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District B13/District 13: Ultimatum 2-Pack

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 24-09-2010


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With bone crunching fights and death defying leaps, this adrenaline charged follow-up takes the groundbreaking parkour action from DISTRICT B13 to thrilling new heights. (Fangoria) Two years have passed since elite police officer Damien Tomasso (Cyril Raffaelli) teamed up with reformed vigilante Leito (David Belle) to save the notorious District 13, a racially charged ghetto populated by violent drug dealing gangs and vicious killers. Despite government promises to … More >>

District B13/District 13: Ultimatum 2-Pack

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Watch and Download District B13/District 13: Ultimatum 2-Pack

Comments (2)

District B13 (Banlieue 13) is your standard low budget action flick, lots of action sequences and fight scene with a weak plot about a ghetto district in Paris where the gangs are so bad, that the French gov’t built a wall around it. Now in 2010, with no hope of bringing peace to the district, the French gov’t is going to blow up the district with a bomb. Our two heroes fight their way to the bomb only to fight over whether the bomb is going to blow up or deactivate when the time reaches zero. The 2 heroes bring the bomb to the presidents office and use it to persuade him to open up district 13 and tear down the wall.

District 13: Ulimatum (Banlieue 13: Ultimatum) is the sequel, with a slightly higher budget, better camera work and a deeper plot. Surprise, nothing has changed, the wall is still up and gangs still control district 13. Now in 2013, big surprize 2012 didn’t happen, the French gov’t has become corrupted and is sparking a war between the gangs and police to convince the president to blow up district 13. The Department of Internal State Security is taking care of anyone that will get in the way of their plot including our 2 heroes. Leito breaks Damien out of jail and the two snoop around in police headquarters and find out what’s what. Paris is about to erupt in riots, and the president is about to blow up district 13. So our 2 heroes and the 5 gang lords unite to break into the control room where the president is about blow up district 13 and expose DISS’ plot to the president. After stopping the president from blowing up the district *spoiler* the 5 gang leaders and leito agree it’s best just to rebuild and the president blows up the district anyway. *spoilers*

As you can see from my plot summaries the sequel has more plot, which does mean less action but makes it a more well rounded movie. I perfer the French audio as the English audio is just a word for word translation without much thought toward lip syncing and can get annoying.

Bottom line: If you just want a flick like Mortal Kombat just go with District B13. If you like plot more than action get District 13: Ultimatum. If both sound good, get this.
Rating: 5 / 5

the action is so good and i love both movies and it was well worth the price to get them both on blu ray. amazon has never let me down and if i buy something i think about it first because i never return things i want because they are always a good deal. except one time i bought all the ncis dvd sets and the next week they went on sale so i missed that one but if you like action and movies that keep it going then you want to buy these two on blu ray. me after watching them both i could hardly wait for there next movie. district b-13 and district 13-u ultimate 2 pack is the way to go. at first i thought i don’t no but then i said go for it and the movies have so much action and great story. only thing was missing this girl in the first movie was not in part two and she was so good i really missed her being in the movie because the second movie started with her but that was all you saw of her this girl to me was a big part and i must say i fell in love with her she was so cool. anyway they do stunts you will not believe, very good movie its a must but you must get the district 13 collection set b-13 district and d 13-u district 13 ultimatum. ill be back on my next dvd hit.bobby lee 007.
Rating: 5 / 5

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