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From Paris with Love

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 27-03-2010


James Reece (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers), personal aide to the U.S. Ambassador to France, is secretly moonlighting as a low-level CIA operative. Looking for more action, Reece accepts a job that teams him with wise-cracking special agent Charlie Wax (John Travolta), a trigger-happy loose cannon sent to Paris on a mission of international importance. Now, Reece finds himself on the wildest ride of his life as the new partners pull out all the stops to annihilate the enemy in this … More >>

From Paris with Love

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Comments (5)

From Paris With Love was an entertaining ride, with plenty of “edge of your seat” moments, humor, and lots of action. The plot kept twisting and turning, bringing one surprise after the other, which made it really interesting. Travolta was dynamic, fun and believable as a seemingly crazy but very able operative/spy. Jonathan Rhys Meyers was excellent in the role of the newbie operative who was fairly innocent and very inexperienced, but still smart. It was a far cry from the authority and power he exudes as King Henry in the Tudors series, which means to me that he’s a capable actor.

There were short periods when the movie seemed to lag a bit, though once things got going, the exciting parts more than made up for anything less than exciting. There was a lot of killing going on with plenty of blood, but despite this, none of it was very graphic or terribly disturbing. Regardless, this is not a movie I’d bring the kids to. It’s definitely an adult flick for a mature audience.

I’d recommend this movie for those who enjoy action or spy thrillers. I think it would even be a DVD worth owning.

Rating: 5 / 5

I confess right here, right now that I loved “From Paris With Love”! John Travolta is the reason why!

For the sake of simplicity, here are my reasons:

1. After the initial, necessarily slow set-up to establish back story with Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ character, the action is non-stop!

2. John Travolta! He plays a commando-type sent on secret mission assignments and allowed to act without protocol! He is the reason for the action.

3. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the spy wannabe, the complete opposite to Travolta–refined, debonair, rule follower, diplomatic assistant.

4. Weapons in cans!

5. Fighting scenes! In fact, these scenes remind me of Matt Damon’s films. There’s a big difference though: Matt Damon’s fights are carefully choreographed with the entire fight (seemingly) shown, whereas Travolta’s are shown in snippets. Why? Because John Travolta is too old and over-sized to actually fight. Note: These snippets are in my plus column. Even though he is not actually fighting, the illusion is there (for those who want to see fight scenes) that this old guy is really capable of defeating so many opponents.

6. Bad guys (drug dealers, pimps, and terrorists) are no match for Travolta’s character at any time! Hero played Large! (Hero from my point of view as American, potential-victim-of-terrorism, along with delegations from all over the world)

7. The unsuspected terrorist agent!

8. Watching the diplomatic assistant gradually become spy worthy.

10. An action-oriented Big Play Hero who also plays chess!

What I didn’t like about the movie:


What a great summer movie, exactly one kind of summer hits: fun, engaging, entertaining, action-filled (nonstop), heroic-but-unconventional characters, violence so unbelievable that the viewer knows it is not real but pretends it is for this movie, and satisfying ending. (Oh, the other kind? Romantic and tame!)
Rating: 5 / 5

Travolta MAKES this movie work as an absolute WILD RIDE & I LOVED IT!! Too many spy thrillers and even action flicks get so hung up on “the story” nowadays that you end up missing out on most of the FUN and just going, “Huh???” in the end (e.g. the first Mission Impossible). But don’t worry…Except for an anemic first 15 minutes that seemed like it would never end, this movie doesn’t simply stop periodically and try and TELL a story. Instead, the convoluted – but interesting – story DEVELOPS as the movie just shifts into high-gear and keeps moving at break-neck speed with jaw-dropping action alternating with over-the-top humor! It works so well because Travolta plays an off-the-chain near super hero spy with Jonathan Rhys Meyers playing the “straight guy” who also happens to be the wannabe super spy. And become a super spy he does – on Travolta’s Fast Track Plan!!

There’s bodies piling up by the dozens wherever these guys go, a car chase that rivals anything you’ve ever seen in The Transporter series and gunfights/explosions galore. The tongue-in-cheek humor prevalent throughout the film shows that it never takes itself too seriously. For example, in one scene, Travolta tells his partner to stay a floor down while he goes up a spiral staircase after the bad guys. Every few seconds you hear a couple of muffled silencer shots and the bad guys literally start falling from the sky! Just brilliant and hilarious film-making!! Now, don’t laugh too hard…But From Paris With Love reminds me quite a bit of Live Free or Die Hard. There are more than a few similarities: super hero-type playing off an inexperienced newbie; a bald Travolta and a bald Bruce Willis; both duos hunt down terrorists; special effects that look both real and unreal at the same time. But unlike Willis and his ever-present bloody shirt, Travolta’s character never gets a scratch. I’m also impressed that he did so many of the stunts in this flick and didn’t end up in the hospital! He moves around pretty well for a guy his age…

There’s a Special Feature on the DVD where former real spies claim there really are Special Ops guys like Travolta’s character in the real world! Too bad there isn’t a reality show that follows them around…In fact, this is EXACTLY the kind of movie I wish someone would turn into a weekly TV series! I’d watch it every week…
Rating: 5 / 5

Young CIA agent James Reece who has a cushy day job but dreams of an exciting life in the field. When the agency offers him his first big-time assignment, James must team with crazed lone wolf Charlie Wax to stop a terrorist bombing plot. Although James is initially in way over his head, he soon realizes that he needs to trust Charlie if he wants to live his dream and save his own life, because the bad guys not only want to cause damage to the city, but want James killed. This movie is two hours of entertainment. It’s John Travolta like you have never seen him before. The story itself is not particularly noteworthy. But there is lots of action as Travolta shows everyone who’s boss in this action-packed special effects extravaganza. Also there is non-stop violence with Travolta leading the way. If you like movies with stories that feature non-stop violence, then this movie is for you.
Rating: 5 / 5

FROM PARIS WITH LOVE is not without merit because it does have the gift of a great performance by John Travolta who can play Edna in HAIRSPRAY and turn around and play bad mouthed, gonna put a hole in ya’ Charlie Wax in FROM PARIS WITH LOVE. It also has constant action, and if you like that sort of thing then you’ll be rewarded with a movie that holds your interest.

Yet, when its over, you won’t need to watch it again, because it isn’t that kind of movie. You can’t help but think throughout the movie, that some scenes were missing. Either that or Luc Besson scraped the typical plot of most action movies and decided to focus his screenplay on a subplot.

While the movie is about stopping terrorism, most of the movie is about the relationship between Charlie Wax (Travolta) & James Reece (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) & whether or not Reece has it in him to kill. Also, most of the movie is taken up by chasing down a drug ring. Eventually, toward the end of the movie, we discover the true reason why we’re watching. A terrorist target.

The movie is 90 minutes of mayhem, bullets and Travolta putting holes in people or just finding creative ways to send people to the hereafter. If you’re looking for a story, it is vague and you can’t help but wander that Luc Besson intended that. Yet, because of that, it’s a movie that is and will be easily forgotten.
Rating: 3 / 5

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