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Daria: The Complete Animated Series

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 11-04-2011


  • Featurette pilot: Sealed With a Kick
  • Music video: Mystik Spiral music video “Freakin’ Friends”
  • Featurette: Daria Day Intros
  • Featurette: Top Ten Video Countdown Hosted by Daria & Jane
  • Interview: Cast & crew interviews

The people of Lawndale just don’t get Daria Morgendorffer. She’s cool with that. See, Daria was born alienated, and now she’s just trying to make it through high school with as little human contact as possible. Popularity, friends, activities… whatever. Daria lacks enthusiasm, but she makes up for it with sarcasm. Includes all five seasons plus both movies!Amazon.com
Turns out that Clarissa did not explain it all, like what a sick sad world it is, how much stude… More >>

Daria: The Complete Animated Series

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Watch and Download Daria: The Complete Animated Series

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Finally!!! May 11th, 2010, a whole generation will be able to go back to a time when the world felt smarter in many ways and when teenagers were the hope of the future rather than oversexed, immature, corporate packaged fad followers (Or maybe we were but the corporations had to be less obvious about it?). Ironically, MTV, the channel that originally broadcast this brilliant show about Daria and her witty friend Jane to a mostly likeminded audience have now begun to cater to, or some would say go out of their way to create and perpetuate, an immature drama addicted generation of Britneys and Kevins who only want shows like The Hills or Jersey Shore. Ah, look how far we’ve come.

This 8-Disc set will contain all five seasons and both TV Movies:

Season 1


The Invitation

College Bored

Cafe Disaffecto


This Year’s Model

The Lab Brat

Pinch Sitter

Too Cute

The Big House

Road Worrier

The Teaching of Don Jake

The Misery Chick

Season 2

Arts n Crass

The Daria Hunter

Quinn The Brain

I Don’t

That Was Then, This Is Dumb


The New Kid



Fair Enough

See Jane Run

Pierce Me

Write Where It Hurts

Season 3


Through A Lens Darkly

The Old and the Beautiful

Depth Takes a Holiday

Daria Dance Party

The Lost Girls

It Happened One Nut

Lane Miserables

Jake of Hearts


The Lawndale File

Just Add Water

Jane’s Addition

Season 4

Partner’s in Complaint

Antisocial Climbers

A Tree Grows in Lawndale

Murder, She Snored

The ‘F’ Word

I Loathe a Parade

Of Human Bonding

Psycho Therapy

Mart of Darkness

Legends of the Mall

Groped by an Angel


Dye! Dye! My Darling!

Daria TV Movie: Is it Fall Yet?

Season 5

Fizz Ed

Sappy Anniversary

Fat Like Me

Camp Fear

The Story of D

Lucky Strike

Art Burn

One J at a Time

Life in the Past Lane

Aunt Nauseum

Prize Fighters

My Night at Daria’s

Boxing Daria

Daria TV Movie: Is it College Yet?

That’s 65 episodes and 2 TV Movies which adds up to 1606 minutes, or over 26 hours, of Daria!

Special Features For The Set Announced So Far:

Original Pilot: Sealed With A Kick (10 Minutes Long)

Music Video: Mystik Spiral Music Video “Freakin’ Friends”

Daria Day Intros

Top Ten Video Countdown Hosted by, who else, Daria & Jane

Cast & Crew Interviews!!!

Never Before Seen Mystik Spiral Spin-off Script

All in all this will be an amazing set for us fans who have waited so long and it looks like it will be worth the wait. Thank God that they are releasing the entire series at once so we can avoid any worry that poor sales or stupid executives would only release part of the series then stop, as if this series could produce poor sales after topping all the “most wanted on DVD lists”, though. I’m still hoping they announce even more special features and give us some info on which songs inevitably had to be changed since the late 90’s and early millenium music is a character of the show. The time is almost here, quick everyone brace yourselves!!!

