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Grey’s Anatomy – The Complete Second Season

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 21-08-2010


Experience the complete second season of TV’s most compelling show in an expansive 27-episode DVD set. Witness every minute of the thrilling drama that has become a television event for fans and critics alike. “Week after week, the entire show is mcdreamy,” raves USA Today. Life gets even more intense for the doctors and interns of Seattle Grace Hospital in year two as Meredith and Derek’s relationship goes from odd to downright insane with the arrival of Derek’s wife, and … More >>

Grey’s Anatomy – The Complete Second Season

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Watch and Download Grey’s Anatomy – The Complete Second Season

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In under a year, Grey’s Anatomy has gone from a mid-season replacement show to one of the top rated dramas on television. The show consistently demonstrates that brilliantly written characters, a diverse cast, lots of romance, and loads of drama set in the fast-paced world of surgery makes for an wonderful combination. The 27 episodes of Season 2 build on the brilliance of season 1, delivering a knockout performance that is a must buy for any Grey’s fan.

Grey’s Anatomy is about the lives and loves of 5 young surgical interns at Seattle Grace Hospital. Placed in the most competitive and grueling internship a hospital has, Grey’s follows the doctors as they learn to become surgeons from some of the best in the business. Season 1’s nine episode run saw romance blossom between surgeries with intern Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and attending physician Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) as well as intern Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) and attending surgeon Preston Burke (Isiah Washington). Sparks also flew between fellow interns Dr. Izzy Stevens( Katherine Heigl) and Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) while Dr. George O’Malley (T.R McKnight) nursed an unrequited love on housemate Meredith. Every episode was filled with romance, comedy, drama, and tension.

Season 2 delivers more of the same, beginning with Derek’s previously unknown wife, Addison (Kate Walsh) showing up at Seattle Grace to try to win back her busband, who left her after she slept with his best friend. Confronted with two women he loves, Derek is forced to choose between them, a choice that would have wide reaching consequences. That choice and its consequences have become the central theme for the entire second season. Other continuing story arcs are Christina and Burke’s developing relationship, Izzy’s and Alex’s growing chemistry (thrown for a loop with the arrival of heart patient Denny), and Meredith’s still unfinished feelings for Derek, which in season 2 cause her to do some incredibly dumb things, including breaking fan favorite George’s heart. Series creater Shonda Rimes and the rest of the writing staff don’t shy away from making controversial choices with the plots, as evidenced in the shocking 3-hour season finale.

Week after week this is hands down the most addictive show on television. This show gets you so interested in the characters, some days you will love them and some days hate them, but you never stop watching them. Thanks to the guys at tvshowsondvd, we know that the 6-disc box set contains over 5 hours of Grey’s extras, including extended version episodes of Thanks for the Memories, It’s the End of the World, What Have I Done to Deserve This, and Losing My Religion, a fan roundtable featurette with the cast answering questions from fans, a Bailey featurette, set tour with Dr. Webbe, tons of deleted scenes, and several audio commentaries. The set is mixed in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, with a 1.78:1 aspect ratio. If you have never seen Grey’s, pick up both the first and second season sets. One of the best shows on television and Highly Recommended.

A.G. Corwin

St.Louis, MO
Rating: 5 / 5

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the best shows I have seen in a Television world filled with way too many reality shows. I will be the first to admit I have never really been in to medical shows. I bought the first season of this DVD set for a couple of reasons. First because I knew it stared Katherine Heigl who stared in one of my favorite Tv shows Roswell, and secondly because I kept hearing buzz and saw how many positive reviews it got here on amazon. Now Grey’s Anatomy The Complete Second Season will be released on DVD this September. Grey’s Anatomy is a show that has just the right amount of comedy mixed in with just the right amount of drama, and those two things along with the great cast take this far just beyond another medical TV show. This show just keeps you coming back for more. Along with Desperate Housewives and Lost, Grey’s Anatomy is another welcomed addition and a great break from all those reality TV shows. According to the press release from Buena Vista/Disney The DVD set of Season 2 will include all 27 episodes on a 6 DVD set, (presented in widescreen with 5.1 Surround Sound) and will include the Bonus Materials below.

*Three Extended Episodes: Exclusive to the DVD are scenes too steamy for TV.

*Fan Roundtable: favorite “Grey’s Anatomy” actors answer fans’ most burning questions.

*Audio Commentaries

*Deleted Scenes

*And Much More

Rating: 5 / 5

I absolutely LOVE this show. Season 2 was amazing!! I can’t wait until the DVD comes out this Fall. The chemistry between Meredith and Derrick is heartwrenching….so good. The writing, directing, and choice of music are right on target, all the time. I love all the characters. Loved the season finale…..so glad I taped it since I have to wait til September for the DVD to come out!! Anyway, if you aren’t watching this show, you’re missing out.
Rating: 5 / 5

As I pulled the last episode of Season 2 from my DVD player, I found myself wondering exactly where one might find such a hospital. With the lone exception of the charmingly irascible Dr. Bailey, every doctor who is on screen for more than 5 minutes has slept with a colleague, often a boss or subordinate.

Doctors chide and insult each other and parade their sexual escapades and love frustrations in front of their patients, occasionally as a patient keels over from lack of attention. If you think these doctors are busy, my Lord . . . can you imagine the workload in the legal department? (There’s got to be another whole drama concept sitting there ripe for the picking.)

After a season and a half of this, why was I still surprised when the comely intern Izzie climbed into bed alongside a patient and giggled as he talked about groping her? Sure, she knows her supervisor would disapprove. But, hey . . . what self-respecting intern could be expected to subordinate their own needs and desires to professional ethics? Can you believe those ponderous old bureaucrats who still preach such quaint notions to people as important as DOCTORS? And Alex, that hunky little pack of randy medical manliness . . . why should anyone of his elevated sense of self-serving ethics have to obey orders not to spout off condescending insults to patients? The truth shall make you free. His truth, anyway.

These aren’t just interns. They are hip TV interns. And this isn’t just a hospital. It’s home to these hipsters. And it’s an anything-goes type of home where an orthopedic doctor lives in a basement storeroom, just because she wants to. Its beds, lockerrooms, hallways, operating rooms, and elevators just seem built for chance encounters, sexual imbroglios, heated interchanges, embarassing standoffs, and kissing and making up.

Actually, the show is great fun. I’ve watched the first two seasons in the span of a couple of weeks. And watching Sandra Oh is worth the price of passage, even if the ticket also subjects you to the faux fragility of a frequently and annoyingly tongue-tied Ellen Pompeo. But take it for the piece of soap opera froth it is. And never, never mistake it for anything even remotely approximating real doctors in a real hospital.
Rating: 3 / 5

I cannot get over season two of Grey’s anatomy!! seriously I am hooked i have been watching the dvd over and over again. The plot twists are always entertaining. there’s always some drama going on at seattle grace and then theres the mc dreamy addison meredith love triangle. At first you think he should so choose meredith but as things progress we see that addison is not so bad a person and who should he choose?? The season finale is wicked really wicked because now i jus wanna know what will happen next?? I cant wait for S3 to start airing seriously I am counting down and ticking off the days on my calendar. Sad u think? well buy this DVD and you’ll see what it does to you. Greys anatomy is AWESOME!!! *****
Rating: 5 / 5

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