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IMAX: Fighter Pilot- Operation Red Flag

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 26-09-2010


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A state-of-the-art, edge-of-your-seat experience! Get in the cockpit with the world’s best pilots to witness the most challenging flying of their careers! Follow a young American pilot as he makes his way through Red Flag – the world’s most intense, simulated air war, training event – where U.S. and international pilots, ground crews, mechanics and rescue personnel are taken to the limits of their endurance. Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag delivers speeds of up to 8… More >>

IMAX: Fighter Pilot- Operation Red Flag

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Comments (5)

I know this world well–flew from Nellis for 3 years against all of these aircraft, targets, and all through this airspace. Overall, I think this documentary does what they set out to do, and I think it tells a good, but overly spectacular story of Red Flag.

There is no doubt that this film is filled with CGI aircraft effects, rigged explosions, questionable flying tactics, and conversation/terminology that you just don’t hear in a real training battle. I thought I would offer up the “why.” Much like Top Gun, movie producers quickly learned that the “real thing” doesn’t make for very engaging movie material. The real thing includes spread out formations, intense radar work, and shooting long range missiles from 30,000 feet, often without ever seeing the bandit with your own eyeballs. None of this shows too well on the big screen, so they have to “juice it up” by bringing all of the aircraft together into the same video frame, move the fight down to treetop level to convey the speed, and throw in a bunch of aileron rolls because they look cool (even though they don’t make the guy behind you spit out in front of you). The CGI fills in the gaps where the AF wouldn’t fly the requested maneuvers due to safety reasons.

As for the rigged explosions, there are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that the directors/producers wanted a “from the target” view of the bombs and bullets hitting, which I must say came out really cool. To film that actual aircraft’s ordnance hitting the target would have meant losing their camera and the film in the course of the explosion. The other thing is that the rigged explosings can be crafted to be especially “fiery” whereas real world bombs look like gray, soot-filled explosions and don’t cut the mustard for the Hollywood types.

The last thing that really varies from the real battle is the communications between pilots. To put it simply, it they were to use real terminology, only other military pilots that knew the lingo would be able to follow the action. The target audience would be totally lost. So they toss in some of the lingo, and then typically have the pilot “explain it” in english, all in the same radio call.

Does any of the above wreck the movie? Only if you’re really familiar with the way it really happens. My biggest complaint is that the CGI additions to the dogfight look fake. On the other hand, they look a lot better than they did in Air Force One, which I’m sure had a lot bigger special effects budget. For whatever reason, the CG folks just haven’t figured out tactical aviation yet, so I’d rather them just show me the real thing, even if it isn’t quite as spectacular.
Rating: 3 / 5

A lot of the reviews state poor acting, poor CGI graphics, etc. For anyone that has not seen this before, this is not a hollywood movie. This is an actual account of Operation Red Flag. No actors, no special computer animations, other than those used by the wonderful men and women of the Air Force for flight review, as demonstrated in the video. This is a true tribute to the men and women who put everything on the line so that we can whine about “poor CGI graphics” or “bad acting”. This movie was designed as an insight into the main function of Nellis AFB and into the lives of USAF aviators and ground crew members for people like me who can’t serve there country, but desparately want to. Enjoy the show for what it is.
Rating: 5 / 5

Saw this with my husband who’s a pilot, but I still learned a lot! 6 layers of forces for an all-out operation: AWACs, bombers, fighters, helicopters… forgot the other layers. Really impressed by the simulation of a search for a pilot shot down in enemy territory — they showed both sides searching for him, including the other side using a tracking dog. Secure VPNs were used to coordinate communications as well as other kinds of info tech. Some of the human interest stuff were good segues and lubricants. Testosterone-saturated though this show is, it is not at all jingoistic nor does it promote the military. It clarified how some of the military budget is spent, and is informative for people who want to know about a career as a fighter pilot.
Rating: 5 / 5

The IMAX film Fighter Pilot Operation Red Flag is a fun and educational film that takes you into the exilarating and dangerous world of today’s fighter pilots through the eyes of one of the best and brightest pilots anywhere in the world. The film first introduces you to a young pilot who is going through a very personal journey to compete with some of the best fighter pilots from all around the world and take part in what has been called one of the most dangerous exercises next to going into combat at a Nevada air base where pilots show their stuff in Operation Red Flag. The film’s cinematography puts the viewer right into the cockpit with the pilots to experience their world up close and personal and first hand where not everyone gets a chance to see. The documentary shows midair dogfights, a rescue to find a down pilot and bring him back from behind enemy lines and of course, the unsung heroes on the ground who without their support none of the pilots would ever get off the ground. There’s everything from firefighters, to ordinance specialists, and air traffic controllers monitoring the pilot’s every move while in the air. What I like most about Fighter Pilot is not just the human story behind it about a young pilot becoming part of a team and proving something to himself but also the action packed images of the firefighters and the PJ’s or Pararescue jumpers whose job it is to rescue pilots in distress and bring them home alive. The fighter pilot’s job is to destroy the enemy and the rescuers job is to save lives so other may live. If your a fan of Top Gun or the new film Stealth or you’re just curious about considering a career in the air force as a fighter pilot then Fighter Pilot Operation Red flag is a must see and a must own for any airplane or pilot fanatic.
Rating: 4 / 5

The film is an overdramaticized, horribly acted (by real military, so I’ll cut em a little slack) film that loses credibility due to visual-effects and sequential editing that are HORRENDOUS.

I never knew that when the pilot breaks left with the stick the jet spins to the right! Or that sometimes he can fly with all the instruments turned off (horrible cockpit cut scene).

Why on earth would you want to ad visual-effects (fake airplanes, fake explosions) onto an IMAX film that is supposed to bring the audience into the life and experience of a fighter pilot? It totally illegitimizes the experience.

The only part of the film I enjoyed was our hero’s inital takeoff towards Nellis. Absolutely stunning view and perspective with ZERO special effects. That is what I thought IMAX films were supposed to be all about.

If you want legitimate experiences of flying, I suggest “Speed and Angels” and “Magic of Flight”. Those show military aviation how they should be shown, with ZERO visual-effects that will blow you away.
Rating: 1 / 5

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