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Sanctuary: The Complete Second Season

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 24-05-2011


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The enigmatic Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping, “Stargate SG-1”) and the Sanctuary team are back on their quest to study and protect the strange and terrifying creatures that secretly populate our world. As seen on SyFy.Stills from Sanctuary: The Complete Second Season (Click for larger image)

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Sanctuary: The Complete Second Season

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Watch and Download Sanctuary: The Complete Second Season

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“Sanctuary” has always been a murky, shadowy series, but the second season makes everything much, much darker — death, insanity, and the biggest baddest Abnormal since… well, ever. The handling of the Cabal and Ashley are pretty clumsy, though the stories that follow are more solid and intense than those of the first season.

In the aftermath of the Cabal’s worldwide attack, the gang encounters a young con artist named Kate Freelander (Agam Darshi), who has been hired by the Cabal. But when Magnus (Amanda Tapping) and Will (Robin Dunne) go hunting for the Cabal’s headquarters, they encounter Ashley (Emilie Fullerup).. who is leading an all-out assault on the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary gang also have to take in hundreds of new Abnormal refugees, in addition to their usual problems — a future scenario filled with cannibalistic zombies, a flying superhero, Henry’s old flame is attacked by a peaceful Abnormal, a vampire squid, a rageaholic Abnormal mob boss, and a gang of trust-fund vampires. Even worse, Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl) seems to have returned to his “Jack the Ripper” ways, and Magnus seems to be going insane after shooting Bigfoot (Heyerdahl again).

And a trip to Mumbai goes horribly wrong when Will becomes the host to a bizarre Abnormal, which connects him to Big Bertha, a vast, ancient Abnormal “who raises the seas and shakes the land.” Problem is, someone else wants that power instead.

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but “Sanctuary Season 2” seems considerably darker than the first season (although it has more sunlight). It starts off rather wobbly for the first few episodes, which are basically devoted to writing both Ashley and the Cabal out of the story — and it’s done in a painfully contrived manner, especially since the Cabal seemed to be the Big Arc Villain.

Fortunately the standalone episodes, and the ones involved with Big Bertha, are far better — lots of buttkicking action, gruesome murder (knives, spores, zombies), some truly bizarre abnormals, and the usual gothic gloom and rainy skies. But there’s still an undercurrent of quirky humor (Henry and Bigfoot go off to geek it up at Comic-Con… especially since nobody notices the Big Guy there). And the whole episode with the Adjustor was just hilarious.

Tapping has some of her most brilliant performances here — grief, paranoia, struggles with her ex-lover’s killer nature, and even the possible loss of the Sanctuary network. Heyerdahl is amazing as both the bloodthirsty Druitt and the gentle (if grumpy) Bigfoot; Dunne is awesome as the gentle, intelligent Will (as well as the hardened, cold “future Will”), and Ryan Robbins gets a great episode devoted to Henry’s personal issues.

The one false note: Kate. Darshi is a good actress and the character has promise, but why replace the annoying blonde with an equally annoying brunette? Fortunately, there are some excellent guest stars — Michael Shanks, Erica Cerra, and the villainously hot Calum Blue.

“Sanctuary Season Two” has some stumbling blocks (I want more Cabal!), but the actors are still brilliant and the storylines are picking up. Worth seeing despite the wobbly first few episodes.
Rating: 3 / 5

I love this show. It keeps evolving … change is good! The characters farmed from the SG1 and SGA series are great! I was missing Rodney when I first watched the webisodes!!!! Danial Jackson, Todd and Beckett!!! LOVE IT!!! The stories are fresh! Ugh I hate the “continued” at the end of the season!!! I am impatient!!! I like the new monsters weekly! Always a bad guy to contend with! I look forward to season three!!!
Rating: 5 / 5

this is not nearly as good as The Fringe, etc., but it is very interesting and keeps one on the edge of the seat — I was surprised when I bought it and am looking forward to seeing the next season that should be released soon.
Rating: 5 / 5

Sanctuary is definatley getting better. it started out a little slow with the entitre first three episodes dedicated to Ashley and the Cabal, although they were saved by having three of the five in the first two, who have great chemistry.

the introduction of kate was a bit crap, but then in my opinion so is the character. she is very single minded and not very appealing.

The stuff I loved most this year was the Druitt/Magnus work. Chris Heyerdarhl (if ive spelt that right) and Amanda Tapping have an amazing onscreen chemistry, the scenes between them at the beginning of the year as well as in the Druitt episode was fantastic. personally though i think they do too many episodes of just Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne (Magnus and Will). It worked in the first series when they were integrrating will into the sanctuary but now its just taking away from the other characters.

There is definately places it can improve, but mostly it is finding the balance between giving all the characters the correct amount of time. however in series three they have 20 episodes so maybe they will find it easier, and maybe we will see more of the five as well.
Rating: 4 / 5

The first season of Sanctuary was so cool and different. It had an aura of mystery to it, and took the viewer into this mysterious world of Helen Magnus and the abnormals and sheer fantasy of the Sanctuary. The characters were intriguing, the writing impressive, and the setting was just so unique. Each episode was like delving into a new mystery each week with intelligent problems that needed solving by the team of well balanced, thought out characters. In the words of Magnus herself from the pilot, “you are about to leave your world behind.”

Sadly, Season 2 failed to live up to the promise set by Season 1. Instead, Sanctuary Season 2 saw the series turn into yet another hyped up sci-fi action series. If they gave Amanda Tapping back her blonde hair and had her loose the British accent, she could have been playing Sam Carter from Stargate this season. Don’t get me wrong-I love all three Stargate series. But this was Sanctuary–something new and entirely different from Tapping’s other show and character.

The atmosphere of mystery is gone. The weird and unique setting has been entirely normalized. The plot points became ridiculous (the Sanctuary has its own Navy-come on!) Basically, with Season 2, they have turned the show into a “shoot the monster of the week” series. I hate to say it–some of the episodes’ stories this season seemed to be taken from Sci-Fi Saturday B-monster movies.

Now, that being said, is the show salvageable? Yes. There were still some elements of the show this season to make it palatable. The characters were still interesting (although they need to avoid turning Magnus into another chick with a gun in sci-fi character). There were some very good episodes this season, albeit few and far between. For example–the episode with Magnus and Zimmerman and the crashed helicopter was a great character piece. And the producers already proved they could do a good show with Season 1. They just need to return to the Season 1 formula of the show to save it.

I would not recommend owning season 2. If you catch it on a re-run, it would be okay because it is mildly entertaining and you won’t be wasting your money. Here is hoping for something better in Season 3.
Rating: 2 / 5

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