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Product Description
Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 11/06/2007 Run time: 116 minutes Rating: GAmazon.com
There’s an extra coat of hot wax on Pixar’s vibrant, NASCAR-influenced comedy about a world populated entirely by cars. Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) is the slick rookie taking the Piston Cup series by storm when the last race of the season (the film’s high-octane opening) ends in a three-way tie. On the way to the tie-breaker race in California… More >>


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When Cars first came out on DVD, I was a little disappointed because there weren’t very many extras on it. I didn’t understand why Pixar would take one of their most popular films and give it such a mediocre treatment. Well…..now that I have the Blu-ray version of this film, I think I know why. They were saving it all for Cars debut on hi-def. This has to be the best looking picture I have seen yet on a hi-def title. I looks almost like the entire film is in 3-D!!! I managed to catch part of this movie on a hi-def cable channel and thought I would compare the two pictures. After a little fiddling, I managed to get both screens at the exact same frame, and was blown away at how much clearer the Blu-ray picture is. The Cine-Explore feature on this is the best special feature I’ve seen on a hi-def title. It is almost sensory overload at the amount of material that continuously pops up across the screen while the film is playing. This disc will be the one I will pop in to show my friends what Blu-ray is capable of doing. Every Blu-ray owner needs to get this title. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
Rating: 5 / 5

After seeing so many children’s movies with animals lately (Hoodwinked, Over the Hedge, Ice Age 2, etc.) Cars was a needed change. It was wonderful sitting down to a movie that offered something a bit different. Don’t get me wrong, our family loves movies with goofy animals. But after laughing at and with Tow Mater for 2 hours, I was so glad I didn’t see a silly squirrel in the whole movie. Tow Mater was awesome. We all hope to see Tow starring in his own flick! Bring on the sequel!!!

With that said, Cars is a heart warming story of a race car called Lightning McQueen who is full of himself. Lightning stumbles off the beaten path of life, and onto the backroads of route 66. There, Lightning McQueen finds all the things he was missing in life because of his self-absorption: friends, beauty, and love.

I was very pleasantly suprised with the story. Yes, Cars had many, many funny parts (especially the tractor tipping, and Tow Mater), but the story itself is what shines like a diamond. Cars is a movie that will have you leaving the theatre changed, looking for love, beauty and cherishing what you have. I can’t give a movie any greater compliment than this. A must see, and must own children’s movie.

Total Score (out of 100) = 90

43 (out of 50). Enjoyment. A rating based on my overall enjoyment of the film.

8 (out of 10). Acting. How good was the acting?

10 (out of 10). Immersion. Did the movie suck me into the story?

9 (out of 10). Intangibles. Special effects. Movie pace. Is the movie forgettable, or something you will talk about and remember for weeks? Years?

10 (out of 10). Must see. Is this movie worth seeing/renting?

8 (out of 10). Must buy. Is this movie a must buy/purchase?

Plus 2 extra bonus points for Tow Mater! Tow is a one one a kind children’s movie character that will not soon be forgotten.
Rating: 5 / 5

I just love this movie – and so do my kids. The movie has a great plot line and one that is not too complex for little ones. The animation is great, colors are vivid. The voices of the stars go with the charcters. I just love Larry the Cable Guy as Mater – great act.

Wonderful viewing – people of all ages will enjoy this one.
Rating: 5 / 5

A lovely movie that leaves the kids with a beautiful life lesson and big time entertaining for the whole family. Main character is Lightning McQueen, a beautiful little spoiled racing car too vain of his own early success to see beyond his own unexperience. Too proud and sure of himself to rely on others’ advice, and believing that he would never be in need of anyone else. When he accidentally falls off the truck that was taking him to California to participate in the Piston Racing Coup, he finds himself on his own in an unknown place. Lost and alone he gets to Radiator Springs, a long-ago forgotten community struggling to stay in business nevertheless no big roads or highways pass nearby. A bunch of colorful guys there, with engines and parts perhaps not so brand-new and shiny but with certainly far more experience will eventually make him value all those meaningful and important things that go far beyond the mere outside looks and efervescent success: friendship, companionship, experience, and love.

…And plus: what a soundtrack! Rascal Flatts’ version of “Life is a highway” got me rocking all the way home after the movie theater… These guys are just purely and plainly great and make unbelievable music, even when remaking a new version of this famous 80’s tune. I love them. Sheryl Crow’s “Real Gone” opening theme rocks! The rest of the soundtrack is just as great combining classic tunes by Chuck Berry and James Taylor with performances by Brad Paisley, John Mayer and others. My advice: buy the movie DVD along with the soundtrack CD! You won’t regret it.
Rating: 5 / 5

In Pixar’s CARS, directed by TOY STORY director John Lasseter, the world is populated entirely by – you guessed it – cars. So it’s only natural that the biggest event in the entire car world is the Piston Cup, the world’s most popular race (inspired by the ever-popular NASCAR racing). This year, the public’s rooting for Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson), an immensely-talented albeit egotistic rookie. While traveling to California to prepare for the Piston Cup, Lightning’s driver, Mack (John Ratzenberger), dozes off and sends Lightning off into the middle of nowhere. The middle of nowhere happens to be the small town of Radiator Springs, or – as Lightning described it – “hillbilly hell”. Though at first Lightning wants nothing more than to escape from Radiator Springs and win the Piston Cup, he gradually becomes more and more attached to the town and its citizens, eventually realizing that friends and family mean more than fame.

Pixar makes family movies better than anyone. Adults find their films just as entertaining as do children. CARS is no exception, though it lacks the power of many of Pixar’s previous creations, such as TOY STORY or FINDING NEMO. Also, it is becoming more and more clear that Pixar’s films seem to revolve around the same sort of formula. Eventually, I believe that this will begin to bother some adults, but the children will go on loving these films, and that’s what the films are here for in the first place.

The cast for CARS is even more impressive than that of previous Pixar films. The cast includes, along with Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt, Larry the Cable Guy, Cheech Marin, Tony Shalhoub, George Carlin, NASCAR racers Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Jr., FINDING NEMO/A BUG’S LIFE director Andrew Stanton, Jay Leno, and Michael Keaton. That is quite the cast. It also features music by Randy Newman and some fantastic animation.

Despite all that it has going for it, CARS was considered a flop at the box office, primarily when compared to Pixar’s previous masterpieces. I believe that this is due in part to the advertising, which I thought made the film look like many of the other stupid CGI family film imitations in theaters recently. All I can say is disregard the advertising and see the film for yourself. It’s another delightful family film from Pixar. Your kids’ll love it, and you’ll love it too. What more could you ask for?
Rating: 5 / 5

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