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Hot Fuzz

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 18-04-2011


Product Description
Here comes the fuzz…with more action and comedy than ever before! This definitive Hot Fuzz Ultimate Edition features non-stop entertainment that delivers heart-pounding thrills and outrageous laughs from the guys that created Shaun of the Dead!Amazon.com
In Shaun of the Dead, it was the zombie movie and the anomie of modern life. In Hot Fuzz, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg set their sights on the buddy cop blockbuster and the eccentric English village. The … More >>

Hot Fuzz

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Hot fuzz interactive screenplay, This page requires flash player version 10.3.0 or higher.. Hot fuzz — wikipé, Pour plus de détails, voir fiche technique et distribution hot fuzz (ou super flic au québec) est un film britannico - franco - américain d’ edgar wright , sorti. Hot fuzz - wikipedia, Hot fuzz è un film del 2007 diretto da edgar wright. il film è il secondo della trilogia del cornetto, iniziata nel 2004 con l'alba dei morti dementi e conclusasi.

Hot fuzz official trailer #1 - (2007) hd - youtube, This feature . .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayTnvVpj9t4 Hot fuzz | netflix, A top london assigned investigate seemingly sleepy town, suddenly starts stir series grisly "accidents." watch trailers & learn .. https://www.netflix.com/title/70056431 Hot fuzz (2007) - box office mojo, Hot fuzz summary box office results, charts release information related links.. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=hotfuzz.htm

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We are very nearly through the first half of 2007 and I’m happy to report that HOT FUZZ is easily the funniest movie that I have seen so far this year. I loved Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s previous film, SHAUN OF THE DEAD, and am delighted to report that this is every bit as funny at that one, if not funnier.

The film concerns a highly decorated London police officer who is so good at his job that he is shunted off to an assignment in the country because he is so good he makes the rest of the force look bad. Sanford would seem to be an impossibly idyllic place, winner several times of the top village in England award. But it is a town that houses mysteries, which our hero Nick Angel gradually uncovers. Most of the film should be predictable, but it is a credit to Wright and Pegg that it isn’t. Even the big ending, the week point in most such movies, is a delight. Despite a lot of action and special effects and explosions it is never taken over by them. It remains fresh and surprising to the very end. Although the plot is surprisingly interesting for a comic romp, this would be a fun film without it. The gags are consistently brilliant throughout and every one is executed marvelously. This is a much slicker film than SHAUN OF THE DEAD was, though that wasn’t in any way unpolished.

The cast is a large one and they manage to bring the village of Sandford to life in convincing fashion. Pegg is paired with Nick Frost, his costar in SHAUN OF THE DEAD. The cast is littered with well-known actors such as Jim Broadbent, Timothy Dalton, Edward Woodward, Billie Whitelaw, Bill Nighy, Stephen Merchant, and Martin Freeman as well as a rich and varied cast of lesser-known performers. The great thing about this is that the actors really enhance the film. What I mean is that the success of SHAUN OF THE DEAD meant that they could hire a cast of better-known performers. Sometimes this can lead to a decline in the quality of projects (watch Robert Rodriguez’s EL MARIACHI and DESPERADO back to back and you’ll see how a no name cast can free up a director while a big name cast can inhibit one), but that absolutely didn’t happen here.

The film is littered with in jokes and cultural references. There are also a number of references to SHAUN OF THE DEAD, but it isn’t important to get any of these to enjoy the movie. There are also, according to Edgar Wright, a couple of nice cameos, though we have to take his word for it since neither is recognizable. The crazed Santa that stabs Angel near the beginning of the film is, says Wright, Peter Jackson, while his ex-girlfriend Jeanine is Cate Blanchett. Again, we have to take his word for it because her entire scene is played with a surgical mask over her face so that all we see are a pair of eyes that do indeed look like they could belong to Cate Blanchett.

As anyone can tell, I loved this movie. I enthusiastically recommend it to anyone.
Rating: 5 / 5

This set gives us what was in the Brit package.

Disc One

Commentary with Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright

Commentary with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jim Broadbent, Rafe Spall, Kevin Eldon & Olivia Colman

Commentary with Kenneth Cranham, Timothy Dalton, Paul Freeman & Edward Woodward

Commentary with The Real Fuzz – Any Leafe & Nick Eckland

Commentary with Edgar Wright & Guest



Fuzz-O-Meter (Trivia Track)

Inadmissible: Deleted Scenes


Danny’s Notebook

Hot Funk

Theatrical Trailer

UK TV Spot 1

UK TV Spot 2

Director’s Cut Trailer

Disc Two

We Made Hot Fuzz

Art Department

Friends & Family

Cranks, Cranes & Controlled Chaos

Here Come the Fuzz

Return to Sandford

Edgar & Simon’s Flip Chart

Simon Muggs

Sergeant Fisher’s Perfect Sunday

Plot Holes

Special Effects: Before & After

Video Blogs

Poster Gallery

Photo Gallery

AM Blam: Making ‘Dead Right’

Dead Right (1993)

Edgar Wright Director’s Commentary on Dead Right

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Commentary on Dead Right

Disc Three

The Extended Fuzzball Rally

Video Blogs
Rating: 5 / 5

This movie is hilarious – a real satire on the whole Bad Boys/ Point Break Comedy action movies. Lots of references to other movies which makes it a fun watch.

