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The Land Before Time

Product DescriptionA young brontosaurus is separated from his family and sets off to find the legendary Great Valley. Along the way he meets other young dinosaurs and toAmazon.comThis 1988 animated feature from Don Bluth (An American Tail) focuses on an orphaned young dinosaur, Littlefoot, who has to...

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Masterpiece Theatre – The Cazalets

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 20-05-2011


In the shadows of WWII, one family is blessed with privilege, prestige and unspeakable secrets. It’s 1937 and the storm clouds of World War II gather across Europe. Tensions also simmer beneath the seemingly charmed lives of the Cazalet family. While this grand family saga commences during an idyllic summer at the Cazalet’s Sussex country estate, the years that follow will see birth, death, marriage, adultery, dementia, intrigue, and war play significant roles. Accla… More >>

Masterpiece Theatre – The Cazalets

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