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Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals

Product DescriptionBeyond the game this documentary provides insight into the lives of both athletes & what made them what they are – intensively competitive athletes who reinvigorated the nba. Studio: Hbo Home Video Release Date: 09/28/2010 Run time: 90 minutes… More >> Magic &...

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The Last Emperor

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Bernardo Bertolucci s The Last Emperor won nine Academy Awards, unexpectedly sweeping every category in which it was nominated quite a feat for a challenging, multilayered epic directed by an Italian and starring an international cast. Yet the power and scope of the film was, and remains, undeniable the life of Emperor Pu Yi, who took the throne at age three, in 1908, before witnessing decades of cultural and political upheaval, within and without the walls of the F… More >>

The Last Emperor

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