*Update: Apparently the set will be selling at a suggested retail price of $69.99, which no doubt will be sold at a discount by Amazon.

*Kind of upset that the Looking Back In Annoyance Special wasn’t included on this set yet the Jane and Daria Top Ten Countdown was. Oh well, still 5 stars from me.
Rating: 5 / 5

After waiting so many years for Daria to be released on DVD, this set is kind of a let down. I realize that Daria can’t be released with the orginal music, but watching the show is different without the music that went along with the time period. That said, I’m so glad to have a Daria DVD collection that it almost doesn’t bother me. But what feels kind of insulting is the piece of paper inside the DVD case explaining that the show can’t be released with its original soundtrack, and basically saying that we should just suck it up and be glad that we got a DVD collection at all. That’s all that comes with the DVDs (which are packaged in a crappy case that keeps falling apart when I open it). No booklet, no episode guide, just a slip of paper telling us that the music is gone and we should just get over it. I feel like the fans who have waited so long deserve something more. It feels kind of like MTV throwing the DVD set at my head and saying, “Here it is! Happy now?!” Um, thanks MTV…I guess it’s better than nothing.
Rating: 3 / 5

In the era when MTV still gave a crap about not pandering to the lowest common denominator with its programming, there was “Daria”.

The irony is, “Daria” was spun off from the ridiculous, but admittedly amusing, “Beavis and Butthead” series. Where that show gleefully wallowed in the stupid and moronic, “Daria” went in the opposite direction. Using her sarcasm, commentary, and general cynicism, the show showed that one could be intelligent and blunt but still be entertaining. In its way, the show dealt with the usual crap of being a teen without being preachy, moralistic, or boring. And it assumed that the audience was smart. Which MTV obviously no longer does.

Admittedly, I am not in the demographic for this show (30s), but a smart show is a smart show, and I have waited for this series for ages. It is long past time this series is finally being released. Maybe it will make some remember when MTV was relevant, socially aware, and treated young people like thinking beings and not Barbie and Ken dolls for reality TV crap. I think – if one like smart shows with an edge – one would love “Daria”, regardless of age. (Ironically, I think the character of Daria, if she existed naturally, would have plenty to say about the state of the channel today that she originated from. And none of it good! LOL!)

On the downside, I am 99.999% sure there will be music deletions and substitutions, the dreaded “rights issues”. While I do wish that would be left intact, I guess I could see where it would be cost prohibitive, and this series is too good to sit in a vault because of it. Which is why I still give this DVD set five stars regardless of that issue. So, I will live with the music changes. But complain. Daria would be pleased!

In short, if you like animation, wit, fun, intelligence, and snark (of which there is plenty!), let “Daria” entertain you! You’ll feel smarter for it.

Edited to add, as I have answered another review via the comment link, and it may not be readily seen: Daria the Musical episode *is* included on this DVD set, making it, as advertised, the “complete” series! Its production number was 301; however, MTV used “Through A Lens Darkly” as the Season 3 premiere years ago, and the DVD order is the same way. Daria The Musical is episode #7 in Season 3, as it was when it originally aired. And it is the one episode retaining its original end music over the alter egos/credits.

Also, regrettably, “Is It College Yet” is again the edited version, but from another account here in the discussion thread regarding this set, MTV tried for the unedited version, but the master of the audio and video could not be located to synchronize, so the edited version it is. There is also the belief that copyright played a role in using the edited version, as well. However, one episode in the grand scheme of things is not bad!
Rating: 5 / 5

I’ll try and be as detailed as possible.

1. The Packaging.

The complete set comes in one DVD case. It’s plastic, not cardboard. The DVDs themselves are attached to “pages” inside the DVD (similar to the Justice League and Superman complete series sets, if you’re familiar with those. A lot of other DVD compilations have started using this format lately as well, so you might’ve seen it elsewhere). The DVDs are NOT dual-sided, thank goodness, so inadvertent scratching should be minimized. All in all, the packaging looks sturdy, and arrived in perfect condition from Amazon. Not a single disk was out of place.

