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Lost: The Complete Collection

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 07-05-2010


Product Description
Watch the entire epic story of Lost – the series that redefined television – from its phenomenal opening scene to its magnificent final moment. Uncover the secrets of what caused Oceanic 815 to crash, what ultimately drew the passengers together, and relive their incredible journey as they battle to rewrite their own fate. Experience a landmark in the history of entertainment with Lost: The Complete Collection, featuring every episode of all six seasons and incl… More >>

Lost: The Complete Collection

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Watch and Download Lost: The Complete Collection

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Contrary to some confused reviewers, all six seasons will be included in this collection. Since the newest season is not yet complete, they can not list a synopsis in the product description. That being said, Lost is the most original and creative television series of all time, and I’m sure this collection will be bursting with easter eggs and plenty of behind the scenes info for die hard fans. I love Lost!!
Rating: 5 / 5

A lot of people are going to debate back and forth about this finale, the final year and whether or not it turns this elaborate performance piece into a show worth it’s place in the history of great storytelling or a complete waste of time. Were enough questions answered? Did we find out everything we need to know? Why was Walt so important? Where did the Dharma pallets keep coming from? Who was Libbie’s husband and how did he die? Why was she in the mental institution?

Who cares?

Although the mysteries were tantalizing, Lost wasn’t merely a show about devises and red herrings. It was about people. The Variables. How they affect us and how they change everything that we thought our life should be. It was about destiny and free will and how the two are not exclusive. It’s about how a world is only worth saving if there is love within it. Though the story is told through Jack Shephard’s rise, fall and redemption, it is truly a tale of community. And it is only with that community that we are really able to transcend ourselves too an enlightenment none of us could ever know alone. It is only with each other that Jack and Locke become one full man. With each other Sawyer and Juliet are able to lower their armor. Hurley and Ben protect the island. Claire and Kate raise Aaron.

The characters and their enlightenment was the focus of the writers, actors and all involved. That is what made Lost great. That is what made the mysteries so compelling. And that Is why i will often revisit this show. It was a gift.
Rating: 5 / 5

LOST has been an amazing ride. Never has a show sucked me in quite like Lost. From the opening episode I knew I was hooked and I never looked back. It has the best writers on the planet and they constantly keep you on your toes as you fall in love with this strange world. I can’t even start to explain the amount of depth that this show is made up of. Every episode is important as it adds something new to the mythos of the series and to the characters themselves. At its core Lost is all about it’s characters. Seldom does the plot get more spotlight then the characters themselves. This leads to some amazing characters that feel like real life human beings instead of fictional creations. They are all given a fair share of the spotlight through flashbacks that tell their story before the island.

Lost was never a show afraid to take risks. None of the characters were ever safe and Lost took no prisoners as main cast members meet the grave with some regularity throughout the series. It also never became stale as the actual narration theme changed every season which kept the series fresh and new every week. I won’t elaborate on how the theme changed, but let’s just say that every season had a unique focus. The actors all should recieve alot of praise as there is never a moment where they fail to utterly shock you with their brillance. After all the writting would be nothing without great actors to bring these characters to life, and bring them to life they did.

LOST was not always perfect though. No series is as season five was a rare point where the characters were thrust into the background as the plot itself set the pace. Lost was always best when it told its story through it’s characters. The rest of the series is amazing though. Even season five where it is disappointing it still finds ways to impress you with some stellar episodes mixed in.

Lost constantly referanced previous episodes, which I loved. You felt really rewarded for seeing a connection that your family or friends didn’t recognize. Also there are alot of literary refereances throughout the series along with philosophy, mythology and history. It really has a deep framework that it built its story on.

The main arguement to the series is the most interesting part of the show. The old science vs religion is a major theme to the series. The main character Jack is a man of science. While another character Locke is a man of faith that believes everything happens for a reason. Seeing these two men argue both points throughout the series is always top notch entertainment. All of the characters evolve greatly from the person they were in the pilot to who they are in the end, but these two have the greatest arcs as both men change to understand eachothers point in different ways.

Now without giving anything away the series finale was brillant. Never has a finale finished off a series so perfectly. Yes some of the answers are left to ponder, but that is one thing that makes Lost great. You have to use your brain in order to figure out some of the lesser mysteries, but I assure you there are clues to be found to figure them out. We simply haven’t noticed them yet. Lost is a series that has a lot of replay value as you constantly catch pieces of the puzzle that you missed before, and with plots and characters this detailed you won’t mind rewatching the series for decades to come.