It is a tight script, but is enhanced by superb camera work and sound track which brings the whole thing to life. Enhanced sounds make every action dramatic – but the subject is so laughably small that is really stands out.

This is Constable Nicholas Angel, top cop at the Met (London) who is moved out because his arrest rate is 400% more than anyone elses and he is making them all look bad. So he ends up in a tiny village in Gloucester (Sandford) which ahs won best village of the year for many years running. But all is not well in the village, luckily the neighbourhood watch are there keeping an eye on things – meaning Nicholas angel has time to follow up on missing swans in the neighbourhood.

Unfortunately there are a series of murders which the police force there are calling ‘accidents’ – Angel sees different and tries to investigate only to come up against brick walls. His research reveals a stunningly complicated link between all of them which makes sense – but when he confronts them – the reason is much more banal and it sets up a shoot-it-out, chase-em-down final scene. References to Point Break, every western you have ever watched, and even Matrix movies.

It is hard to describe this movie except to say this is as unique as Guy Ritchies Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is – but in different ways. This is a laugh from start to finish. I will never be able to drinnk decaffinated coffee again without laughing.

Truly brilliant, hilarious, comic-action fun!

The extras are pretty good – I liked the subtitled choice which meant you could watch the movie and get an idea of the references – including the police references in this (including the fact that Sandford is a fictional village used by the British police for all their role-playing and tests) There are outakes, but I didn’t think much of them – they seemed banal by comparison. Story baords and much more

This is full of all the cream of British film – Great oily turn by ex-James Bond, Timothy Dalton as the Supermarket owner. Jim Broadbent is superb too.

A top watch.

Rating: 5 / 5

Home theater enthusiasts this could be your reference disc for sound. I own about 40 hd dvds now and going by memory this is the best sounding one yet. The 5.1 Dolby digital plus ex sound gives all speakers a thorough workout and has your sub delivering tight bass for the majority of the movie. Your receiver need not be turned up during dialogue that is also spot on and delivers crisp sound from the center channel.

As for the movie itself, director Edgar Wright re teams with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost along with a host of other actors from his earlier film Shaun of The Dead. Hot Fuzz like Shaun pays homage to a genre of films, in this case the action film as opposed to horror. However there are kills in Hot Fuzz that could rival most horror movies. Homage is payed to the action genre, yet Hot Fuzz still creates a totally unique and creative spin all on it’s own. I like Shaun of the dead very much and I found Hot Fuzz to be more creative as there are plenty of plot twists and turns. It is not a spoof at all and Edgar Wright takes his material seriously. I would also mention Hot Fuzz is a great deal better than the action films it pays homage to. Toss in a ton of laughs and this is one entertaining movie.

The picture quality was also dead on, i mention the sound quality so much because it was so amazing.

Hot Fuzz is already ranked on the internet movie database’s top 250 films at number 140 currently. It is also one of the highest reviewed films of the year earning a tomatometer of 90% out of 173 critic reviews.

Thanks for reading, share any thoughts.

Hd-Dvd Bonus Features


-Deleted scenes with filmmaker commentary

-The man who woudl be fuzz – Simon Pegg and Nick Frost act out a hilarious Hot Fuzz scene as Sean Connery and Michael Caine!

-Fuzz-O-Meter Select this feature and the trivia meter will run as you watch the film

-The fuzzball rally- U.S. tour piece-John Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright on their outrageous nationwide press tour

-And Many more hilarious features
Rating: 5 / 5

British comedies remain an ilk of their own – smart, sassy, full of quips rendered so quickly that many are lost in the ether that propels the plot, and characters who often are such finely-honed parodies that they make us laugh at ourselves. HOT FUZZ is a fine example and it is a film brimming with a cast of some of England’s finest talent who seem to be having as much fun as the viewing audience.

Sgt. Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is one of London’s finest new policemen, expecting a smart career in the big city, but instead is transferred by jealous superiors (including Bill Nighy) to a little village where his rigorous training seems wasted on the sleepy town. After a first night’s arrest of youthful pubsters and an inebriate driver, he reports to duty to discover the that his first ‘arrest’ is to be his partner PC Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) who just happens to be the slow son of the chief, Inspector Butterman (Jim Broadbent). The staff at the police station resembles a vaudeville team played by such fine actors as Paddy Considine, Rafe Spall, Timothy Dalton etc, not exactly what Angel had in mind as a career advancing opportunity. But soon enough the threads of evil that are beneath the silly facade of the village begin to unravel and what follows is a hilarious, almost Keystone Cop attack on the loonies in this take off of an Agatha Christie plot that curdled.

And that only touches the surface of this witty little farce: the innuendoes pop up out of every situation, giving the astute viewer quiet chuckles throughout the film. Hidden from obvious view are little vignettes by such luminaries as Cate Blanchett, Steve Coogan, and Peter Jackson! Director Edgar Wright, who wrote the script with Simon Pegg, knows his way around the genre and the result is an hysterically funny evening’s entertainment. Grady Harp, March 08
Rating: 4 / 5

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