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Grumpy Old Men / Grumpier Old Men

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 30-09-2010


The wit hits the fan as legendary screen odd couple Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau play Minnesota ice-fishing pals whose crusty friendship grows hilariously icier as the Grumpy Old Men vie for an attractive widow (Ann-Margret). Also in the cast are Daryl Hannah, Kevin Pollak, Ossie Davis and an outrageously randy Burgess Meredith. The two grab their rods to reel in another comic whopper in Grumpier Old Men. Most of the original cast returns, and Sophia Loren plays the vivac… More >>

Grumpy Old Men / Grumpier Old Men

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Watch and Download Grumpy Old Men / Grumpier Old Men

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Grumpy men (1993) - imdb, Directed donald petrie. jack lemmon, walter matthau, ann-margret, burgess meredith. lifelong feud neighbors childhood worse . http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107050/ Grumpy & grumpier men bloopers - youtube, Jack lemmon, walter matthau, burgess meredith . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xltk859iHcE Grumpier men (1995) - imdb, John max resolve save beloved bait shop turning italian restaurant, female owner catches max' attention.. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113228/

Comments (5)

Ok, now I’m officially disgruntled. This is the THIRD time these movies have been released on DVD. This is also the THIRD time Warner couldn’t see fit to release these in their original aspect ratio (a.k.a. WIDESCREEN). This really is unbelievable. My eyes lit up when I saw the listing with the new cover art and the words “pre-order”. So here I am thinking that maybe…..just maybe they finally got it right. Third time’s a charm, right? WRONG! You know with the first film, Warner saw fit to release the widescreen edition on Blu-Ray, and yet the DVD format gets three releases, and all of them “modified to fit your TV”. Shame on Warner for doing this to fans of the films. It really is a huge disappointment. As much as I LOVE these movies, and as much as I’d love to have them sit atop my DVD shelf, I refuse to purchase them in this manner. To drop the ball 3 consecutive times on the same 2 movies is just uncalled for.
Rating: 1 / 5

I owned both of these movies on Laserdisc, long, long ago. And until this Blu Ray was released, that was the only way to see these funny movies in a WIDESCREEN transfer! I was very excited to get this Blu Ray in the mail a few days ago! The transfers look awesome! Very clean, and sharp, and, at LAST, in 16×9 WIDESCREEN.

I do agree with the reviews that I’ve read, stating most people are kind of upset about being able to own BOTH films for the same price, or less than, the cost paid for Grumpy Old Men on Blu Ray. I too bought the Grumpy Old Men Blu Ray, back in December. I paid $17.99 here on Amazon for it. Then a few weeks later I saw the listing, thanks to High Def Digest ([…]) and was bummed to think I bought 1 film for 17.99, when the pre-list price for BOTH was 17.99! But oh well! I am just EXTREMELY happy to see both of these great films on Blu Ray!

Now I am hoping that FOX will release Out To Sea on Blu Ray! Walter and Jack were the greatest duo in the past 30 years, and are always a joy to watch!!!

Sure this disc is missing the trailers, and there are NO special features. But, if you like the movies, BUY this Blu Ray! You will NOT be disappointed!!!
Rating: 5 / 5

I was really looking forward to the double feature blu-ray Grumpy/Grumpier package. I returned my first blu-ray copy to Amazon and got an exchange.

Then the second copy had the same audio issue:

the audio on the Grumpy title would only play in French and Spanish, not English.

The Grumpier title had no problem.

So I decided to search the web for any other comments about this. Ah, there was someone else out there. I do have a DTS receiver, but for whatever reason, and I am no rocket scientist, I had to reset my audio out feature on blu ray player to PCM? I don’t know. Somehow I managed, and it worked. Since the Grumpy feature is only a 2.0 DTS. while the foreign language was Dolby Digital. Since the track was only 2.0 why did they have to make it DTS? In my opinion the manufacture %#@!ed up on this.

Would love to hear feedback if anyone knows the science. I am so much grumpier since I purchased this disc. But I loved these movies.
Rating: 3 / 5

Although Warner already released Grumpy Old Men on Blu-ray last year and now are technically re-releasing it again, I am pleased that the underrated sequel, Grumpier Old Men finally received a proper widescreen transfer versus the full frame video the DVD versions have had.

The Blu-ray itself, for both films, look as good as they probably can and the audio (both sport DTS-HD Master Audio, with Grumpy has 2.0 channels and Grumpier has 5.1) for both are better than acceptable. Also, both films are on one disc but given there are no features, a 50GB Blu-ray disc easily handles them both.

If you’re a fan like I am for both of these films, Warner has set a respectable SRP ($24.98 at the time of this writing) so it very well may reach the $10 mark in the not too distant future. For those who don’t appreciate Warner doing this, I understand, but if you can get it on the cheap, then just think of it as getting this sequel and ignore the original (if you already own the stand alone Blu-ray).

Personally, I think it’s worth it to get the widescreen transfer at long last…
Rating: 4 / 5

Product recieved had no sound on the second side. Amaxon immediatley replaced the product with a good one. Good by Best Buy hello Amazon!
Rating: 5 / 5

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