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Amazon.comA very safe sequel bet with a cast of friendly, recognizable, and bankable stars, RED 2 is a breezy romp of global espionage and superhero superspies where the wealth of violence is played for laughs and the sly grins stay firmly planted on the faces of everyone involved. As fans of 2010’s...

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Four Lions

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 05-03-2011


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A whip-smart, slapstick comedy, Chris Morris’ Four Lions takes aim at Jihadi suicide bombers and illuminates the war on terror through satire and farce. Follow five inept aspiring terrorists on their quest to strike a blow, and how they demonstrate that terrorism may be about ideology, but it can also be about idiots…. More >>

Four Lions

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Amazon.: lions: adamsdale, adeel akhtar, Satire and ridicule have rarely been deployed to such devastating effect as in this collective portrait of a little band of british born, suburban would-be jihadis, a. ' lions factor': terrorist incompetence saving, Not for the first time it seems that a terror attack - this time in parsons green - could have been much worse but for a malfunctioning device.

Four lions christopher morris - official trailer, On blu-ray, dvd lions tells story group british jihadists push abstract dreams glory breaking point. wheels fly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew-SrlQ9tlI Four lions (official movie site) - starring riz ahmed, A whip-smart, slapstick comedy, chris morris’ lions takes aim jihadi suicide bombers illuminates war terror satire farce. follow inept aspiring terrorists quest strike blow, demonstrate terrorism ideology, idiots.. http://www.magnetreleasing.com/fourlions/ Four lions - film.avclub., Chris morris’ corrosive black comedy lions explores lighter side jihad. ’ ballsy romp lighthearted subjects imaginable. http://film.avclub.com/four-lions-1798166469

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