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The Losers

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 20-04-2011


Product Description
An explosive action tale of betrayal and revenge, The Losers centers around an elite Special Forces unit sent to the Bolivian jungle on a search-and-destroy mission. But the team – Clay, Jensen, Roque, Pooch and Cougar – soon find that they have become the target of a deadly double cross instigated by a powerful enemy known only as Max. Making good use of the fact they’re now presumed dead, the group goes deep undercover in a dangerous plot to clear their name… More >>

The Losers

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I saw this a few hours ago with a friend, and personally, I thought it was awesome! It was literally filled to the brim with action, comedy, and special effects. Clay, Roque, Jensen, Pooch, and Cougar are part of an elite United States Special Forces team that are on assignment in Bolivia. When they are betrayed by an enemy named Max, they become fugitives and are believed to be dead. They are forced to team up with a mysterious woman named Aisha who may be able to help them find Max. I understand this movie is based on a comic book by Vertigo, but I never read any, so I couldn’t compare it. My favorite character was Chris Evans as Jensen, because he had all the hilarious lines. Another thing, was that this film reminds me a lot of ‘The A-Team’ If you love action, I highly recommend THE LOSERS!!!

Rating: 5 / 5

Adapted from the short-lived Vertigo comic series, “The Losers” delivers a solid B-action-movie experience. It’s got humor, `splosions, and an over-the-top bad guy played by Jason Patric. A few things holding this film back from true greatness are the over-stylized editing (it feels a bit gimmicky after a while), the fight scenes are fast and frequent but aren’t that memorable, the plot seems like it was lifted from an “A-Team” episode, and there’s no big name stars to pick up the slack for the less than original characters that fill the film. Jeffery Dean Morgan is the leader of The Losers, and while he did an excellent job as The Comedian in “The Watchmen,” I couldn’t help but wonder how much more an actor like George Clooney or Russel Crowe would bring to the part.

However, the cast has some major talent with Zoe Saldana (kicking butt and in her underwear no less) and the future Captain America, Chris Evans. I doubted Evans’ ability to pull off the part of Marvel Comics’ most patriotic superhero, but his performance in “The Losers” has convinced me otherwise. Overall, “The Losers” was a fun action film and hopefully they’ll come back for another go-round.
Rating: 4 / 5

I have to admit that this movie was entertaining. The movie is based on a comic book, and the story seems to prepare us for the upcoming “The A-Team” adaptation. The movie has it’s action packed moments and plenty of laugh-out loud moments also. Of all the leads in this movie, it was Chris Evans who stole the show and provided some comic moments in the movie. In some scenes, you can almost predict when there will be a car blast, when someone will get shot and when the lead star will save the day. “The Losers” delivers about what you’d expect and has some tricks up its sleeve which makes it worth checking out.

Rating: 4 / 5

In 2010 a crack Special Forces unit was betrayed by their government and set up for a mass murder they didn’t commit. These men promptly (?) escaped their explosive assassination attempt to the Bolivian underground. Today, still wanted by the CIA and an evil villain named Max, they survive in order to seek revenge and reclaim their lives. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, it’s too bad; because a mysterious woman has already hooked them up with their ultimate revenge mission, and you CANNOT hire The Losers.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It should; it’s very close to the A-Team intro (which is a GOOD thing). The similarities don’t end there, as both are a group of former soldiers led by a charismatic figure with an affinity for unwinnable situations, cool behavior, celebratory smoking. Each team has a lady’s man, with the leader being both in The Losers. Each team engages in high firepower, explosive situations that involved meticulously planned tactics requiring a peculiar amount of fortune.

The teams differ, however, in their configuration and purpose. Whereas the A-Team had a lady’s man who appeared to be just that, and a leader who appeared to only lead; that is to say, he managed multiple oddball personalities, The Losers shows each person as an integral part of the team, a specialist in his own field. This was a positive spin on the “mercenary group battles the world”-motif. Additionally, the Loser’s “employer” is given with a bit more purpose and underlying story, as mysterious Aisha funds and organizes their mission while maintaining her own agenda.

