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Looney Tunes – Movie Collection

Lights, camera, Looney-ness! The Spotlight is on 2 Looney Tunes movies – now remastered so that every image shines and every fine Acme product goes swoosh like new. The chase is on in Disc 1’s The Bugs Bunny/Road-Runner Movie as Elmer pursues the pesky wabbit, Daffy Duck tries to elude...

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Sesame Street – The Best of Elmo

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 27-01-2011


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The Sesame Street character has fun singing some catchy new songs (you and your toddler just might, too), explaining the difference between light and heavy, having a laugh over pictures and numbers, and sharing the screen with a good-natured Whoopi Goldberg and Julia Roberts. Of the various Elmo videos, this one really does have the choicest material and stands up to repeat viewings–a big plus with little ones. –Tom Keogh… More >>

Sesame Street – The Best of Elmo

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