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Dragon Ball Z: Season Six

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 06-09-2010


Having at last achieved his Perfect Form, the evil Cell’s powers have soared to terrible new heights, overshadowing even the greatest of the Z-Fighters. Eager to demonstrate these newfound abilities and prove his superiority, Cell proposes a tournament. He issues an ultimatum to the people of Earth—produce a worthy opponent or die! The day of reckoning upon them, Goku and the Z-Fighters line up to participate in Cell’s twisted game, the world’s best hope of defeatin… More >>

Dragon Ball Z: Season Six

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Watch and Download Dragon Ball Z: Season Six

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Finally its time to relax and chill for Dragonball Z: Season Six where the fighting gets more intence for the beggining of the Cell Games including 10 Filler episodes and 19 action episodes where the power is non stopping. 29 Episodes on 6 Discs.

Episodes include:

What is the Tournament?

The Doomsday Broadcast

Meet Me In The Ring

No Worries Here

A Girl Named Lime

Memories of Gohan

A New Guardian

Dende’s Dragon

The Puzzle of General Tao

The Games Begin

Losers Fight First

Goku vs. Cell

Cell’s Bag of Tricks

No More Rules

The Fight is Over

Faith in a Boy

Gohan’s Desperate Plea

Android Explosion

Children of Cell Attack

The Unleashing

The Unstoppable Gohan

Cell’s Mighty Breakdown

A Hero’s Farewell

Cell Returns

The Horror Won’t End

Save The World

Goku’s Noble Decision

One More Wish

Free The Future

Rating: 5 / 5

Dragon Ball Z is the one greatest anime series ever created. With its action-packed universe and compelling storylines, Akira Toriyama’s magnum opus has never failed to please. This is the latest season set FUNimation has released of the series.

This set picks up where the last one left off. In his Perfect form, Cell is seemingly invincible. After the Z-Fighters were unable to defeat the villain, he retreats, stating that in 10 days time he will hold a tournament, so that he may fight the strongest fighters in the world. Our heroes go into training, knowing what lies ahead will be their toughest battle yet.

The DVD set is divided amongst six discs, and contains the complete Cell Games Saga (the post-Cell Afterlife Tournament episodes are, disappointingly, NOT included. They will be featured in the next set.) The picture has been subjected to digital noise reduction, and the set includes a booklet of character profiles and episode listings.

Obviously, if you’re new to Dragon Ball Z, you’ll want to start with the Season One box set, but if you’re already a fan, you’ll enjoy these episodes. The previous set contained some excellent fight scenes, and you get plenty more of them here, including Gohan Vs. Cell – one of the most legendary of all Dragon Ball Z fights. The first 10 episodes or so of this set are terrible – some of the worst anime-only filler in the series, with only the occasional interesting moment, like the coming of a new Guardian of Earth. But once you get past those stinkers, it’s an all-out thrill ride for the latter two thirds of the package. The Cell Games (first 10 or so episodes aside) feature some incredible battles. It’s just a shame the “afterlife tournament” episodes weren’t included. I, personally, thought those episodes always worked better as “Post Cell” episodes than “Pre-Buu” ones, though my opinion may be in the minority there.

One of my personal favorite features of the set is the Marathon feature. FUNimation includes a feature in these sets that allows you to view all of the episodes on each disc from start to end with no interruptions from intros/outros/recaps/etc. This is an extremely handy feature I wish more TV shows on DVD had.

Like earlier Dragon Ball Z season sets, the picture has been cropped at the top and bottom (this was done due to excessive grain and damage to the original source), and it has been subjected to the digital noise reduction process. Obviously a lot of fans, myself included, were disappointed to see the picture get cropped. While the digital noise reduction doesn’t do as thorough a job cleaning up the image as you’d hope, it IS the best these episodes have ever looked. In other words, it’s a “give and take” scenario. You lose some of the picture you could see on earlier full-frame DVDs, but on the good side, you gain some picture on the sides, and the image quality is superior to all earlier DVD releases.

Sound quality is similar to the earlier sets. English audio quality is fantastic, but the dub is still translated poorly and the voice cast is hit and miss. On the other hand, the Japanese audio quality is poor, showing its age, but it does feature a well-translated subtitle track from Steven J. Simmons that lets you experience the series as originally intended.

Additionally, like the earlier sets, you have the option of watching the English voice cast played against the original Japanese audio.

Disappointingly, the next episode previews aren’t included. But they weren’t in any earlier season set, so it’s no big surprise.

No special features are included here unless you count the trailers and the same textless opening/closing sequence all other sets like this have had. On the good side, the set does include a booklet similar to the earlier sets, with character profiles and an episode guide, making it handy to go right where you need to go on the DVDs.

It’s another great Dragon Ball Z season set, enough said. Easily some of the best material in the entire series. If you’re a fan of the series and don’t already have these episodes, you can get them all here for one low price. Cropping issues aside, this is a great set, and a good value, especially compared to the older DVD releases.

Highly recommended to any fan of Dragon Ball Z.
Rating: 4 / 5

If you have not seen it, to appreciate season six, You need to buy from season 1 – 5. I wish I had done so and seen it in strict order.

This is especially true as it relates to the humble character of Gohan and the heights of achievement a father’s love makes possible.

Season six also lays the foundation for the subsequent MaJin Buu series.
Rating: 5 / 5

This is one of the best, if not the best sagas of the legendary anime, Dragon Ball Z. I’m getting it today, and also the seventh season in November, but I hope Funimation releases Season 8 before May. Can’t wait for the series to be complete. Why is Goku on the front, though… Sure, SS2 Gohan is a spoiler, then why not put SS1 Gohan on the front? He’s seen in Season 5. Besides, Goku’s already been on a front cover (Season 2). Oh well, it doesn’t matter too much, I guess. Buy this DVD (Maybe along with Season 5)- You won’t regret it.
Rating: 5 / 5

I think putting these episodes into one season at an affordable price was unbeatable. Being that it,s Dragon Ball Z makes it a no brainer. If your a fan than I bet you, just like me, were paying 10 dollars for three episodes. On VHS! These boxed SEASON cd,s are… need I say more?
Rating: 5 / 5

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