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Product DescriptionSCROOGED – DVD MovieAmazon.comMost critics couldn’t get behind Bill Murray’s modern retelling of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, finding it too unfocused at times and not nearly wicked enough. Still, if you’re a Murray fan, you have to enjoy his...

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Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 12-03-2011


Catch a wave of “terrific adventure” and “non-stop action” (CBS-TV) in this fun and fantastically entertaining smash-hit! “Invisible Woman: Sue Storm and “Mr. Fantastic” Dr. Reed Richards are about to be married when a mysterious alien… the Silver Surfer… crashes the proceedings and heralds Earth’s impending destruction. With time running out, the Fantastic Four reluctantly teams up with the nefarious Dr. Doom in a thrilling effort to save our planet!Amazon.comMore >>

Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer

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