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Cop Out

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 23-06-2010


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Action star Bruce Willis and ace comic Tracy Morgan play bickering-but-got-your-back Brooklyn buddy cops. Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy) directs the gritty, goofball goings-on as the guys hunt for a stolen 1952 mint-condition baseball card, a hunt plunging them into a gunslinging war with a deadly drug ring. Batter up, fans. The boys are ready to take you out to the ol’ brawl game!Amazon.com
Fan-favorite filmmaker Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy) dir… More >>

Cop Out

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To tell the truth, I wasn’t looking forward to this film at all. I’m a pretty big fan of most of Kevin Smith’s work, but he didn’t write the film. It could be argued that he did write Jersey Girl and that could be considered a bomb, but his films usually average about $25-$30 million anyway. A Kevin Smith film isn’t really about bringing in a large amount of money at the box office. His charm is in his writing, especially the dialogue and interaction between characters. There’s a very specific audience his films will appeal to and none of them have really branched away from that. But him not writing this one made me think, “Eh. Not sure what that’ll be like since he didn’t write it.” When it comes to Bruce Willis, I’ve never talked to anyone who dislikes him entirely. There always seems to be at least one of his films everybody enjoys. Die Hard, The Fifth Element, and Sin City are just a few off the top of my head. The real buzzkiller for me though was Tracy Morgan. He’s just never been funny to me. He was beyond lame on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock has never been able to hold my attention for very long. Not to mention all the trailers for Cop Out didn’t make me laugh. Thankfully though, first impressions can be so very wrong.

One of Cop Out’s biggest charms is that it feels like a buddy cop comedy you’ve seen before, but have forgotten how much you enjoy it. The film feels similar to a 48 Hrs or Beverly Hills Cop film. Bulletproof is also a good example. Cop Out is pretty much what you expect when it comes to roles Bruce Willis chooses as it’s pretty much no different than his role as John McClane on the surface, but he’s a lot funnier this time around. As far as Tracy Morgan goes, the funniest thing I could remember him saying was his one line in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (“Man… I don’t know what the f— you just said, Little Kid, but you’re special man, you reached out, and you touched a brother’s heart.”) until this film. He was downright hilarious at times. The only person who was funnier than Morgan was Seann William Scott who stole every scene he was in. Even though Kevin Smith didn’t pen the script this time around, it still feels like a Kevin Smith film. It could be due to the fact that Jason Lee has a small role in the film, but I like to think it’s because Cop Out offers the same kind of comedy you’d find in a Kevin Smith film with a bit more action. It also took me forever to place Scarface from Half Baked as Poh Boy.

Cop Out is surprisingly funny and incredibly entertaining. Give this film a chance even if the trailers may not be doing anything for you. I felt the same way and wound up thoroughly enjoying the film. After a long, stressful day at work, an R-rated comedy with a lot of laughs is one of the best ways to relax and this film offers just that. It’s a great film to go into with no expectations other than to just have a good time. As long as you don’t run out of the theater, you should catch the part in the credits. This might just be the funniest film released in 2010 thus far. Be sure to check it out. Highly recommended.
Rating: 4 / 5

Kevin Smith’s first directing gig that he didn’t write himself, “Cop Out,” finds the director re-teaming with his Live Free or Die Hard co-star, Bruce Willis, as well as Tracy Morgan and Seann William Scott, who were both featured in his 2001 film and quite possibly the biggest inside-joke put to film, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

More than that, though, the film is a brilliant throwback to the glory days of such 80’s buddy cop franchises as Lethal Weapon and Beverly Hills Cop. You’ll recognize key dialog from the former while the composer for the latter, Harold Faltermeyer, makes a glorious return to the genre with a quirky retro score that sets the mood just right. Bruce Willis plays the straight-man to Tracy Morgan’s…well…Tracy Morgan is really just playing every character he’s ever played here, but the way in which he bounces off of Willis (who himself seems to be trying hard to keep a straight face in many scenes) keeps it from feeling tired or stale. While this odd-couple/cop formula has been done to death in the past, it works for this film and is done in a loving way that pays tribute rather than re-hashes.

Smith, whose films are mostly talk, proves himself to be a competent action director at times throughout the film. It’s funny to think that the man who made Clerks made a polished studio film such as this, but it’s a sign of maturity more than selling-out, so rest easy fanboys. The script by Mark & Robb Cullen is whip-smart, witty and never leaves you longing for a laugh. Even if you don’t gel with the story about a rare baseball card landing into the lap of a high-powered drug-lord, you’ll always find yourself laughing along with the film. It also helps, too, that each and every player seems to have had a good time making the film, and that translates into the final result.

