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Tooth Fairy

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 24-03-2011


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Dwayne Johnson stars as Derek Thompson, one of the toughest hockey players around — until he’s sentenced to one week’s hard labor as the world’s most unlikely tooth fairy! Even though he must sport frilly wings and learn the magical tricks of the trade from his silver-winged superiors (Julie Andrews and Billy Crystal), Derek’s determined to do the job HIS way and prove he’s got what it takes!

Also includes the Tooth Fairy Training Center–a high-energy boot camp… More >>

Tooth Fairy

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Tooth fairy | movies., Read the tooth fairy movie synopsis, view the movie trailer, get cast and crew information, see movie photos, and more on movies.com.. Home - sweet tooth fairy, The sweetest fairytale. once upon a time in costa mesa, california, a young girl eagerly gripped a spatula as she sat on her kitchen counter top.. 7 tooth fairy traditions world | mental floss, August 22 is national tooth fairy day, and while plenty of americans surely celebrated the day by employing the fairy (or fairies) and her generous cash giving, the.

Tooth fairy - youtube, Filmmaker' blog www.susanee. official selection los angeles int' children' film festival 2010, cleveland int' film festival 2010, san. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbaaF7XKGhg Tooth fairy land, Free letter tooth fairy, tooth fairy gift package, official tooth fairy.. http://toothfairyland.com/ The tooth fairy | official trailer (hd) | 20th century fox, Dwayne johnson tooth fairy, derek thompson, hard-charging minor league hockey player nickname habit . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqnjK79fGSw

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STARRING: Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd, Stephen Merchant, Ryan Sheckler, Chase Ellison, Destiny Whitlock, Seth MacFarlane, Julie Andrews and Billy Crystal

WRITTEN BY: Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel, Joshua Sternin, Jeffrey Ventimilia, Randi Mayem Singer and Jim Piddock

DIRECTED BY: Michael Lembeck

Rated: PG

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: 22 January 2010

Review Date: 18 February 2010

Nearly all of Dwayne Johnson’s movies have been enjoyable, but this is the first time he’s shown talent with acting. I’ve gotta say, he was pretty darn good in Tooth Fairy.

Johnson plays Derek, a professional hockey player with the nickname `The Tooth Fairy’ which he was given for knocking out so many teeth on the ice. It’s more than annoying in movies like this, where we know the character will eventually become the tooth fairy, and for some reason they feel the need to previously deem him with a strictly on the nose nickname; kind of like Tim Allen’s character Scott Calvin having the same initials as Santa Clause, if you will. But I’m not a child, so my point here is irrelevant.

When Derek makes an un-wanted comment to his girlfriend’s daughter about the tooth fairy not being real, he is sentenced to two weeks of `tooth fairy duty’. This sounds a little ridiculous, but we both know this film isn’t aimed at you or me, but at the little ones. So looking at it from their point of view, it’s on level with the plot of a great film like The Godfather or Saving Private Ryan, in comparison.

Derek’s girlfriend is played by Ashley Judd and the harbinger of Derek’s two weeks of doom, is a head fairy of sorts, played by Julie Andrews. There are plenty of humorous shenanigans to be had with Derek trying to cover up the fact that he is a tooth fairy, between his girlfriend and her two kids; which is to be expected.

While in `fairy land’, Derek is met by a kind of Q character from the James Bond Franchise. His name is Jerry and he is played by none other, than the legendary Billy Crystal. Thank God he’s back! Crystal is as enjoyable as ever, while him and Johnson exchange comedic moments back and forth while Derek is being given his fairy `instruments’; dog and cat repellent, magic fairy dust that will shrink you, etc.

Derek is also granted a humorous British side-kick / guardian angel named Tracy (Stephen Merchant). I don’t know that I have ever seen this gentleman before, but I’m sure I haven’t seen the last of him; he was hilarious. Jerry is a fairy who has been denied his wings and is forced to assist those sentenced to `tooth fairy duty.’

No it’s not going to be the best movie of the year; but if you have even a smidgen of a sense of humor, you will at the very least smile.
Rating: 4 / 5

Everyone said Schwarzenegger was miscast for Kindergarten Cop and yet it is one of the more popular films he made. His comic relief in movies like it and Twins and True Lies showed he had far more talent than he exhibited in movies like Commando [Blu-ray]. I think Dwayne Johnson is showing he is more than an action hero as well. I certainly like his toughness in movies like The Scorpion King [Blu-ray] and The Rundown [Blu-ray]. I have enjoyed everything I have seen him in so far, and although I love his action movies, I am entertained by his comedies as well. Another good one for the family here as he plays a mean hockey player that has to learn to respect peoples dreams including his own. He shows he can be tough but with a softer side as well. His Ego takes a bruising and he learns the meaning of team player. Good quality DVD with a standard content. If you enjoyed this catch The Game Plan (Full Screen Edition).

