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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Eraser, an elite federal marshal who “erases” the pasts of jeopardized informers and relocates them into safe anonymity. Format: BLU-RAY DISC Genre: ACTION/ADVENTURE Rating: R Age: 883929035700 UPC: 883929035700 Manufacturer No: 1000042250

Product Description
ERASER – Blu-Ray MovieAmazon.com
If you’re going to submit yourself to a dazzling example of mainstream action, this thriller is as good a choice as any. Eraser is a live-action cartoon, the kind of movie in which Arnold Schwarzenegger can survive nail bombs, hails of bullets, an attack by voracious alligators (“You’re luggage,” he says, after killing one of the beasts), and still emerge from the mayhem relatively intact. Arnold plays an “eraser” from the … More >>


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Eraser (1996) - rotten tomatoes, Top-notch action sequences and exciting stunt work highlight this fast-moving thriller. john kruger (arnold schwarzenegger) is a top agent in the u.s. marshalls.

Eraser (1996) - imdb, Cast/credits additional information film. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0116213/ The eraser company - official site, Wire, tube, cable cutting, stripping, twisting, measuring, heat shrink machines, equipment, tools. fiberglass brushes erasers & dereelers.. https://www.eraser.com/ Eraser - wikipedia, An eraser, ( called rubber america, material ) article stationery removing writing paper skin.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eraser

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