This is a hands-off, good time movie. Explosions, military action, high-tech gadgets, a fairly hot hookup between the film’s leads, and fairly awesome special effects make it fun throughout. Add in a fiery male-female fight scene (ala Mr. and Mrs. Smith), a comically evil villain in Jason Patric (DO NOT drop his umbrella!), a Spanish Justin Long (Óscar Jaenada), quippy one-liners, and a very short runtime (97 minutes), and the result is an underrated comic book adaptation that entertains yet gets unfairly overlooked.

Jason Elin

Rating: 4 / 5

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I am NOT reviewing the DVD. Just the movies unless otherwise stated.

Please note that the rating above might not accurately reflect my thoughts, you will see a rating sentence at the end of the review.

The statement above simply means that there is a lot of killing in this movie. (And an inside joke.) Most of the killing is done with guns, but once in the movie there is a gun-knife battle. They played with this. The saying “you brought a knife to a gun fight” actually doesn’t play here. But I sense the director knew that saying and that’s why he included the scene. But we’re just getting started!!!

This movie was extremely refreshing. I haven’t seen an action movie in the theaters like this in ages! It’s absolutely great. Everything that is about an action movie is there, so why the he11 is there a PG-13 rating? Not enough blood you MPAA idiots!?!? If you see this movie and feel there isn’t enough explosions, you’re right. What makes up for the fact is that the explosions that are there are EXTREMELY [email protected]#$%ING-TASTIC OF EXPLOSIONS!!!!

All action movies need a little comedy unless it is a really grim action. And usually, a grim action does not work…it can, but it usually doesn’t. This movie delivers the comedy, but recognizes that the comedy needs to be extreme melted cheese on corn or else it will be a comedy. This is action. Horror has comedy as well, but it’s Dark Humor, not light humor. Even drama has comedy, but just not in the really big scenes. All movies need comedy, but in a way that doesn’t make you feel your watching a comedy. This movie successes in the essay I just wrote.

This movie also plays well in the artistic style. Like a comic book, it paints the name of the city they are traveling to on the scene, as if it were drawn. For instance, you’ll find “BOLIVIA” painted on a large forest of trees in an early scenes. Some of those scenes can be a little cheap, but lately, so can Comic Books. Oh, did I forget to mention this movie is based off a comic book? Yeah, it keeps that all-around yet hardcore feeling of a comic book intact. Also, many times, this movie pretends to end but then continues and tricks you. It deliberately confuses the viewer. Something you don’t see much anymore because of activists. AKA Hollywood can be a coward.

The acting is above average. It fits well for the action movie type of persona. It isn’t crazy like Pro-Wrestling, it isn’t freaky like Horror, it’s just mild voices with [email protected]$$ personalities. I can’t explain the acting to well. I think that the acting was made better by the script, I can see the scriptwriter going “okay, how can this be poetic justice?” Or “How can I make this funny?” Something you usually see from the actors, is actually from the scriptwriter and the actors just try there best to put that into their character.

The overall plot wasn’t so big, as much as it were the plot of the scenes. Cougar makes the movie all the more awesome, without Cougar there would be no movie, it would just be *sarcasm*SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER OF THE YEAR*sarcasm* material. My favorite scene is not the climax, although that comes close; rather, it is the office scene. This scene is done extremely well.

Visuals were nothing to complain about. But I do have something to complain about, the soundtrack. The end the note on the song that goes ON AND ON AND ON AND ON! (You will figure it out once you see it.) Most of the soundtrack besides that note was okay, but it was the action that was big. People keep getting shot left and right, they even shoot two of they’re main characters in the limbs. The second person was a directors smart. There’s a scene where two of the main characters are pretending to lay down with no legs. Then, later, that very same person gets shot and has no legs. They even have bodies laying down in both the scenes. I’m noticing directors are coming back.

Explosions. Quality not Quantity. You wanna see the Airplane scene for sure.

There’s probably more to talk about in this movie, it’s so refreshing. But I can’t go on. Rating? 5/5.
Rating: 5 / 5

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