2. The Episodes.

When you first load up a disk and get to the menu, you’re presented with two options: Episodes and Play All. These are pretty self explanatory, however, it appears that if you want to see the Daria Day intros, you must go to the Episodes section and individually select the episode you want to watch, and you’ll be presented with an option to watch the ep with the intro. Not every episode has an intro. Also: only the first episode on a disk has the complete credit sequence, all the rest just have the title card (as if they had been edited into a large TV marathon, which I think helps).

Also, as most of you are already aware (especially the ones who downloaded some eps off of Amazon recently), most-if-not-all of the incidental, licensed music has been replaced with, as the initial press release said, “generic and scene-specific music.” The music is SIMILAR thematically to the original tracks but, yanno, a hell of a lot cheaper. Those of you who taped every episode of Daria off the TV and watched them until the tapes broke, you’re probably gonna be disappointed. However, if you love the SHOW (or if you’re like me, and have only seen a handful of original eps), the loss of the music is really inconsequential. Also, the music they used IS appropriate to the scenes, so someone actually paid attention while dubbing this stuff in, and didn’t just throw generic tracks in at every point where a licensed song used to be.

One final musical note: every commercial bumper now has a sampling of the Splendora theme, and each credit sequence has a lyric-less version of the theme playing over it. This does KINDA get annoying after awhile, but really, you can ignore it. At least they actually kept the bumpers IN, y’know?

In terms of episode quality, they all look GREAT. Everything is crisp and as clean as it could possibly look. The sound quality is nice and clear.

Disk 1: Season 1 (Picture of Daria)

Episodes 101 through 109

Esteemsters; The Invitation; College Bored; Cafe Disaffecto; Malled; This Year’s Model; The Lab Brat; Pinch Sitter; Too Cute

Disk 1 also has three ads at the beginning for The Maxx, The State, and the three Mike Judge Beavis & Butt-head compilations. This seems to be the ONLY disk in the set with these ads, which is good. You can manually skip past these straight to the menu, but you cannot use the ‘menu’ function to jump past them.

Disk 2: Seasons 1 & 2 (Picture of Jane)

Episodes 110-113, 201-205

The Big House; Road Worrier; The Teachings of Don Jake; The Misery Chick; Arts ‘N Crass; The Daria Hunter; Quinn the Brain; I Don’t; That Was Then, This Is Dumb

Disk 3: Seasons 2 & 3 (Pictures of Quinn & Trent)

Episodes 206-213 and 301

Monster; The New Kid; Gifted; Ill; Fair Enough; See Jane Run; Pierce Me; Write Where It Hurts; Through A Lens Darkly

Disk 4: Season 3 (Pictures of Kevin & Brittany)

Episodes 302-310

The Old and the Beautiful; Depth Takes a Holiday; Daria Dance Party; The Lost Girls; It Happened One Nut; Daria!; Lane Miserables, Jake of Hearts; Speedtrapped

Yes, Daria! (aka The Musical Episode) is included. All of the music should be intact, since it was created specifically for the show and doesn’t used licensed tracks.

Disk 5: Seasons 3 & 4 (Pictures of Helen & Jake)

Episodes 311-313, 401-406

The Lawndale File; Just Add Water; Jane’s Addition; Partner’s Complaint; Antisocial Climbers; A Tree Grows in Lawndale; Murder, She Snored; The F Word (aka “Fail”); I Loathe a Parade

Disk 6: Seasons 4 & 5 (Pictures of Stacy & Upchuck)

Episodes 407-413, 501-502

Of Human Bonding; Psycho Therapy; Mart of Darkness; Legends of the Mall; Groped by an Angel; Fire!; Dye! Dye! My Darling; Fizz Ed; Sappy Anniversary

Disk 7: Season 5 (Pictures of Jodie & Mack)

Episodes 503-511

Fat Like Me; Camp Fear; The Story of D; Lucky Strike; Art Burn; One J at a Time; Life in the Past Lane; Aunt Nauseam; Prize Fighters

Disk 8: Season 5 (Pictures of Mr. DeMartino & Ms. Li)

Episodes 512 & 513

Movies: Is It Fall Yet? & Is It College Yet?