One could make the argument that Smith himself could have re-written the film and made it all the funnier, but much of the humor in the film comes from the on-screen chemistry. It’s about as good of an 80’s buddy cop throwback as you’ll get, and is rounded out with a brilliant cast that also includes Guillermo Diaz, Kevin Pollak, Adam Brody and Jason Lee, among others. Go into expecting a simple yet effective way of just how fun an action movie can be. As for Smith, he’s shown significant range, and hopefully the film will help break him out from just being the guy who directed those Jay & Silent Bob flicks. Thankfully, “Cop Out” is anything but.
Rating: 4 / 5

I thought this movie was incredibly hilarious. Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan were a perfect team. They play Jimmy Monroe and Paul Hodges. Jimmy & Paul have been working together for 9 years and they are still friends. Jimmy’s daughter, Ava is getting married and he has no way to pay for the wedding after he and Paul are suspended. Jimmy decides to sell his baseball card that would help pay for the wedding. They are soon involved in a kidnapping case. They team up with a criminal named Dave, who knows where Jimmy’s stolen card is. To make matters worse, Paul believes that his wife is cheating on him. If you love comedy, and action, you’ll love COP OUT!!!

Rating: 4 / 5

After being suspended from the police force, Jimmy Monroe (Bruce Willis) finds out that his daughter’s wedding is going to cost $40,000, and to show up her step father (Jason Lee) he’s going to have to foot the bill. To pay for the wedding, Jimmy pulls out an old rare baseball card he’s had since he was a kid worth $82,000 and prepares to pawn it. But when the pawn shop he’s trying to sell it to gets robbed, he enlists the help of his partner, Paul Hodges (Tracy Morgan) to help retrieve the card. In their efforts to hunt down Jimmy’s rare baseball card, though, they get more than they bargained for as they find themselves in the midst of the drug dealing underworld.

Kevin Smith is not really known for being a great visual director, quite the opposite, while his dialogue might get accolades his visual style is usually considered by many critics to be abysmal. With a writing style that a critic has described as “David Mamet meets Howard Stern” Smith would most likely be called upon to write or rewrite movies as he has done for Coyote Ugly, Live Free or Die Hard, and even a few drafts of the ill-fated Superman Lives, as well as comic books from Spider-Man and Daredevil to Batman. Picking Smith to direct a movie that he hasn’t written seemed unthinkable. Then in 2007, Smith directed the pilot episode of Reaper and committed his best work as a director, and that was for a project he did not write. Having been given opportunities to direct other projects for years, Smith finally took the opportunity to direct a script that’s been waiting on Hollywood’s Black List, a list that compiles the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood.

Kevin Smith directs Cop Out as an ode to the comedy buddy cop films of the 80’s, an homage of films such as 48 Hours and Beverly Hills Cop. To this end Kevin Smith even enlisted the help of composer Harold Faltermeyer, best known for writing The Heat is On and Axel F the theme from Beverly Hills Cop. In tone and visual style, Smith accomplishes one of his best directing jobs yet. He works his way adequately around an action sequence, even if not impressively. But all said and done, you don’t go into a Kevin Smith film for the visual style, but here you get more than you expect in that department.

The acting in Cop Out is better than in some of Kevin Smith’s earlier films thanks to an A-list cast. Typically, I can’t say that I’m a fan of Tracy Morgan outside 30Rock, but here he adequately plays the majority of the role without overacting it as normally is the case. Of course, that’s not always the case. Bruce Willis does well as normal, but at times seems a bit stiff in his acting and delivery. The real star of this film is Sean William Scott who effectively steals every scene he’s in. You can really tell he’s having a blast every time you see him on the screen.

The problem with Cop Out is that it’s missing something. It feels generic, and forgettable. At times the dialogue can be stilted and the plot a little trite. It doesn’t really feel like a Kevin Smith film, and that’s what I missed the most. Had Kevin Smith done a rewrite on the script it would have been a much better film, but what came out is a movie that feels like a straight to DVD movie in slightly better wrapping.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, I laughed, I felt for the characters I got into. Unfortunately there was something missing that I felt this movie deserved. Hopefully next time Smith will use his own voice to craft his next movie and make a product. Until then I’ll still enjoy this movie for what it is: a funny nostalgic romp through 80’s cop comedy.

Rating: 3 / 5

I see there are plenty of reviewers out there that just don’t get this film, and I wonder what the appeal was for them to begin with? Did they check it out for the star power of Bruce Willis? He did not disappoint in his reliable role of police detective. Maybe they enjoy the comedy styling’s of Tracy Morgan? He certainly had me laughing! Or maybe they were just looking for a good old fashion buddy cop movie? Cop Out certainly delivered on that front!

This flick meets all the requirements of your standard 80’s buddy cop film! It has just the right blend of action and laughs to keep you entertained and gobbling up your popcorn for the duration. Is it an Academy Award winner? Hell no! But it was never meant to be anything other the pure entertainment.

Rock Out with Cop Out. You really can’t go wrong
Rating: 4 / 5

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