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Sinbad: Where U Been?

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 08-09-2010


Sinbad returns to the stage in this brand-new one-hour comedy special and answers the question his legions of fans have been asking him, “Where Ya Bin?”… More >>

Sinbad: Where U Been?

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My husband and I came across this on Comedy Central and laughed harder than we have in a long time. It was funny and most important free of the many Bleep – bleep – bleeps that you find in most stand up acts these days. He was truly funny without bieng profane which is why I will buy the dvd (I hope the extra footage is equally as clean) Whats funny is I have to buy the DVD in order to le t my friends or teenager watch it because the commercials on Comedy Central are so bad…EVERY commercial break featured “Girls Gone Wild” (Naked women jumping around with litte censoring) and live girl party chat lines…..so I will not suggest anyone watch it on Comedy Central….but I gave the actual video Six BIG stars. (Comedy Central gets a half a star)
Rating: 5 / 5

I have been watching the comedian Sinbad for years. From winning “Star Search” back in 1985 and seeing him on television from “A Different World”, “The Sinbad Show” and the host of “Vibe”.

But for a comedian who has been on television for nearly two decades, when you haven’t been seen for several years, people start to question if you’re dead and in the case of the comedian, rumors filled the social media realm and Wikipedia that the comedian has died. That was until Dec. 2009 when the comedian was featured in the media for his tax problems.

Fortunately, the comedian hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. In fact, Sinbad’s latest Comedy Central DVD “Where U Been?” is a sign that there are comedians that still can entertain and get the audience going crazy after a performance.

As his Comedy Central performance will be airing on television, the DVD features 45 minutes of material not shown on television. This latest performance is actually one of the best performances I have seen from Sinbad and that is watching him perform his comedy routines for years.

Sinbad goes into his routine about where he has been all these years, to his financial problems but easily transitions to that he’s no different from millions Americans who are facing hard times during the country’s economic slump. From topics of President Obama, to relationships, taking questions from the audience especially from the ladies of what problems they have with their men and so much covered on this DVD.

The comedy chapters for this DVD are:

1. Intro

2. Things U Don’t Know About Me/We Have a Black President

3. My People Coming in Late/Revealing Truth (High Yellow)

4. Keepin’ It Real/Times are Tight

5. Men Quit Going to Strip Clubs/Why Women Hate Us

6. Marriage is Work/Old Men Dating Young Girls

7. Growing Old Together/I Can’t See

8. Audience Questions About Men and Women

9. Men Training to be Husbands/My Mom Worked My Dad

10. Ladies What Are U Mad About?

11. Men are Simple/Men Snoring

12. Men Share Menopause/Men are Messy

13. Sex Changes After Marriage

14. Grown Kids At the House/Kids Change Everything

15. We Can’t Wait `Til You Have Kids/My Father Cured My A.D.D.

16. I Hate Taking Kids to Sports Practice/Quit Trying to Look Young

17. I Am Falling Apart/Medical Marijuana

18. Christian the Lion/Living with Nature

19. Little Pocket Dogs/Immigration

20. How to Get a Job/My Young People

21. At 53 Years Old U Don’t Care/At 17 Years Old U Are Not Ready

22. The Customer Is Not Always Right

23. I Am Not a Thrill Seeker

24. Bringing the Band Out

25. Let’s Get It On

26. Ol’ school

27. Hollywood Swinging

28. Word Up


“Sinbad – Where U Been?” is featured in widescreen. Various camera angles featuring closeups of Sinbad, behind the stage, side of the venues, close up of the audience, just capturing the energy and mood of that evening. Editing is well done, no dizzying several second cuts, you get various camera angles but giving your eyes enough time to enjoy the performance.

The camera angles on the audience shows people who are just laughing hysterically and getting into the performance. This is what I love seeing, where the audience is just digging the comedy, some looking like their guts are going to bust and even some with tears coming down their eyes because they are laughing so much. This is rare to see on a Comedy Central comedy DVD and definitely a major positive for this DVD release!

Audio is in Dolby Digital stereo. The performance is front channel driven but for those with modern home theater receivers can easily set the audio for stereo on all channels for a more immersive soundtrack. Sinbad’s vocals come out crystal clear, the audience laughing can be heard very well and of course, the ending music performance sounds magnificent.


“Sinbad – Where U Been?” comes with the following special feature:

* Behind the Scenes with Sinbad – (17:54) Sinbad talking about how people have asked him where he has been despite performing at a different city every weekend. Also, performing with various musicians and preparing for the music segment of the DVD.


After watching “Where U Been”, you literally come to realize why Sinbad is a legend. And before anyone starts thinking, old school comedian that you watched in the ’80s and ’90s, don’t even think that because Sinbad may be on top of his game then but the man is still on top of his game now. You can feel that energy with the crowd that night. There are many Comedy Central DVD’s that I’ve reviewed and not many can keep that energy between the comedian and its audience for 90 minutes. The audience was literally on their feet and just into the performance.

The comedian doesn’t have to launch into any shock value jokes, he knows his demographic and knows that there are young and old in the crowd and he keeps it real, keeps it fun and makes sure that people are being entertained.

To end the performance, Sinbad and big name musicians take to the stage to play some music and even get the crowd going with their rendition of Cameo’s 1986 hit “Word Up!”. Big surprises with “Another World” actress Dawnn Lewis showing up, talented keyboardist Greg Phillinganes along with many other talented musicians and also Michael Jackson “THIS IS IT” background singers Darryl Phinnessee, Judith Hill and Lamont Van Hook singing on backup for this special as well.

Just a lively, energetic performance by Sinbad. Hilarious and fun and definitely a magnificent performance worth watching. As mentioned, I have seen Sinbad’s performances but this is one of the best comedic performance from him that I have seen. Especially to see the crowd so into the performance and as mentioned, tears running down the eyes of the audience because they are laughing uncontrollably. It’s one of those comedy performance nights that you just wish is captured on camera and in this case, that magic that night was. Just awesome!

“Sinbad – Where U Been?” is Sinbad at his best, showing that over two decades later, he still has it and definitely a highly recommended Comedy Central DVD!
Rating: 5 / 5

This has to be the funniest stand up Sinbad has done yet!!!!!! I watched it the other night and about died laughing!!!!!! It’s a must to see!!!!!
Rating: 5 / 5

Everyone in my entire family, from my 78 year old mother to my 27 year old daughter (and her 20 something friends) laughed until we were all ROTF, holding our stomachs, tears streaming down our faces, couldn’t catch our breaths! Sinbad is that funny on this DVD! The entire 90 minutes plus is filled with material that EVERYONE, all ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds and economic status in life can relate to. Sinbad’s real genius is his inate ability to respond, impromptu, to audience member’s responses to his questions, especially about relationships. And, as everyone else has stated, he doesn’t use profanity…he shows to be funny, you don’t have to. This is his best performance yet…and I didn’t think he could get any better than he already was. Sinbad….whereever you been…make sure you don’t go away again!! We need some comic relief during these times! Can’t wait to see you on The Celebrity Apprentice!!!
Rating: 5 / 5

No, he ain’t dead and he is funnier than ever. Sinbad is one of the greatest comedians of our generation and this is one his best.
Rating: 5 / 5

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