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The Fourth Kind

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 07-09-2010


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In remote Alaska, citizens have been mysteriously vanishing since the 1960s. Despite multiple FBI investigations, the truth behind the phenomena had never been discovered—until now. While videotaping therapy sessions with traumatized patients, psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler (Milla Jovovich) unwittingly exposes terrifying revelations of multiple victims whose claims of being visited by alien figures all share disturbingly identical details. Based on actual ca… More >>

The Fourth Kind

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I love scary movies but as I get older, I have a harder time with them. Aliens in general are really what freak me out. I can’t watch scary movies after a certain time of day, because they give me nightmares. Unfortunately for me, I watched this movie too late because I had low expectations and didn’t expect it to scare me. The good news: no nightmares. The bad news: I was awake staring at the door in fear until the sun came up.

While I was pretty sure from the start that the claims of real life footage being in the movie were bogus, it still scared the crap outta me. But the promise of “archival footage” even though it really wasn’t annoyed me, so I deducted some points for that.

It starts a little slow but once it gets going it’s definitely a good scary movie in my opinion. For me, horror movies aren’t about cinematic integrity, but how much they entertain and horrify you. This one fit the bill. Worth a watch(not a purchase), but don’t watch it at night. Just a tip.
Rating: 3 / 5

I will not go into plot/ storyline, you can read the other reviews with the plot layed out.

This is just my own opinion/ thoughts and review of the film.

What do I believe? The ending left more questions than answers in my opinion. I believe this movie was a very clever rouse by the filmmakers, in the vain of Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity, Exorcism of Emily Rose, Fire in the Sky, The Mothman Prophecies making something that is said to be based on true events be not true at all or taking slightly the most sliver of truths and building a fictitious story around it, seen it done hundreds of times in books and movies. We do get Milla Jovovich in the beginning of the film stating that what we are about to see are reenactments of events mixed with “real” archival footage of interviews/ hypnosis sessions/ of real people all experiencing some kind of UFO phenomena happening around Nome Alaska in Fall of 2000. Milla Jovovich portrays the Dr in the reenactments then through out we get interview snip- its of the real Dr. Tyler. A part of me wanted to believe this was real, but I would think if a noted Dr of Abigail Tyler’s profession would have made this case go nationwide, and that Discovery or History Channel or Larry King would have aired some kind of special about UFO abductions and in particular about strange occurrences in and around Nome Alaska. And this definitely could have been an X Files episode, makes me wonder if the director’s inspiration came from the X Files. And The supposedly real interviews and hypnosis sessions through out the movie do seem real and genuinely frightening/ disturbing…. and I don’t want to forget the owls… never have owls seemed so other worldly spooky, and ghost like, some scenes the eyes seem to be piercing into your soul when it looks at you, in the movie there is a correlation with the owls and the conjectured other worldly Visitors, and the “real” Dr. Abigail Tyler looks ghostly, sickly, kinda creepy when she first shows up on the screen, we see her being interviewed by the director of this film to give it that realness. Some notable supporting roles: Will Patton, always a favorite of mine turns in a nice performance of the sheriff who doesn’t believe in all this UFO mumbo jumbo crap, Elias Koteas as another Dr. friend of Dr. Tyler, gives a good steady performance as well, and Milla of course is great,a different role for her, more dramatic role, shows she’s branching off.

I give credit to the over all tone of the movie and mood, and style, way it was filmed, mixing supposedly real footage and the reenactments with the actors, very good plot device. I just have to wonder how would said filmmakers get to clear all the red tape if in fact they were real footage of everything that Dr. Tyler did? But kudos to the filmmaker (Olatunde Osunsanmi)for giving us a genuinely frightening, astounding psychological thriller been awhile since I’ve had my nerves jangled like that. What bothers me is not knowing if any of this stuff is true??? Guess what I believe in the end is what I decide….

Rating: 4 / 5

Ok, let’s start by saying that all the people bashing this film for being “based on actual events” have apparently not seen a horror film since and including Tobe Hooper’s epic “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.” Ever since horror films have used that label as a gimmick. That is all it is. Get over it. The Blair Witch doesn’t exist. Kate and Mika from “Paranormal Activity” are alive and well. New York is not digging out from the Cloverfield monster. No humans died filming “Cannibal Holocaust.” Get it? I digress.

