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Leverage: The Complete Second Season

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 31-05-2010


Leverage is a slick and crafty drama following a team of thieves, hackers and con artists who act as modern-day Robin Hoods, standing up for the little guy who has been victimized by the rich and powerful. In this riveting and timely second season, the team takes on corrupt bankers, high fashion, the tabloid media and, most shockingly, an old nemesis from their past!… More >>

Leverage: The Complete Second Season

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Watch and Download Leverage: The Complete Second Season

Leverage: complete season - dvd review - tnt, Season two of leverage is more of the same: great provoking heists wherein the little guy is avenged and the big, bad, greedy guy gets the snot kicked out of him in. Leverage complete dvd | ebay, See more like this timothy hutton, gina bellman-leverage: complete season 2 (uk import) dvd new. from united kingdom; leverage: complete season 4 - dvd region 2.. We provide leverage!, Welcome to leveragefans.com, the moment you have been waiting for is finally here. the complete 5th season of leverage will be available on dvd on september.

'leverage': complete season dvd, The season hit tnt series leverage starring timothy hutton gina bellman released dvd. 4-disc set run-time . http://www.buddytv.com/articles/leverage/leverage-the-complete-second-s-37034.aspx Leverage (tv series) - wikipedia, She demonstrates flair nate' work ends helping team complete season 1 recorded -season finale leverage . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leverage_(TV_series) Leverage - season 2 | 97368956049 | dvd | barnes & noble®, Available : dvd. 2nd season tnt' leverage continues follow group reformed professional -artists agreed . https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dvd-leverage-season-2/19258276

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After the success of their freshman season, the gang from Leverage: The First Season are back and have relocated to Beantown to right the wrongs committed against regular people who have nowhere else to turn. They have all found that after doing good deeds, crime just isn’t what it used to be. Whether it’s tangling with the Irish mob, dealing with a shady boxing promoter, returning a corrupt investment banker’s ill gotten gains, or ensuring that an inheritance goes to the rightful heir, all exhibit the savvy wit and quirkiness that has become the Leverage signature.

Thank goodness for TNT – which produces some of the best dramas on television. With plenty of nail biting action, humor, great music soundtrack, and ripped from the headline stories, the momentum just keeps building. And the chemistry among the cast is first rate, seamlessly adding Jeri Ryan to the cast late in the season when Gina Bellman (Sophie) took a hiatus due to her pregnancy. One of my favorite scenes is in the first episode when hacker Hardison introduces himself and Parker as detectives Costigan and Costello – an homage to the outstanding film The Departed (Widescreen Edition). My only gripe? The seasons are much too short.

Rating: 5 / 5

This season not only boasts great one-liners from the actors and the writers, but also phenomenal guest appearances and acting that is better than it was before. They’ve worked out some of the finer issues that people had with the Season One set (like closed captioning in English) and the deleted scenes are sure to be a hoot if the actual aired episodes are any indication.

If you’re looking for plot, then this is definitely a show to watch. Each one of these episodes is a “mini-movie” (according to show writer John Rogers) but there’s also the major story arcs that flesh out each con. Sure, there’s the formula that the episodes follow, but the majority of the time I have to squint to see it because I get so caught up with the brilliant acting and writing. With this show, it’s so easy to forget that these are actors and the characters aren’t real.

They handled Gina Bellman’s pregnancy flawlessly (in the first viewing of the episodes where she’s pregnant, I didn’t notice the baby bump) and the temporary addition of Jeri Ryan was perfect. That’s not to mention the episode sporting Wil Wheaton as a hacker.
Rating: 5 / 5

This is such a great show! I actually care about what happens to the characters. It is the perfect blend of suspense, action adventure, romance, and humor. If you like White Collar, you’ll like this show. Think of it as Mission Impossible(the classic tv show) meets Monk, meets Ocean’s Eleven.
Rating: 5 / 5

I truly enjoy this series…… It reminds me of the old Mission Impossible TV series….. I love the characters, they are an eclectic group of individuals that work well together and share a bond that you dont see in most TV programs. They have/show compassion with each other and with their clients.

I will be so glad when the new season starts up, and I am super glad that Sohpie is back!!!
Rating: 5 / 5

I have seen reviewers compare this show to the caper shows of the late sixties and seventies, and caper would definitely be the way to describe the basic premise, but this show is so much more. It is smart, sophisticated, fast-paced and at times very funny. It is GREAT entertainment, pure and simple. The cast is first-rate, they work together flawlessly, and they all seem to have a natural affinity for their characters’ skills.

The writing is impeccable, obviously well researched, and some of the best on television today. Amidst a plethora of ridiculous and downright repulsive “reality” shows, Leverage is a real breath of fresh air. May it go on for many seasons to come. I will buy them all! Thank you, TNT!
Rating: 5 / 5

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