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Princess Kaiulani

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 16-09-2010


Product Description
Princess Kaiulani is a moving film that’s part romantic epic, part historical period piece. But mostly it’s a portrait of how a frightened young girl grew into an extraordinary woman. The film begins in 1889, when civil unrest unseated Hawaii’s royal family and the Hawaiian people began a struggle to maintain the… More >>

Princess Kaiulani

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I’m happy that someone did take the inspired action to make a movie about Hawai’i, that isn’t all about the sexy hula girls and mai tai’s. This movie has meat to it. The reason I say this is a must see movie for Hawaiians and Hawaiians at heart is that it makes you think. It makes you want to read and research your Hawaiian geneaology and Hawaiian history. The movie makes you to want to learn the TRUTH! As Hawaiians we must unite to move forward, we must educate our children like our ancestors did. We had a 90 percent literacy rate in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, our ancestors would be ashamed of us wasting our intelligence and not cultivating our youth to learn. I’m saying this to all people, educate your children!

The movie was very moving, a love story, with a beginning, middle and end. When we describe love, we tend to look at just the best parts and skip the ugly. Although the movie wasn’t completely factual, it was a good depiction of how the time was and the politics of the day. How can you summize a person’s life in 120 minutes? It’s just a brief moment in time that is covered. Some of the facts were missing in the story, she did die on the Big Island and maybe that should have been shown, but there was enough sadness that we all know and understand.

Rating: 5 / 5

There are so many wonderful things to say about the movie; its production; the period costumes; the actors…

What I appreciated most was hearing the Hawaiian language spoken so beautifully and seeing King Kalakaua portrayed onscreen. I was engaged and intrigued from the moment the movie started. I plan on watching it over and over and over again. When my daughter is old enough to understand the story, we will watch it together over and over and over again.

Don’t miss this documentation of American history that Americans seldom discuss.
Rating: 5 / 5

The DVD includes a documentary entitled “Ka`iulani: Crown Princess of Hawai`i”, which combines research, interviews with some of the film’s cultural advisors, clips from the film, and many rare historical photographs specially restored for this program, to tell the true story of Princess Ka`iulani. The documentary covers Princess Ka`iulani’s childhood, family, education in England, her brave fight to save the Monarchy of Hawai`i from overthrow by the U.S. government, her suitors, and her untimely passing. The documentary is intended as a factual, historical companion to the events dramatized in the film. It is a must-see.

The DVD also includes a featurette entitled “Princess Ka`iulani: Behind the Scenes”, which includes interviews with cast members and filmmakers that provides a fascinating insight into the making of this important film: The first to showcase the Hawaiian Monarchy and the language of Hawai`i. In addition to the production of the film, the featurette explores the music behind the film, the unprecedented opportunity to film inside `Iolani Palace, and the challenges of balancing history and drama while maintaining respect for the culture of Hawai`i.
Rating: 5 / 5

Aloha kakou!

I’m an amateur historian living in Hawai’i with an interest in the latter years of the Hawaiian Monarchy – and primarily the life of Princess Ka’iulani. I was so happy to hear about a film version of her life being made and in such a way that would bring dignity and insight into her life and times.

I’ve seen the film 3 times so far – I love it! This film did not have a huge budget to work with, but I think they did a wonderful job with the funds that they did have.

I also think the casting is excellent – Q’orianka Kilcher has a quiet dignity and humility that I think brings the Princess to life – and while not kanaka ma’oli (Native Hawaiian), she was brought up in Hawai’i early in her life, so she has some background here. She does an excellent job playing the young princess from about age 13 up to her early 20’s – showing her maturing thru hardship and the tragedy of the illegal Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The latter scenes in the film especially are powerful as they show her growing and becoming politically aware of the situation and doing what she can to stop the U.S. government from taking over her Kingdom.

The facts of the Overthrow are here in this film – are they all timeline correct and everything historically accurate to a “t”? No – but the big picture of the Overthrow is there and this film is meant to go to a wide audience and show what happened here and who these people were – it hopefully would give a “kick start” to someone who is truly interested into going farther into their research and reading about this turbulent and controversial part of Hawai’i’s history. We who live in Hawai’i sometimes forget that not everyone knows about the Overthrow and personages such as Queen Liliu’okalani, King Kalakaua and Princess Ka’iulani – this film gives them voices – I especially loved Leo Akana Anderson who played Queen Liliu’okalani – her portrayal is strong and dignified and she dominates every scene she is in.

The director could have had an “easy out” by just doing a documentary film on the Overthrow and Princess Ka’iulani’s life – it would have been shown on a few PBS station and watched by a minimal number of people – this film is meant to reach out to a wider audience and give them some insight into some things about Hawai’i that they might not otherwise have known – it is not a documentary, but a Hollywood film based on real life events – I think many people forget that part of it.

A wonderful film that brings the time of the Overthrow to life – as well as the personages that were the main “players” during that time – and in particular, the lovely determined young ali’i (royal) named Princess Ka’iulani….this film honors her name.
Rating: 5 / 5

I really enjoyed Princess Ka`iulani. I was lucky enough to see it at the premiere in Honolulu.

This movie is based on a true story of a real person. It is not a documentary, so not perfectly true to history, but tells the story in an interesting, compelling way. The images – both Hawaii and England – are beautiful, the scenery lush.

The acting is superb – Q’orianka Kilcher put in a stunning performance as the princess. She is so real, so believable, she made the role come to life for me. Barry Pepper as Thurston comes off as a villain and Will Patton as Dole is a peacemaker between both factions, the Queen and the landowners. Jimmy Yuill as the father of the Princess is so believable. He seems to truly want what is best for his daughter.

The banquet scene, where the Princess asks for the vote for the Hawaiian people, I found to be very powerful. Women didn’t even have the vote in the late 1800’s, yet this young woman was able to get the vote for her people. Amazing!

Princess Ka`iulani was a truly amazing person. This film gives us a glimpse of her life – and entertains us as well.

This film had only a limited run in theaters. It should be seen by more people and viewing it on DVD it could get a wider audience – it deserves a bigger audience!

I’ve ordered several copies, for myself and as gifts for family and friends.

Rating: 5 / 5

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