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Product DescriptionThis is the extraordinary story of Becca and Howie. Eight months ago, they had a picture-perfect life with their young son. Now, they are posing as normal in the wake of an enormous loss; blindly looking for footing in a sea of new emotions. This is the remarkably moving journey of...

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Product Description
Frank Zito is a deeply disturbed man, haunted by the traumas of unspeakable childhood abuse. And when these horrific memories begin to scream inside his mind, Frank prowls the seedy streets of New York City to stalk and slaughter innocent young women. Now Frank has begun a relationship with a beautiful photographer, yet his vile compulsions remain. These are the atrocities of a human monster. This is the story of a Maniac…. More >>


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When I think of Grind House films, Maniac is the first comes to mind. Maniac is a gory slasher, it’s about a serial killer collecting women’s scalps. Joe Spinell did a great acting job as the tormented killer. Caroline Munro plays a photographer, who winds up dating Mr. Spinell. I know this movie has been out before, but this 2-disc special edition looks to good to pass up. With this new release we got a glimpse of Mr. Robbi Maniac 2 that never got release. More updated interviews, and a lot more. Maniac is a hardcore 80’s classic not to be missed.
Rating: 5 / 5

this film,william lustig “maniac” was released just three years ago. the same features, same film, same length,same everything.just a re-issue for it’s 3oth year anniversary celebration. unless you have money to burn, a gift to give or your current edition is worn out, this print is really for those whom don’t own it yet.

why own the same thing twice? i already own the 2007 print from the same studio.

so i won’t be buying this because i don’t need it.

Rating: 5 / 5

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