The Fourth Kind is one of the most finely crafted thriller/horror films I have seen in a long time. The mix of “real” and “recreated” scenes is done really well. This film also succeeds in an area where so many have fallen flat: The Fourth Kind is actually scary. Imagine, and with a PG-13 rating and everything. The performances are well done. The special effects while minimal have terrific impact. This film does require suspension of disbelief and that seems to be where a lot of people get stuck. If you need to see everything that happens then you probably will not like The Fourth Kind. If you have a great imagination and you are able to play pretend for an hour and a half then you will get a big payoff. Also, as with most films, the less you know going in to the movie the better. Five stars.
Rating: 5 / 5

Nome, Alaska, October 2000: Dr. Abigail Tyler (Milla Jovovich) is a psychologist ministering to the citizens of Nome, a secluded Alaskan town which is only accessible by air. Still mourning the recent death of her husband, Tyler spends her days dealing with an apparent epidemic of insomnia amongst the town’s citizens – but as Tyler delves deeper into the nature of her patient’s sleep-related maladies, she begins to notice a disturbing number of similarities and correlations between their stories. Why are they all waking at 3:33am? And why are they all seeing owls outside their windows? As time draws on, she enlists the aid of colleague Dr. Abel Compos (Elias Koteas) and slowly begins piecing together fragments of information which suggest a nightmarish truth.

I’ll admit it, “The Fourth Kind” caught me completely off guard; I rented it expecting a mildly entertaining mid-budget thriller fashioned after the likes of The X-Files: The Complete Collector’s Edition and Steven Spielberg Presents Taken and instead experienced one of the most profoundly scary films that I’ve seen in a long time. This is no small praise when you consider that I’ve read a fair number of books and seen a fair number of films and TV shows about UFOs, aliens and abduction phenomena and am completely skeptical about the whole thing (the hard cold figures of Drake’s equation negates the possibility of alien contact as far as I’m concerned).

While it’s true that this film works through every Whitley Strieberesque cliché in the abduction playbook (screen memories, subliminally buried recollections accessible only through hypnosis, white lights and, hell, even some allusions to the work of Erich Von Daniken), director Olatunde Osunsami innovatively uses a gamut of structural, editing, split-screen and soundtrack techniques in order to draw the viewer into a tapestry of “dramatically reconstructed events” which appear alongside “archival footage” on which the reconstruction is allegedly based; the net effect of this tinkering with ‘levels of reality’ is a palpably eerie sense of authenticity which pervades the film and only serves to reinforce the chills that materialise. Situations and clichés that you’ve seen a million times before in a million different movies and TV shows are suddenly thrown into stark relief and become deeply frightening again.

Originally, I was only intending to give this film four stars, but it really did get into my head (and impress me with it’s innovative structuring) and, frankly, it takes a lot to unnerve and impress me these days, so it gets a round five stars. Seriously, this a film which is both vastly scarier than (and vastly superior too) the massively over-hyped and deeply pedestrian Paranormal Activity as well as virtually every other horror film in recent years.

…And if you consider yourself a jaded old cynic and think that this film can’t get into your head, I issue you the following challenge – watch this alone, late at night, with the lights out and the sound way up…and then discover what an interesting prospect going to sleep on your own in the dark becomes.

Rating: 5 / 5

I thought parts of The Fourth Kind were interesting and will even admit that it gave me chills a couple of times, but I found myself thinking that most of the people claiming to have been abducted by little green men were either mentally disturbed, under the influence of alcohol or on some really freaky drugs. In fact, I just recently saw a show on one of the learning channels that talked all about the deadly combination of alcohol, the lack of daylight and the extreme cold of Nome, Alaska. The FBI even stated that the murders and missing people of Nome are attributed to this alone. Not that they would tell us the truth if aliens were really taking us in the middle of the night, but in this case it fits. On top of all this, I don’t know if the “real” footage shown side by side with the actors was tampered with in any way. I also found it curious that it always went blurry or static when the really strange stuff would happen. If this footage has really been around for 9 years, it would have hit YouTube long ago. There was one bit of convincing footage (from a police officer’s camera mounted on the dash of his car) that showed a dark craft of some kind flying over the house the same night the main character’s little girl was abducted, or so she says. You can hear in the tape that the cop saw the UFO and says that he can see “them” taking the child.

The acting is fairly good. Milla Jovovich ditches her action heroine persona and delivers a decent performance, but Will Patton goes way over the top as the town sheriff and he seems out of place. As expected the people in the “real” footage are more convincing because they aren’t acting for a future audience.

This will get a lot of comparisons to Paranormal Activity and the studio is probably wishing they released The Fourth Kind a couple of months before, but anyone interested in UFOs, alien abductions or just want to explore the unknown, there are worse ways to spend 90 minutes. The Truth is Out There.

Rating: 3 / 5

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