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The Secret

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 28-03-2010


  • The Internet’s #1 Smash Hit -Law of Attraction- Movie
  • New Extended Edition
  • Experience The Secrets discussed on Larry King & Oprah
  • Behind the Sceens, Outtakes and Commentary

Product Description
The new “extended edition” of this ground-breaking feature length movie presentation reveals The Great Secret of the universe. It has been passed throughout the ages, traveling through centuries… to reach you.

This is The Secret to everything – the secret to unlimited joy, health, money, relationships, love, youth: everything you have ever wanted.

In this astonishing program are ALL the resources you will ever need to understand and live The Secret. For the fi… More >>

The Secret

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Watch and Download The Secret

The secret: rhonda byrne: 9781582701707: amazon.: books, The secret [rhonda byrne] amazon *free* shipping qualifying offers. tenth-anniversary edition book changed lives profound ways, . https://www.amazon.com/Secret-Rhonda-Byrne/dp/1582701709 The secret | twitter, 9,457 tweets • 2,190 photos/videos • 368k followers. " life purpose overcome negativity choosing love.". https://twitter.com/thesecret What happened secret' advice , Decades seller published, father knew secret secret. aware people esoteric knowledge contr. http://www.slate.com/articles/life/human_guinea_pig/2007/05/ive_got_the_secret.html

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The Secret is one of the best produced and edited DVDs of its kind that I have ever seen. And the line-up of teachers and presenters is top-notch. There is only one reason I give this DVD four stars instead of five. The Secret is about the Law of Attraction, and how we can use that Law to “attract” into our lives anything we want. But it spends 95% of the time talking only about being focused on what you want (rather than what you don’t want), and generating positive feelings about that. It only spends 5% of the time making it clear that what we really attract into our lives is the people, circumstances, and opportunities that lead us to what we want. In other words, when we utilize the principles mentioned in The Secret, doors open. But we have to recognize those doors for what they are and go through them. And that involves action. Many people who watch The Secret walk away with the impression that visualization and positive feelings is all it takes. It isn’t. You still have to do something. As long as you keep that in mind, The Secret contains information that can be life altering. Enjoy!

Steven Lane Taylor, Author of Row, Row, Row Your Boat: A Guide For Living Life In The Divine Flow
Rating: 4 / 5

With all the hype about The Secret, I was eager to find out what everyone was talking about. I bought both the DVD and the CD set and watched with great anticipation.

Perhaps because I have studied and utilized for over 2 decades some of the most powerful mindset tools, processes and technologies for creating what you want, my expectations may have been skewed compared to those who have never heard of or applied such concepts as the law of attraction.

That is not to say the DVD/CD does not have value. I am sure there are people whose lives have been changed by it. I think they did an outstanding marketing job. An outstanding “packaging” job in creating The Secret. The attraction principles do work, and they provided a great introduction to those who have not been exposed to them before.

For me personally, my first disappointment was the fact that what was dramatically (and cleverly) built up as “a secret” – which to me something you know that I don’t – was hardly a secret. These principles have been around for centuries, have been mainstream for decades, with thousands of books, seminars, etc. covering the same principles. I don’t appreciate books, tapes, etc. that overpromise and under deliver. So, to me, hardly a secret.

My second disappointment was the lack of depth around the subject matter. If you want more in-dpeth and leading edge info about how our thoughts create our reality, invest in the DVD “What the Bleep?” It offers fascinating leading edge quantum physics principles, along with great animation explaining in simple layman terms, why and how we create our realities. In fact, some of the scientists on The Secret *first* appeared in “What the Bleep?” I almost felt when I was watching The Secret, that they copied “What the Bleep?” in many respects, although at a more superficial level.

My third disappointment/concern is how some Secret followers will interpret the messagge in the movie. Again my perspective may be slightly skewed because I trained in and work with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programmming) which works drectly with the subconscious mind for helping people create accelerated breakthroughs in their lives. The suggestions, recommmended processes, etc. in The Secret work primarily with the conscious mind. Yet it is our subconscious mind that drives 80% of our behaviors and outcomes in life.

Yes, if you practice their recommendations for months and months, the suggestions may eventually sink into our subconscious. However there are simpler, quicker ways to create what you want. The other piece of that, because the subconscious mind does drive our results, there are many blocks — such as “secondary gains” for staying stuck, values conflicts, limited beliefs, etc. – below our conscious awareness that stops us from having what we want. Because the movie does not address the difference between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, and treats the whole topic superficially as why some people manifest and some don’t, it creates the illusion that as long as you practice their suggestions, you will change your life. There is so much more than what is presented as to what are the differences that make the difference to creating what you want.

While I am glad that so many people are becoming more aware of these principles, I am concerned about the fallout as well. I am hearing people do potentially harmful things like go into deeper debt, making dramatic life changes with blind faith, because the DVD tells them they can have what they want if they just believe, etc.

I would suggest if you buy the DVD to take a few things that most resonated with you, and apply them to your life, as long as you don’t sacrifice or overhaul other areas of your life without looking at the big picture. Sort out the glitz from the message. Also check what is not true for you and let go of it.

I would recommend the movie “what the bleep?” It goes hand in hand with The Secret, although more in depth and was the original movie that brought these concepts mainstream.

