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Twas the Night Before Easter

Product DescriptionIt’s Easter time in Crisper County and cable news reporter Marlee Meade (Petunia Rhubarb) is hunting for a way to help others. On a tip that the old town theater will be shut down, Marlee cooks up a plan to save the stage and make a difference through the power of musical theater....

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The Last Emperor

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 17-02-2014


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Bernardo Bertolucci s The Last Emperor won nine Academy Awards, unexpectedly sweeping every category in which it was nominated quite a feat for a challenging, multilayered epic directed by an Italian and starring an international cast. Yet the power and scope of the film was, and remains, undeniable the life of Emperor Pu Yi, who took the throne at age three, in 1908, before witnessing decades of cultural and political upheaval, within and without the walls of the F… More >>

The Last Emperor

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Pizarro executes emperor - history., On this day in history, pizarro executes last inca emperor on aug 29, 1533. learn more about what happened today on history.. The emperor blu-ray, The last emperor blu-ray (1987): starring john lone, joan chen and peter o'toole. the last emperor follows the extraordinary trajectory of the last emperor of the. Hirohito - wikipedia, Hirohito (april 29, 1901 – january 7, 1989) was the 124th emperor of japan according to the traditional order of succession, reigning from december 25, 1926, until.

Pu yi, emperor china, pardoned | history today, The manchu emperors received formal pardon december 4th, 1959.. http://www.historytoday.com/richard-cavendish/pu-yi-last-emperor-china-pardoned Royalty.nu - chinese history - emperor china, The life emperor china, henry p' yi puyi; books emperor.. http://www.royalty.nu/Asia/China/PuYi.html Who’ roman emperor? – history republic, The exact timing roman empire subject considerable debate. roman empire ? claim roman emperor?. https://historyrepublic.wordpress.com/2013/08/17/whos-really-the-last-roman-emperor/

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