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The One

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 20-08-2010


In a stunning dual role, international action star Jet Li portrays Gabriel Yulaw, a police officer confronted with a sinister form of himself escaped from an advanced, parallel universe and intent on killing Gabriel. His alter ego’s hunt culminates in a fateful battle between good and evil that changes Gabriel’s perception of reality and forces him to examine the evil hidden within himself. The One features riveting martial arts and innovative special effects…. More >>

The One

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There is not one universe, but there are many, which is a multiverse. Supposing you are just one person, there are many other versions of you in the other universes, there are ways to travel, but only a police agency,MVA, can travel only for police procedures. Gabriel Yulaw (Jet Li)is a former MVA agent, who killed another version of himself in self-defense. It made the other versions of him stronger. When Yulaw found out about this, he became power-hungry killing the 122 other versions for two years. After killing Lawless (also played by Jet)and getting captured by his former partner Roedecker (Delroy Lindo) and a new MVA agent Funsch (Jason Statham) Yulaw managed to escape the prison and is trying to kill his last target, Gabe Law (also played by Jet) who is a police officer. He is also at Yulaw’s strength. Roedecker and Funsch now have to arrest Yulaw before he can kill Gabe. There is a possibility that the universe could die or make Yulaw invinible. After encountering Yulaw for the first time, Gabe thought that it was his split personality, but it wasn’t. Will Gabe be able to confront Yulaw before or after Yulaw ruins his life. The One is a martial-arts flick with strong sci-fi concepts. But the bottom line remains high-kicking action, and Jet Li delivers. Li also shows his acting ability in this film. He displays that he can do more than one personality. The One is one movie whose far-out concept works.

Rating: 5 / 5

This is a multifaceted story of a multi-verse in which they even took the premise form the immoral. Turns out if you kill your other self in a parallel universe you get to split his chi with your otherness.

So now it is down to two. And the only person Gabe Law (Jet Li) can confide in is his better half T.K. Law (Carla Gugino). At first she hummers Gabe then when she is sure he is telling the truth it is a tad too late.

There is lots of action with kicking, shooting, and blowing things up. Both Gabs by this time are toughies and nothing can stop them. We find that it is impossible to not kibitz.

The question is in the end is there time enough for love?

Race to Witch Mountain (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]~ Carla Gugino
Rating: 5 / 5

Not my favorite Jet Li movie, but if you like hard hitting martial arts this could be your film. Don’t go by my three stars, see it for yourself. I just didn’t care a lot for it
Rating: 3 / 5

This was a Superbit title and I liked the a/v, and its back in 1080p. It is nice to buy upgraded material when it is upgrade material.

This cartoon film combines cop film, sci-fi, action and many alternate realities. The picture changes with the ‘level of’ in tint and picture and the end shows the high PQ quality you’ve been seeing all along. Jet Li is great in a stretch role and Carla Gugini looks great in all dimensions with Jason Stratham adding to the party. I loved and the whole mood of the film; made me feel Sci-fi good. Re-watching it always got better and the BD added the rest.

ps- google string theory
Rating: 5 / 5

when Amazon emailed me to review this movie, couldn’t even remember watching it. It was in High Definition, I remember that. And there was some action and the regular things you would expect, but it wasn’t quite a thrilling experience.
Rating: 3 / 5

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