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k.d. lang: Live in London With the BBC Concert Orchestra

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 20-09-2010


Product Description
The legendary voice as you’ve never heard her before! One of today’s most distinctive performers, k.d. lang, sings her enduring hits live with the BBC Concert Orchestra in this new concert, featuring state-of-the-art video and sound.

Featured Songs: Constant Craving, Upstream, I Dream of Spring, Helpless, Coming Home, Thread, Wash Me Clean, Western Stars, Pay Dirt, Jealous Dog, Sunday, Smoke Rings, Don’t Smoke in Bed, Once In A While, The Valley, Flame Of T… More >>

k.d. lang: Live in London With the BBC Concert Orchestra

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Watch and Download k.d. lang: Live in London With the BBC Concert Orchestra

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Ticketsinventory tickets : buy tickets concerts, Tickets concerts, sports, theatre online ticketsinventory.. http://www.ticketsinventory.com/ Most visited artists - bbc music, Get music love, visited artists. add tracks playlist, discover music bbc radio djs.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/music/artists/popular/viewed K. . lang - wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre, Biografí. tiene una extensa carrera musical varios discos sus espaldas. debutó en la écada de los '80 formando . lang reclines quienes grabó. https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/K._D._Lang

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DTS-HD master audio is spacious with tight, deep bass and plenty of air between the instruments. Gigantic sound stage, especially when string section joins in. Vocal recording is dry with incredible nuance. You could literally hear her whisper above the full band & orchestra. Demo disc quality. Video is a little soft compared to, say, a nature documentary, but is basically crystal clear. Performance features stunning vocals & a very talented band. You probably either hate or love KD Lang but even home theater enthusiasts who are not into her music should consider owning this disc. This is a new standard for blu-ray concerts.
Rating: 5 / 5

If you’re a KD Lang fan don’t hesitate to buy this disc. She is possibly the best singer I have ever heard. Every song is filled with feeling and her performance appears almost effortless. KD gets into character for each song, whether it’s a sad song like “wash me clean” or a upbeat song like “constant craving.” She’s just amazing. Her band is top notch and they use real instruments (with the exception of a keyboard that’s used sparingly). And the orchestra accompanies every song (it’s nice to hear real strings).

I wasn’t a big fan of KD’s Watershed album, but she plays a few songs from that album in this concert and I got to see them in a new light. There’s one track that they could have left out, “Paydirt,” since it doesn’t really match the feel of the rest of the concert. All of the other songs are great- and there’s a lot of them!

The DTS Master Audio is outstanding. The 16 bit/48khz 5.1 mix is almost perfect (I don’t know why they didn’t take full advantage of the DTS MA at 24bit/192khz). I think the volume level on KD’s voice slightly overpowers the instruments (yes, I know she’s the main event!), but the band, orchestra, and backup singers are mixed extremely well. Overall, the video quality is excellent. There are some shots where the video shakes a little, but it’s infrequent and lasts for only a few seconds.

To sum up, this concert is spectacular. I highly recommend it.
Rating: 5 / 5

Great Blu Ray !…an amazing voice, an extraordinary production…

Track listing :

1.- Upstream

2.- Helpless

3.- Thread

4.- Western Stars

5.- I dream of Spring

6.- Coming Home ( WOW…MY FAVORITE )

7.- Once in a while

8.- Wash me clean

9.- Sunday

10.- Smoke rings

11.- The Valley

12.- Hallelujah

13.- Flame of the uninspired

14.- Constant Craving (…a new version..)

15.- Close your eyes …( speachless )

16.- Don’t smoke in bed …(…intense, passional…)

17.- Pay dirty

18.- Jealous dog

19.- Je fais la planche

20.- Shadow and the frame


Rating: 5 / 5

What a great DVD! It was recorded in a quaint old

English church. You feel like you are right in front of

her. It is a small, intimate portrait of one of pop’s greatest

voices. Outstanding audio and visual effects.

The song list will leave you cast in her spell. Helpless and

Hallelujah are majestic. It is a perfect union

of song and performer. She is backed by the BBC Concert

Orchestra. She performs 21 songs which include

hits from her successful career. This is the best k.d. Lang

DVD on the market. It is truly a magical

listening and viewing pleasure.
Rating: 5 / 5

Very mellow, melodic and worth buying. The song “Hallelujah” is worth the purchase alone.
Rating: 5 / 5

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