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Pumping Iron

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 20-08-2010


In 1977, an independent documentary movie shone a light on the world of bodybuilding, becoming a huge box office hit and creating an international sensation. It launched one man’s multi-million dollar career and changed the world of bodybuilding and physical exercise forever: PUMPING IRON. Starring five-time Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the movie followed the 28-year old bodybuilder as he competed for his 6th title.DVD Features:
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Pumping Iron

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Pumping iron - top documentary films, Arnold schwarzenegger gained his first real notoriety outside body-building circles with this documentary about a group of men training for the mr..

Pumping iron (1976) - rotten tomatoes, Pumping iron classic documentary sport body building arnold schwarzenegger competes title . olympia.. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/pumping_iron/ Pumping iron | netflix, Starring -time . olympia winner arnold schwarzenegger, film 28-year-' progress competes sixth title. watch trailers. https://www.netflix.com/title/60031683 Amazon.: pumping iron: arnold schwarzenegger, lou, Buy pumping iron: read 562 movies & tv reviews - amazon.. https://www.amazon.com/Pumping-Iron-Arnold-Schwarzenegger/dp/B00PGWI6QC/

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The 1970’s was definitely the halcyon days of international bodybuilding…two forward thinking brothers, Ben & Joe Weider, took a novelty sport, propelled it to stellar heights, built a publishing & business empire and gave the phrase “pumping iron” respectability and recognition worldwide. However, the Weider’s would never have been as successful, if it had not been for a brash, young, quick talking bodybuilder from Austria (with a super hero, chiselled physique ) named Arnold Schwarzenneger who was the “golden boy” of bodybuilding’s golden age.

This tremendous documentary primarily follows four elite bodybuilders in their lead up to the 1975 Mr Universe & Mr Olympia titles in Pretoria, South Africa. Mike Katz, Ken Waller, Lou “The Hulk” Ferrigno & Arnold Schwarzenneger are all shown training hard, posing down and attempting to psych each other out in the quest for the sport’s top prizes. Also featured in the film are some of the other key identities from bodybuilding in the 1970’s…Ed Corney, “The Black Prince” Robbie Robinson, Danny “The Giant Killer” Padilla, “The Sardinian Superman” Franco Colombu, Frenchman Serge Nubret & Frank Zane. George Butler’s intriguing film is based around the book of the same name by fitness author Charles Gaines, who also wrote the novel “Stay Hungry” that was filmed a year earlier to “Pumping Iron” with a young Schwarzenneger as bodybuiler, Joe Santos !

Butler’s probing camera focus’s very much on the psychological aspects of the sport and much of “Pumping Iron’s” running time is shown on the behind the scenes issues and mental preparation by the athletes and all important confidence boosting by their family and peers. Especially interesting is the intensely close relationship between ex-NYC cop Matty Ferrigno and his shy 24 year old son Lou, as the two ferociously train and methodically prepare to topple untouchable Arnold off his perch as the world’s number one bodybuilder. However, we soon see why Arnold achieved the heights of fame and numerous titles, as he psychologically dismantles his opponents confidence and rattles their faith with his laid back & unnerving comments on their physiques !

Although “Pumping Iron” looks a little dated (lots of flared pants and bad haircuts), it is easily the best documentary ever made on competitive bodybuilding and is still compulsive viewing for anyone genuinely interested in one of the oldest, and often most mis-understood sports on the planet !
Rating: 5 / 5

I just watched this DVD and can confirm that it is NOT edited. If you really want to see Arnold smoking, eating pastries and carrying girls on his shoulders, it is still here. More importantly, the movie itself looks great as are the extras. One great extra is the making of documentary including a “Pumping Iron” reunion and shots of Arnold’s bachelor pad from the 70s. Pretty funny.
Rating: 5 / 5

My husband is a big Arnold Fan. He started weight training after reviewing some Arnold’s earlier times. He really has fun in the video and shows you an all around good time around the gym. It makes yu really realize that your goals in life are not just around the corner but very easy to reach once you’ve given a little hard work. I’m still amazed when I see him in a new movie. At his age he still looks great! Plus, he has one of the best minds bussinesly speaking not to mention comically. We love him! I really wish they would bring back Pumping Iron to DVD since our VHS copy is really showing it’s age.
Rating: 5 / 5

I bought the Pumping Iron back in 1987 when I started bodybuilding at 16 years of age and from that time all the heros of that movie were an insperation and motivation in my life not only in bodybuilding. Arnold, Franco Columbo, Lou Veregno, Serge nubret, dany padilla, mike katz, robby robinson, Ed Corney, Ken Waller and every body that appeared in that movie were my heros until know I still cry when I see this movie, bodybuilding was at it’s best and all bodybuilders were artists too not like the todays budybuilders and Judges, the only thing that matters to them is size and they forgot the buity of the sport of bodybuilding. THIS VIDEO IS A MUST FOR EVERY BODYBUILDER AND EVERY ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER FAN OR ANYONE LOKING FOR INSPARATION IN ANY SPORT OR IN HIS LIFE. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THIS MOVIE IN DVD.
Rating: 5 / 5

Its really amazing seeing Pumping Iron again after so many years and seeing again why Arnold was my idol when I was a teen and getting into weight lifting. I used to anxiously await the arrival of the next issue of Joe Weider’s Muscle magazine in the local health food store so I could be inspired by the awesome force that was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then Pumping Iron came out, and I couldn’t believe it! Actually seeing him on the screen…this dude was awesome…immense,beautiful, sculpted, so much charisma he didn’t even seem human and even better, the confidence, the master of mind games, and also he said whatever he felt like, and he was so much better than anyone else.

And now, with this 25th anniversary release, we get the original, showing the Force of Nature That Was Arnold…unbelievable, really, he was strength and beauty and charisma and you can’t take your eyes off the 28 year old Arnold…to compare to the recent specially- filmed material, which represents:
Number one, A lot of Arnold, since he does own this film now…
Number two, Arnold the future politician, seemingly doing damage control,and despite soon to be the governernor of California, speaks as a politician does, equivocating and explaining things away. The young Arnold didn’t care, he spoke his mind, you had to take him as he was, and he didn’t care what people thought.

I don’t know, I’m surprised that this guy, who had sooo much charisma, is now a movie star /politician who chooses his words carefully (watch the Iron Insights portion of the additional material)and has got an agenda, just half his previous charisma (which is still a lot), but dyed hair and a botoxed forehead and waxy skin, and you compare him to that young Force of Nature that he was… I kind of wish he kept being himself, and didn’t change, didn’t get plastic surgery, or go into politics where you’re forced to speak politically and have to choose carefully your words…instead kept saying whatever he wanted because he was ARNOLD…I kind of wish that guy were still around, older, but realer, gray hairs, wrinkles (didn’t Mike Katz and Luo Ferrigno and others look great, and older and REAL?)

Watch the original movie on the dvd, then the additional material, and reflect…Arnold did incredibly in his life, becoming wealthy and famous and powerful…but that 28 year old kid had something that the 55 year old Arnold has given up. THATS why I love the original movie, for the cameraqderie, the just-breaking out of this weird ‘sport’ of bodybuilding and the god who made it all possible.
Rating: 5 / 5

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