh, and the plot? I don’t want to say too much. The locale is South Florida during a dreadful heat wave. Ned is a womanizing attorney whom nobody respects but everyone likes. One night he is hanging out at the beach and sees Matty. Its lust at first sight. She plays it cool and hard to get. He persists, and one night she relents. She lets him know she’s not just beautiful. She’s rich and unhappily married. His wheels start spinning. He comes up with a plan to solve all their problems. At least he thinks he’s the one who came up with it.

I highly recommend this movie to people who love a good adult thriller. The DVD has almost no special features, and I hope one day Kasden and others will be involved in a special edition. But it’s a very inexpensive DVD that’s well worth the money. The film transfer is very decent. I believe the movie originally was in stereo, but these tracks seem to have been lost. Since it’s a character-driven piece, this doesn’t affect one’s enjoyment of the film, though hopefully the tracks will one day be restored.
Rating: 5 / 5

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