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The Moody Blues: Lovely to See You – Live

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 22-09-2010


  • Blu-Ray Disc
  • The Moody Blues
  • Format Blu-Ray Disc

The legendary Moody Blues present this special musical collection, their first live album without an orchestra, since their historic 1969 release The Moody Blues Live + 5. Recorded live at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on June 11 during their 2005 World tour, in which they played New Zealand for the first time and returned to Australia, this rare live recording is pure Moody Blues. With the Moodies’ unique brand of music that has kept them at the top of their profession … More >>

The Moody Blues: Lovely to See You – Live

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Watch and Download The Moody Blues: Lovely to See You – Live

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Alongside The Rolling Stones, The Moody Blues are one of the other great British bands to still be going strong after being together for over 40 years. The band’s latest live release “Lovely To See You” captures The Moodies in a stunning live performance at Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre in June 2005 and is proof that they haven’t lost their magic touch at all during their long existance.

This 2-disc set includes many songs that have become immortal classics and fan favorites over the years. Staples such as “Tuesday Afternoon”, “The Voice”, “Isn’t Life Strange”, “The Story In Your Eyes”, “I’m Just A Singer (In A Rock and Roll Band)” and of course, “Nights In White Satin” are all included here alongside more obscure tracks such as “Steppin’ In A Slide Zone”, “Talking Out Of Turn”, “Higher and Higher” and “The Actor”. In fact, the music performed here spans the band’s entire career excluding the very early period with Denny Laine.

As for the performance itself, the band was definitely on a musical high during this particular night. Despite the absence of a full symphonic orchestra which has become the norm for The Moodies in recent years, the band still maintains their trademark orchestral sound while letting loose with some raw energy that isn’t always apparent on their studio albums. Also of interest is the fact that this is the first live release from The Moody Blues not to feature founding member/flautist/singer Ray Thomas (who retired from the band in 2003). In his place is the brilliant flautist Norda Mullen who despite not being an official band member, still delivers an outstanding performance and effortlessly fills some big shoes left by her predecessor.

Indeed, the rest of the band delivers an equally stellar performance as well.

Besides containing great music, the CD booklet is also fascinating as it includes a track-by-track breakdown as to who played and sang what on each song. There’s even a list of each members equipment listed on the back of the CD booklet as well as brief commentary from The Moody Blues themselves on the inside.

With this said, “Lovely To See You” is an outstanding document of The Moody Blues as elder statesmen of classic Rock. The music as well as the concert heard on this album is timeless and even though most of these songs have been released in live form before, it’s still highly recommended especially if you’re a Moody Blues fan.
Rating: 5 / 5

After seeing the Moody Blues many times, I have to say they are just getting better. Although this `live’ recording has no orchestra, it still brings back the feelings of the older songs. “Lovely To See You” might be an odd choice to open (other than its obvious title), but it is pitch perfect and a great prelude to what is to come. The original sound of the mellotron on “Tuesday Afternoon” and Nights In White Satin” is more like the original than the orchestrated ones. Hayward’s voice is in fine tune on great renditions of “The Actor” and “Question”. “Higher & Higher’ Is a great treat with Graeme Edge giving a chilling rendition exactly like the original. “One Life To Live” was unfortunately not included here, but played at some shows, thunderously. The entire feeling and sound is more of a trip back in time than any of the other live recordings. Ray Thomas is missed here along with “Legend Of A Mind”, but the replacement flutist (Norda Mullen) does a remarkable job. They are still the Moody Blues and are strong, tight and psychedelic to this day.

The package includes incredibly detailed information about each song – who wrote it, who played what instrument, even each individual performers list of instruments down to the type and manufacturer. Who knew that Graeme Edge used Zildjian cymbals or that Hayward used a 100-watt Mesa dual rectifier? See what I mean? This is a complete and thorough history!

Rating: 5 / 5

It’s amazing how the Moody Blues can continue to polish their live shows into this time of their lives. They’re not kids any more, but they can certainly hold their own in the world of today’s music. This band has really made me proud to own this fabulous double CD set, and though I can hardly wait for the companion DVD, even this audio offering is almost as good as being there. The packaging is simply gorgeous, and I love the fact they have included so many details about the band and their instruments. As floutist Norda’s debut in a Moody recording, she shines brightly, and really has grown well into her position with these guys. Yes, the Moodies have been forced to evolve by personnel changes, but the quality and the lushness of the sound have never wavered. If you ever enjoyed the Moody Blues at any point in their career, you will not regret picking up these CD’s. It’s every bit what you might hope it would be, and in many ways, far more. The exquisite sweetness of the soft songs will move you, and the rockers will thrill and excite you and take you back to the early days of progressive rock, with an ‘edge’ that only today’s technology can provide. Take the ride, and leave the driving to the Moodies! You’ll be SO glad you did.
Rating: 5 / 5

I have been a Moody Blues fan since forever, and have seen them in concert a number of times over the years. When I saw this, my first reaction was “what? yet another live album”? The twist this time is that this is just the band, sans symphony orchestra, and thus the first live album of just the band since 1969’s “Moody Blues Live + 5”.

“Lovely To See You” (2 CDs, 20 tracks, 105 min.) is in essence a greatest hits live album, and that of course is what the fans want. All the classics are here. CD1 (9 tracks, 43 min.) is not bad, with tracks like “Tuesday Afternoon”, “The Voice” and “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere”. But CD2 (11 tracks, 61 min.) is so much stronger, starting off with a cover of Jeff Lynne’s “Forever Autumn” (from the “War of the Worlds” album), a rocking “Your Wildest Dreams”, “Higher and Higher” (with drummer Graeme Edge singing lead vocals on his own composition), and then of course the last 4 songs, which define what the Moody Blues have become: “I’m Just a Singer (In a Rock & Roll Band)”, “Nights in White Satin”, “Question” and the closer “Ride my See-Saw”. Just irresistible.

One of the reviewers here complains about the sound quality on this album and that the Moody Blues sound like a “garage band”. Has that person listened to the same album as I have? The sound is lush and pristine throughout the album. Does the band break new ground with this release? Of course not, but that isn’t the point. This album may be a bit cheesy, but who cares. It is entertaining and enjoyable from start to finish.
Rating: 4 / 5

Can this group get any better? No matter how many times they perform together and whether or not they have an orchestra with them, the Moody Blues produce consistent joy with their music. Many groups get so tired of their own music that it shows in their live performances. Not so the Moody Blues. This CD set is a real winner, sonically, performance wise.
Rating: 5 / 5

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