Third, I recommend that you check out book on NLP (as well as hypnosis which is a sister discipline). Out of all the mindset tools and technologies I have used in over 20 years, I have found they are by far the most powerful. One of the best “beginner” books is: “NLP: The New Technology of Achievement”.

Good luck and may your journey be an abundant one!
Rating: 3 / 5

Whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction, you are always using it. You are using it now in this moment. We are always drawing to us that which we are predominantly thinking. This isn’t some “pie-in-the-sky” notion, this is the Truth. Jesus the Master Teacher said, “It is done unto you as you believe…”

In just eight simple words, Jesus summed up life for each and every one of us and this incredible movie gets us to remember that each one of us “creates our reality” with our thoughts, our feelings, and the images that we are allowing ourselves to predominantly focus upon. Of course, we do not actually “create” reality but our interpretations of what comes into our lives can “bless” us or “curse” us.

Does this DVD tell us anything new? I hate to break it to you, but there is “nothing new under the sun”. But maybe…just maybe….we need to apply that which we thought we “knew”. I’ve been at this metaphysical/spiritual stuff for almost twenty years now and I am constantly amazed at the new insights I continuously receive from those things I once thought I “knew”.

There will be the “naysayers” who say that this DVD is a rip off, but you gotta ask yourself, how many of these people have put this stuff into practice? Yeah, sure, it’s easy to change your thoughts — but keeping them changed, that’s the tricky part. We have all been hypnotized to a certain degree about how things are in the world, but the bottom line is that our defintion of reality is not so much a definition of how it really is as much as it is a definition of how we are.

I’ve watched this movie over sixty times, I’ve given workshops based on it, I recommend it to anyone who has the ears to hear, the eyes to see, and the spirit willing enough. In and of itself, this movie will not change your life, only you can do that, but this movie will definitely give you those “glimpses” of Truth that when persistently and consistently and willingly applied can and will change your life for the better.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “All of life is an experiment.” Be willing to redirect your focus, be willing to let go of old beliefs and form new ones, be willing to be more than you ever thought you could and life will reward you with the greatest reward you could ever hope to receive; a well-lived life.

Peace and Blessings to you all.

john ‘the Light” coach

Rating: 5 / 5

As you go through life, the secret of life is hiding in plain sight, until one day the Law of Attraction tumbles into your awareness, as it did into my life about two years ago.

In my case I followed the Huna Philosophy, and one of the seven rules is energy flows where attention goes. In the Bible, and teachings of Buddha the principle is also contained. Mark 11.24 Whatsoever ye desire, believe that ye have it, and it is yours. So, I watched this movie featuring the eminent teachers of the LOA, not expecting to add much to my store of knowledge. Much to my surprise, I did learn a lot from this movie, and on that basis I highly recommend it.

Before watching this movie I knew that my thoughts created my reality. The missing link for me was the importance of feelings. When you feel good, good things tend to come to you, and when you feel bad, you attract bad things. So, it is important to have better ways of looking at situations, and then you will attract better situations. The other concept that impressed me was importance of gratitude. Gratitude rocks.

If you wish to buy a good book on the subject, I recommend The law of Attraction by Michael Losier, and, Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. My favorite quote from the movie: ‘What you think and feel, and what you manifest is always a match. Every single time. No exception’ Esther Hicks. My other favorite quote: ‘Your wish is my command.’ The Universe.

My own insight from watching this movie came from the Gratitude segment, and also ties in with the Huna: To be grateful is to appreciate, to appreciate is to love, and to love is to be happy with.
Rating: 5 / 5

Generally, and in my opinion, the overall message of the Secret (Extended) presents it’s conclusion without the emphasis on doing. For example, the 3 Steps: Ask, Believe, Receive. A component of receiving, I believe, is not just sitting on your backside and waiting, but rather considering what else you can do to reach your goal and taking persistent action.

We do receive, or rather experience, what we focus on the most, and by focusing on a particular goal (material or spiritual) will help generate the momentum of thinking, feeling and most importantly DOING what we are inspired to do as a result.

None of the presenters in the secret received what they wanted without doing something in addition to Asking, Believing, and Receiving.

When they went on Larry King, they got paid and increased their wealth because they did something: wrote and sold a book or 50, created seminars, developed business plans, talked with other people in the “game” to understand how they did it, learned more through education, and etcetera.

While watching the DVD (a few times) it seems to me that it does imply the “doing” but it doesn’t emphasise it. For reasons that are unclear the editors/producers chose to de-emphasise actions/doing in favour of a more “magical” cause-effect (ask and it shall be given).

As a practicing psychotherapist and life skills counseller I don’t think emphasising anything “magical” really helps people. However emphasising the development of a positive mental framework of thinking and feeling will encourage behaviour that when followed up with persistent actions will help us achieve our goals, now that’s something that people can use. Also, you cannot ignore your environment and it seems The Secret doesn’t even go there, which is unfortunate.

I generally enjoy the message of the DVD but in my opinion it falls well short of the mark in a few of the areas mentioned. Yet, at the same time, I don’t feel pesimistic about the “message”, I simply hope that most rational thinking people will not take the entire message “as is” but instead use their own brains to do some critical thinking.
Rating: 3 / 5

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