Special Features

3. Final Thoughts.

As mentioned elsewhere, the DVD comes with a special letter from Glenn Eichler, explaining the reasons why 99% of the music has been changed.

Aside from the music issue (which, again, to me is a non-issue), this is the set we’ve all been waiting for. The episodes are INTACT (not the Noggin edits), pretty, and as funny as they were the first dozen or so times you watched them.

Really, I implore you, if you’ve been waiting for Daria on DVD, don’t let the music thing hold you back. You really DO want this set. It’s not EXACTLY what you’ve been asking for, but it’s within 99% of it, and in my opinion that is DEFINITELY worth it.
Rating: 5 / 5

The release of “DARIA” on DVD is a mixed blessing: on one hand, it’s a long-overdue release of a genuinely excellent series (that I continued to watch weekly even AFTER graduating high school); on the other, its also a painfully truncated version of it that kinda ruins the nostalgia for those of us who remember it differently (with the VHS evidence to prove it).

THE GOOD NEWS: the boxed set allows for complete viewing. It’s very easy to catch up or completely introduce yourself to the series if you were too young the first time around. And you get to see all five years at once rather than scrounging around for multiple seasons. I suppose it is better for the show to be available and doctored than to be unavailable at all, since the characters and writing were the key to its power.

AND we get the Pilot episode, which is nice.

THE BAD NEWS: Well, let’s start with the music: we all knew that the original music was never going to be included; no one at Viacom will spend the money for licensing on every episode, and until a wealthy fan does so on their own dime, it’ll be a dream unrealized. But the generic music is kinda hard to deal with because sometimes its louder than the dialogue in the scene, or doesn’t fit at all. Also, the Splendora theme song for the opening titles is a different recording than the original broadcast and can be a bit annoying, although some of the Splendora cues made specifically for the movies are still intact. The music situation is probably only going to hurt purists like me who remember the show from the first time around.

Here are some others, some big, others just nitpicky:

– The second movie/last episode “IS IT COLLEGE YET?” is the censored Noggin-channel version. While I’ve resigned myself to the music problems, this one is inexcusable; MTV owns the series, it should have the original print somewhere.

– The special features are a joke. Again, due to music issues, the specials “Look Back in Annoyance” and “Behind the Scenes at Daria” are absent, and the retrospective is painfully short, with snippets of interviews rather than actual ones. Also absent are any TV spots for music (like the Garbage promo from “IS IT FALL YET?”). However, the animated sections from an MTV video countdown are included, though not the videos themselves.

– The show is in order but with no season dividers; you have to research which episodes were in which season.

– The early episodes are a bit faded; they aren’t damaged, but the color isn’t as sharp as the later episodes.

– Closed Captioning but no subtitles.

– The movies are shoved on the extras disc, not given context as to which seasons they capped off (video quality is SLIGHTLY inferior as a result).

So overall, the collection isn’t a waste for those who want to experience the show as a whole and not as a time capsule. For those who want the show in its entirety uncut and unaltered…we still have our VHS collections. But while some things were unavoidable due to rather large legal issues (the music), other things that were entirely solvable (uncut versions, picture quality, etc.), make this an underwhelming accomplishment. Considering how well the “AEON FLUX” boxed set turned out, and how terrible the “BEAVIS & BUTT-HEAD” boxed sets turned out, this one falls in between: neither as good or as bad as it COULD have been. Three stars is being generous.

Regardless, I would suggest waiting for sales or markdowns to buy it; at the current price it isn’t worth it.
Rating: 3 / 5

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