If you’ve never seen the series or are just buying it to relive the greatest series of all time I highly recommend the series to fans of serialized dramas. I envy all of you new comers to Lost as you are at the beginning of the adventure. I wish I could relive it for the first time again as it is sorely missed in my life. For the rest of us that have taken the journey already we have to use this set to remember and to let go.
Rating: 5 / 5

It’s a vast mass of mysteries, bizarre twists and supernatural occurrences — and it’s brilliant. “Lost: The Complete Series” has some bumps along its way (particularly in the second season), but it blossoms once it finds its footing, and starts working towards a brain-bending, epic clash between the forces of light and darkness. Think of it as “Swiss Family Robinson” by way of Stephen King.

A plane crashes on a remote tropical island, leaving a terrified band of survivors including a doctor named Jack (Matthew Fox), a spoiled brother and sister, a single dad and his strange son, an Iraqi ex-soldier, a Korean couple, chubby lottery winner, an escaped prisoner, a hostile con-man, a man cured of paralysis, and a junkie rocker.

Unfortunately, the island has countless perils that crop up as the survivors try to survive there, and strange people are hidden in its depths. What’s more, the island has a history that stretches back countless years — there are remnants of a powerful organization called Dharma, a collection of “Others” living in a luxurious modern village, a metal hatch with a button that MUST be pushed, and ancient statues and temples from ancient times.

The survivors do their best to keep alive and to fight back the Others, but they lose many of their number as they struggle to survive. And when a small band of them do escape the island, they find that they have somehow disrupted the island’s primal forces, and even the fabric of time itself. But even when they fight their way back to the island, they find that not all is as it should be. In an effort to set things right, they must take the ultimate risk… or the evil force imprisoned on the island will destroy them all.

Yes, it’s a weird show — “Lost” might make more sense if you’re drunk or stoned, because it can swing wildly from the downright surreal to the mundane. But in the midst of shallow sitcoms and endless reality TV, it’s refreshing to see a twisty-turny show like this one — religious symbolism, horror, science fiction, and a mythic storyline that stretches through the centuries.

The lush landscape is a contrast for such a dark storyline, although the writers do stumble occasionally (the first half of the second season is a total misfire). Adams never reveals everything, which keeps up the suspense, and he twines together dozens of mysteries — the island’s nature, its prior inhabitants, and its countless mysteries. Every time Adams unravels one puzzle, it just reveals a new one — and while he fails to answer all the mysteries (Walt and the animals!), the answers to the main ones are truly spellbinding.

And “Lost” is truly an ensemble show — every character gets to shine (including some we don’t care about), and flashbacks (and flash-forwards) reveal what makes them tick. Some like Jin, Sun and the haunted, smart-alecky Sawyer evolve into whole new people.

Matthew Fox is given a lot of attention, and he is a good actor… even though the self-righteous Jack eventually gets kind of annoying. Fortunately, there’s a brilliant supporting cast — Dominic Monaghan, Jorge Garcia (“Dude, that was a Jedi moment!”), Terry O’Quinn, Evangeline Lilly, the brilliant Naveen Andrews and Josh Holloway, Yunjin Kim, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Daniel Dae Kim. Michael Emerson is awesome as the creepy-eyed Other leader, as is Henry Ian Cusick as ex-soldier/monk Desmond.

“Lost” is a well-written, well-acted show that brings a bit of mystery back into prime-time television. Creepy, funny, romantic, tragic and sometimes just weird.
Rating: 5 / 5

then this is the one.

This is the best show I have ever seen. Each episode adds another twist that you never see coming – it really is unbelievable. I have watched faithfully since season one and am now the proud owner of all the seasons. I knew that they would come out with the complete series boxed one day and I wish I had waited for it.

Warning: The only real “con” that I would apply to the show is that it can become somewhat addictive at times. I have spent hours watching people on youtube talk about their Lost Theories and researching obscure facts on Lostepedia, DarkUFO or countless other Lost sites. When they started the Hanso stuff in season 2 I literally stayed online for a week trying to figure it all out.

Lost has everything –
Rating: 5 / 5

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