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Product DescriptionThe sexy, sinister beings of The Vampire Diaries are back in a thrilling Season 3. As Stefan succumbs to Klaus, Damon and Elena join forces to try to save him, rekindling their long-repressed emotions. Meanwhile the door to the other side opens wide, allowing spirits to invade and...

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The Uninvited

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 12-08-2013


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A pair of siblings (Ministry of Fear’s Ray Milland and The Philadelphia Story’s Ruth Hussey) from London purchase a surprisingly affordable, lonely cliff-top house in Cornwall, only to discover that it actually carries a ghostly price; soon they’re caught up in a bizarre romantic triangle from beyond the grave. Rich in atmosphere, THE UNINVITED, directed by Lewis Allen (Suddenly), was groundbreaking for the seriousness with which it treated the haunted-house g… More >>

The Uninvited

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