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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Product DescriptionA NAIVE YOUNG SENATOR FINDS NOTHING BUT CORRUPTION IN WASHINGTON.Amazon.comPolitical heavyweights decide that Jefferson Smith (James Stewart), an obscure scoutmaster in a small town, would be the perfect dupe to fill a vacant U.S. Senate chair. Surely this naive bumpkin can be easily...

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The Fly

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 10-10-2013


Product Description
When a scientist (David [Al] Hedison) attempts to transfer matter through space, things go horrifically wrong and two grotesque man-fly hybrids are created. Now, with the head of a fly and a wing in place of one of his arms, the scientist desperately hopes that he, his wife (Patricia Owens) and his brother (Vincent Price) can capture the other mutant and reverse the experiment.Amazon.com
A dashing scientist’s foolhardy experiment with matter transference … More >>

The Fly

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