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Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Seventh Season

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The wait is over – Larry David is back! In Season 7, Larry contemplateshis future with an ailing Loretta, and decides on a novel approach to winning back Cheryl. In addition to Larry finding himself embroiled in usual cauldron of self-made crises, he orchestrates a reunion with the entire cast of Seinfeld!DVD Features:
Art continues to imitate life to squirm-inducing effect in Curb Your … More >>

Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Seventh Season

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Watch and Download Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Seventh Season

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Update: The last episode showed a Seinfeld episode within a larry david CYE episode. It was really wonderful. If you are a Seinfeld fan, you must see the last episode of this season even if you do not like this show. I am a fan of both so was in heaven!

Original Review:

I just watched Larry David do a send up of Michael Richards’ infamous “N” word rant to a heckler on this season. David uses the real Richards (Kramer) with the black comedian who lives with him on the show. This is typical of Larry David, who considers nothing too sensitive for comedic exploration. This is one big reason why I love this show. Larry David has to be the most Politically Incorrect Person in America and I love him for it!

There are just so many funny things this season that any reviewer could write a small book about the joys of Season 7. We open with his girlfriend having breast cancer and Larry’s wanting to end the relationship. Somehow he manages to find a therapist who ends up blaming him for the cancer! (As a cancer patient, I found this whole cancer episode very funny.) We revisit his mother’s death via her tombstone and Larry even manages to get the tombstone cutter mad at him. He becomes persona non grata at his country club after killing another member by making him mad and the guy had high blood pressure (which explodes), all over the inanity of playing through, or not, in golf. He wears women’s underwear as an alibi for Suzie’s husband when she finds panties in his glove compartment. He and Richard Lewis seriously come unhinged together again–Lewis and David have a friendship which thrives on maximum antagonism and misunderstanding. Then there is the biggest thing going on in Season 7: Larry decides to put on a Seinfeld reunion. He does so as only Larry could where you see the reunion coming together behind the scenes. You are not left out of anything in the entire process. The major thing you discover doing this is how much of Seinfeld was Larry–tons. When George (Jason Alexander) and Larry come together, it is clear that George WAS Larry. They are mirrors of one another, willing to obsess and argue over any minutiae.

This may be the best season yet of this show. I hope Larry David keeps doing it. It is a breath of fresh air among the comedic mediocrity that is the usual tv fare.
Rating: 5 / 5

Now that Season 7 has aired all its episodes I wanted to give my two cents. I enjoyed this season more than the last two (Season 1 was still the best). When Season 6 concluded many of us thought that was going to be the grand finale of the show. With Cheryl finally having enough of Larry’s antics, pairing up with the underwear salesman who befriended her in her time of great fear (Larry was too busy with the TIVO guy at the time) and Larry settled in with Loretta and the rest of the Blacks.

Well Larry got the itch to do a type of Seinfeld reunion show to make up for the disappointing ending of the original series. He put together the idea that this could be used as a platform to get Cheryl back. As the series started, we see Larry bored with Loretta and trying to get out of the relationship. Larry learns that Loretta may have cancer prompting Jeff to let him know that he better break up with her before she tells him because “you can’t break up with someone with cancer.” It then becomes a race with Larry to get to Loretta before her doctor so he can break up with her before the doctor gives her the devastating news. (brilliant writing).

Usual battles with Susie and Marty Funkhouser crop up during the season.

Episodes that followed dealt with Larry dating women in wheelchairs that he has code names for, killing the country club owner’s pet swan and a lesson in proper tipping. To top it off Larry tries to get the Seinfeld cast together only because he meets Cheryl on the way to an audition and he feels that if can give her a part in the show he can slowly win her back.

For those of you that have not seen it I do not want to spoil the fun. I will say that the last two episodes dealt with the actual Seinfeld reunion and the show will definately not disappoint like the original series ending from 1999. If you have a chance to watch some of these episodes and you like Seinfeld, I would recommend that you watch them!

Rating: 5 / 5

I didn’t think Larry could top Season 6,”Meet the Blacks,” but this year is even better.Curb has shows you never see on TV, having sex with a wheelchair date,avoiding kissing someone you know who just had oral sex with your best friend,or one of your female employee’s wearing a cut off shirt with belly fat hagging out.I can’t wait to see what happens with the Seinfeld reunion.I hope this show goes on forever.

Rating: 5 / 5

and Curb Your Enthusiasm is good at many.

The season’s arc is to gather the old Seinfeld cast to do a reunion special. Doesn’t sound like Larry David, does it? As with anything Larry does, he has an agenda, and here it is to get back together with his wife by casting her in the reunion. Each Seinfeld member has their own storyline:

-Jerry works closely with Larry on writing the reunion

-Julia is concerned about her wood not being respected

-Jason continues to annoy Larry with his habits and his growing relationship with Cheryl

-Michael is worried about a disease and seeks out help from Danny Duberstrin (in one of the funniest scenes)

Although the Seinfeld reunion is the overall arc for the season, it only represents about half of the season. There are plenty of other hilarious moments. Highlights include:

-A crazy sister

-Amorous activities in vechiles

-Larry’s dates with handicapped women

-Run-ins with Christian Slater, Rosie O’Donnell, and a black swan

-Larry’s understanding of how people can injury their necks (only 2 ways)

-A midriff that is all too bare

-Woman’s panties

The extras include 4 short features that are all Seinfeld-related and something that fans of both Seinfeld and Curb will find enjoyable. It’s pretty, pretty, pretty good and highly recommended.
Rating: 5 / 5

Watching CURB YOUR ENTHUSUASM is like viewing a train wreck.

You’re shocked. You’re appalled. But, you can’t turn your head away. You just have to see what is going to happen next.

As anybody who has been following this show knows, Larry David’s television persona is that of a “world class shmuck”. He always seems to be saying or doing the wrong thing, which gets both himself and others into some very uncomfortable, “painfully” funny, situations.

The primary plotline for this season is, of course, the SEINFELD show reunion. Thus, all the key cast members of that iconic series (e.g. Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Michael Richards, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss) appear as both themselves (or as how David has written them) and also their Seinfeld characters in multiple episodes of CURB.

It’s very enjoyable to revisit these popular television characters after ten years, yet the SEINFELD episodes are not the funniest, most outrageous segments of this season.

I found myself laughing out loud at the controversial “Denise Handicapped” episode, which not only had Larry dating a lady in a wheelchair (actually two of them), but also getting into a wrestling match with Rosie O’Donnell.

I also enjoyed “The Hot Towel,” an episode that had Larry “stalking” his poor doctor (Philip Baker Hall).

Then, of course, there is “The Bare Midriff” episode, which also caused a considerable controversy because it had Larry accidentally urinating on a picture of Jesus.

If there is a weakness to this series, it’s that some of the predicaments that Larry finds himself in seem forced, totally unbelievable. For example, in one sequence, a take-out restaurant owner has him arrested for “stealing” a few extra paper napkins. Seriously, would the police even take a report for such a “crime”?

Thankfully, missteps like this are few and far between.

David’s real-life friends, Ted Danson and wife Mary Steenburgen, plus Richard Lewis continue to be semi-regulars on the series, and Shelley Berman and Richard Kind are back as David’s father and cousin respectively. There are also guest appearances by Meg Ryan, Christian Slater, Elisabeth Shue and Catherine O’Hara.

© Michael B. Druxman

Rating: 5 / 5

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