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Independence Day

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 20-04-2010


One of the biggest box office hits of all time delivers the ultimate encounter when mysterious and powerful aliens launch an all-out invasion against the human race. The spectacle begins when massive spaceships appear in Earth’s skies. But wonder turns to terror as the ships blast destructive beams of fire down on cities all over the planet. Now the world’s only hope lies with a determinded band of survivors, uniting for one last strike against the invaders – before it’s th… More >>

Independence Day

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Watch and Download Independence Day

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I have to say that I’m a big fan of this film, and I already own the DVD. Most of those wanting to buy this film on Bluray are those who have already seen it and liked it, so I won’t comment on the movie content itself, but rather the technical and supplemental aspects of this release.

I borrowed a friend’s copy of the BD version of ID4 just a few weeks ago, as I was contemplating whether to add this to my small but growing blu-ray collection. The picture and audio are superb, and watching this on my new LCD at 1080p with the lossless DTS-MA audio track really transported me back to the July of ’96, when I watched this on the big screen. This movie has certainly aged well these thirteen years, and the special effects are still terrific even today. While watching, I was pretty much set on adding this to my collection.

That is, until after I finished watching the movie and wanted to see the extras in HD.

The DVD version I have contains two discs and a lot of extras, including an alternate ending, making-of feature, trailers, and cast/crew interviews. Sadly, in this BD release there are none, not even in standard definition. The only “extra” is a commentary track, which, as an another reviewer already pointed out, is laughably outdated. At $25, I would expect more than just a movie and nothing else.

The Dark Knight BD had two discs plus a digital copy for the same price- that was justifiable, even in this economy. This… isn’t.

FOX is notorious for double-dipping their DVD and Blu-ray releases. I would imagine that a two-disc or dual-layered “special edition” version will come out over the next year or so.

Needless to say, this BD release is quite a disappointment.
Rating: 1 / 5

This is one of my most favorite movies!! It is hard to pick which is better the cast, special effects or writing. The special effects go without saying – superb. The timing on some of the events like the synchronized takedown of the different cities could not have been done better. I can’t say enough nice things about the cast. Will Smith was funny at times and yet still the tragic hero. Randy Quaid was priceless! Jeff Goldblum was more likeable in this movie than I have ever seen him in the past. I also thought Robert Loggia and Bill Pullman were well chosen. While the script was similar to movies done in the past, there was a new spin on it. I particularly liked the scene when Bill Pullman gave his speech prior to fighting the enemy. Some borrowed history from a Dylan Thomas’ poem was genius.

Rating: 5 / 5

I bought this movie because Fox seems to put out excellent DVD’s. The Abyss, Fight Club, Aliens – all great Special Editions with extras. The same is true of Independence Day. Disc 1 has the theatrical version as well as the Special Edition. Disc 2 is just full of Extra Features. Documentaries & Behind the Scenes Footage are all over the place. There is also an alternate ending. I’m sure most people have seen the movie – but just in case here’s the quick lowdown. Alien battleships strategically position themselves around the world. They eventually attack earth & of course USA leads the world in a counter-attack. Great Special Effects & CGI throughout the movie. Great performances by Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Will Smith, Randy Quaid, Robert Loggia, Judd Hirsch and many more.

This is one of those DVD’s that is actually worth buying. Movie gets a 4 – DVD deserves a 5. Way to go again Fox!
Rating: 4 / 5

Just a quick review for everyone looking at the Blu-ray edition of Independence Day. While the picture and sound are fantastic, this disc does NOT include the extended edition, nor does it include the alternate ending. It does have commentary, but it’s OLD commentary from a previous edition. (It references things like, “gee – this looks different on video due to 30 frames per second” which is completely irrelevant at 24fps 1080p HD.) Wait for the double-dip that’s sure to follow eventually. In the meantime, hold on to your original ID4 special collectors edition DVD!
Rating: 3 / 5

Studios are finally getting the whole DVD thing! This is a truly worth-your-money deal with lots of extras including two versions of the film; the first version is the original theatrical release and the second version is a directors cut featuring about 9 minutes of added footage not released in theatres. What’s really great about this is they list what new scenes have been included and some of them are really funny and some of them make the story a lot more heartfelt. Also included is a second disc that includes a really cool mockumentary called “The ID4 Invasion” which is truly a priceless gem in this great collection. Also, there is commentary, lots of interviews with cast and crew, a special effects documentary on the making of the film and the original biplane ending which unfortunately looks really hokey and what I felt after watching it was-THANK GOD THEY DIDN’T GO WITH THAT ENDING-THAT ENDING WOULD’VE MADE THIS MOVIE A “REAL” DISASTER! For a product like this under $30 it is totally worth your money. For those who appreciated this movie as a special effects funfest, this DVD is not one to be passed up. For those of you boring types who felt this movie needed a “serious acting edge” buy Out of Africa and leave science fiction alone! Cheers!
Rating: 5 / 5

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