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AD 117. The Roman Empire stretches from Egypt to Spain, and East as far as the Black Sea. But in northern Britain, the relentless onslaught of conquest has ground to a halt in face of the guerrilla tactics of an elusive enemy: the savage and terrifying Picts. Quintus Dias (Fassbender), sole survivor...

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For Greater Glory BD/Combo

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 20-09-2012


Product Description
What price would you pay for freedom? In the exhilarating action epic FOR GREATER GLORY an impassioned group of men and women each make the decision to risk it all for family, faith and the very future of their country, as the fim¹s adventure unfolds against the long-hidden, true story of the 1920s Cristero War ­the daring people¹s revolt that rocked 20th Century North America.Amazon.com
Finely crafted in an old-fashioned Hollywood epic sort of wa… More >>

For Greater Glory BD/Combo

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