CA Luster
Rating: 3 / 5

After The Rundown, I generally tried to give Dwayne Johnson the benefit of the doubt when it came to his future film endeavors. It was clear he had a knack for comedic timing and I was eager to let him prove himself. He still obviously has the potential to be a great comic actor, but his choice of projects since The Rundown don’t exactly instill confidence. Be Cool, Southland Tales, Doom, The Scorpion King, and The Gridiron Gang amounted to little more than disappointments that made me think I’d overestimated Dwayne’s talent from his first major outing. My enthusiasm to see him succeed even led me to offer a soft appraisal of The Game Plan a few years back, but there’s just no excusing Tooth Fairy. It reeks of poorly though out feature with a cast that can’t land parts in films of a higher caliber. You could sit your kids down in front of this inoffensive tale of a man learning to appreciate the value of dreams, but there are far better choices out there. Why settle?

Derek Thompson (Johnson), an aging hockey star known more for his roughhouse antics than his scoring ability, finds his personal and professional life on the rocks. His domination in the minor league hockey world comes under fire from a fresh new rookie with the promise that makes him the focus of all sports commentators and the leading contender for a draft up to the majors. The new upstart makes Thompson feel like the older veteran that he is and instills a sense of insecurity with how Thompson has pursued his career since earning the nickname “Tooth Fairy”, so-called because of his brutal checks which cause other players to lose teeth. Meanwhile, his on-again off-again relationship with Carly (Ashley Judd) is constantly under fire due to Derek’s personal fatalistic belief system which time and time again threatens to shoot down the hopes and ambitions of Carly’s two children, Randy (Chase Ellison) and Tess (Destiny Whitlock). Derek seems dead set on destroying the illusion of childhood fantasies for Tess and stripping Randy of any self-confidence.

And that’s where Julie Andrews comes in.

Julie Andrews’s presence in a move used to signify some level of grace or quality to a film. That meaning just about completely ended by the time Princess Diaries 2 arrived in theaters, and it’s only gotten worse ever since. In Tooth Fairy, she plays the head of all tooth fairies who manages the indentured servitude of Derek as he attempts to work off the sentence she imposes upon him for shattering the dreams of so many children with his pessimistic candor. So, he must spend two weeks acting as a tooth fairy, using wondrous means to sneak into children’s rooms and exchanging money for teeth. His position comes with a few neat tricks, but mostly restrictions along the lines of never telling anyone what he does at night, a concept which seems wholly ridiculous when his newfound wings seem willing to pop out without warning in public places.

As Derek serves his time he learns something about the importance of dreams and goes on to help Randy realize his musical ambitions and tutors his tooth fairy mentor (Stephen Merchant, good friend of Ricky Gervais) on becoming one of the winged fairies.

Tooth Fairy ultimately falters by having too little for young ones to find funny while aiming at such an adolescent level of comedy that even adults will find it hard to love. The hi-def transfer only helps it so much as there are very few moments where the Blu-ray treatment helps. Otherwise it’s just a b-grade kiddie flick that fails to effectively entertain kids or adults and only serves up mediocre visual wonder. The cast is clearly more capable than the film requires, but their talent has little to do with the notably dissatisfying final product.

Seth MacFarlane and Billy Crystal make woefully small cameo appearances.

Blu-ray Bonus Features

The combo pack features the movie on Blu-ray, DVD, and as a digital copy. The extras include the typical audio commentary with Director Michael Lembeck, some deleted scenes and a gag reel, along with a few popular songs in the sing-along “Fairy-oke” featurette. It’s a selection of very typical and boring extras to go along with a movie of similar quality.

There are better choices out there.
Rating: 2 / 5

The Rock has some good movies out. His comedies are pretty funny but I think this one takes the cake. Great story line special effects. It will definately have you laughing almost the entire time throughout the movie. You have to see it to believe it. Pun intended. Great movie for the whole family, go pick this one up today, you won’t regret it!
Rating: 5 / 5

Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson dressed up as a fairy has got to be one of the more ridiculous images in recent movie history. That’s just one of the things that makes Tooth Fairy hilarious. The movie is filled with witty (and sometimes corny) humor. The plot and character development also feel pretty natural. Indeed, even though the plot device of a boyfriend trying to win the love of his girlfriend’s children has been used far too many times, it didn’t feel stale.

Meanwhile, the toothfairy “kingdom” or whatever had a great combination of magic and sass. It’s set up kind of like MI6 from James Bond – Julie Andrews even acts as the head tooth fairy. At the end of the day, it’s kind of like The Santa Clause – but with wings and an attitude.
Rating: 5 / 5

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