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Diana Krall: Live in Rio

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 22-09-2010


Diana Krall has had a long time fascination with bossa nova, a type of music which perfectly suits her sophisticated yet sensual style. This culminated in her new studio album “Quiet Nights” (released by Verve in spring 2009) and in this stunning concert filmed in the home of the bossa nova, Rio de Janeiro, in November 2008. Accompanied by her band and an orchestra, Diana Krall delivers a superb set of standards in true bossa nova style but clearly bearing her unique stamp…. More >>

Diana Krall: Live in Rio

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Watch and Download Diana Krall: Live in Rio

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Diana Krall and company do it again! Another fine live performance we can experience again and again on DVD. The musical selections are very well recorded and nicely arranged. The group’s generally laid-back mood is definitely in sync with this Brazilian-inspired concert. The instrumental improvisations are polished and very musical and Diana’s vocals will transport you to Rio.

To those pseudo-techie critics, I recommend you pull your heads out of your iPods and really listen to the fantastic performances here. As a life-long jazz musician myself, I have better ears and probably better electronics than most of you. I find no basis for your negative reviews. As the witty Moze Allison once wrote, “Critics… they can’t swim and they can’t even float. They just stand at the shore and wave at the boat.”

Pay no attention to the “amateur opinion havers” and blog-trogs. This is an exceptional Diana Krall concert and DVD recording. If you like her work, you’ll probably love this video.
Rating: 5 / 5

This is the first time I’ve written a review, but I just don’t agree with the other reviews here.

I am a huge Diana Krall fan or perhaps I should say was a huge fan, because after buying both Quiet Nights and Live in Rio, I’m starting to reexamine my position.

I have all her early CD’s as well as Live in Paris, which I’ve watched at least 50 times. I should state that I don’t care for her newer CD’s, but her rendition of the American Songbook songs are superb.

However, Live in Rio was a disappointment. Though it used the same artists as Live in Paris, it lacked the energy and creativity of Live in Paris, and I expected to see the passion of the environment that spawned the Bossa Nova rythms that seemed to imbue her earlier work.

Finally, the quality of the lighting and camera work was not even in the same league as Live in Paris. The Blue Ray (which I purchased) was much worse than the standard DVD of Live in Paris.

In summary, nice but not the Diana I came to love. Uninspired!!!
Rating: 3 / 5

Mrs. Krall has grown old, like all of us. But less than Anthony Wilson and especially Jack Hamilton.

Compared with the Paris Concert at the Olympia, this takes second place. Maybe it’s the age of all members, maybe is the Rio’s venue, maybe they took to much sunshine in Ipanema Beach. Mrs Krall has grown up emotionally, but she lost some of the magificent “peppy energy” she showed us at Paris. Her right hand piano is a bit more forceful which contrasts with the left hand, that remains weak.

It is probably unfair to blame the sound engineers. I know the sound of Olympia in Paris. It is a rather small place where a single voice unamplified is quite good in the mid to rear stalls, I don’t know about the balcony. The French always had good sound engineers. Brazil has no tradition in that area.Most good Bossa nova records were recorded in New York studios.

Anyway it is a good live session. But releasing it in Blue Ray with compressed DTS sound, makes no sense. It would make sense in HI-DEF Sound and Standard video..If that exists?

Rating: 3 / 5

I had the good fortune to have been a disc jockey on one of the few radio stations that still played “Easy Listening” music up until the late ’90s, KQUE in Houston(until it was sold and flipped to Spanish).

I played Sinatra and Jobim, Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto and Sergio Mendes, wishing all the time that the bossa nova had not been just a passing musical genre, in the US at least. Then here comes Diana Krall bringing back that magical beat on a couple of her recent albums and THEN, a DVD of a concert in Rio! I just finished watching the whole thing from end to end and I was enthralled, especially with the audience of cariocas singing along in Portuguese to,”The Boy from Ipanema”. I thought I heard Astrud somewhere in there at the back table. I almost didn’t buy this DVD because of some of the negative reviews here, but my birthday is coming up and I thought, hey, I’ll get this for myself and tell those who would buy me another shirt that I’m fixed, thank you. If you are determined to purchase only one Diana Krall,”Live in …” DVD, by all means get Paris.

But if you love Diana, John, Jeff and Anthony AND the bossa nova and can’t imagine it getting better than played before an audience in the city of its birth (and the liner notes didn’t even put an apostrophe in “its”), buy this DVD as fast as you can.
Rating: 5 / 5

I have both the Montreal and Paris DVD’s they both have their own character and personality. The Brazil DVD adds a mature musicianship that puts Diana and her group in a new category which will carry her into the future. Guitar players are astonished by Anthony Wilson’s genius and the best jazz guitarist of today, Jeff Hamilton who is internationally known as the greatest brush drummer shows that on this DVD. And, of course, Mr. Clayton who is one of the greatest composers as well as bass players. No, this DVD is more than a performance. It is a tribute to great jazz players. Maybe the Oscar Peterson Munich concert equals it in importance… Buy this and you will be playing it 10 years from now
Rating: 5 / 5

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