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DescriptionSet in the New York underworld where nothing is as it seems, Lucky # Slevin is an action-packed, “fun-as-hell roller coaster ride” (Venice Magazine). When down-on-his-luck Slevin (Josh Hartnett) stumbles into a running feud between the city’s most feared crime bosses (Morgan...

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There is, according to Burlesque, a nightclub on the Sunset Strip that looks like a blend of Cabaret and Moulin Rouge and employs a full contingent of dancers and musicians in the service of a neo-retro-burlesque-blues program. Presiding over the craziness within is Tess, a grande dame who also performs occasionally and who could only, under these circumstances, be played by Cher. Entering the scene is a young leather-lunged hopeful from Iowa named Ali, played by Christina A… More >>


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