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Turbo Jam Beachbody 5 Rockin’ Workouts

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 25-09-2010


  • Turbo Jam Beachbody 5 Rockin’ Workouts
  • [DVD]

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Turbo Jam Beachbody 5 Rockin’ Workouts [DVD]… More >>

Turbo Jam Beachbody 5 Rockin’ Workouts

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Watch and Download Turbo Jam Beachbody 5 Rockin’ Workouts

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Cardio Party was the first Turbo Jam video I’ve tried. I was looking for a fun kickboxing workout, and overall, I was not disappointed. The workout wasn’t as dancey as I had expected–there are occasional brief interludes where you are encouraged to move to your own beat–but the entire atmosphere is more akin to a dance club than to a workout studio.

This workout is about 43 minutes long, and I realy liked how it was broken down: each chapter is a 6-7 minute segment that is separately choreographed, so once you are done with that segment, you move on to a new routine. I have provided an overview for the moves contained in each segment below (times are approximate, and I didn’t necessarily include *every* move):

Warm-Up, 4 minutes. Charlene begins by warming you up with each of the 4 basic punches (jab, cross, hook, upper) and simple side steps. A few moving stretches are included towards the end.

1st cardio segment, 7 minutes. As with most of the segments, you’ll learn two combinations which you then connect together. The first combination consists of “wheel” (a standing side crunch) combined with cross and hook punches. This combo connects to a march with alternating knee lifts and then double knee lifts to either side; at the end, Chalene changes the march to a jog.

2nd cardio segment, 7.5 minutes. The first combination here consists of a partial squat to either side; side kicks are then added to the squat. Building on this, you’ll do the squat/side kicks, then squat front and back, add front/back push kicks, and then add knee lifts with front/back push kicks. Last comes a move Chalene calls a “twist”–you’ll move front with jab-cross-jab punches and then do a knee lift, first just on the one side but then on both sides with arms added in. The entire sequence is then repeated to the other side.

3rd cardio segment, 7.5 minutes. You’ll start here with speed bag, adding an upper cut to the end of the move and then adding a front knee/back kick. After doing two knees to either side, you’ll add in “Tai” punches–slow punches and blocks to the front while in “horse” stance (straddle squat).

Turbo, 1.5 minutes. For the turbo, a siren goes off and you kick up the intensity, doing jogs and hopping knee lifts. However, two of the women in the large class always do a low-impact version of the moves.

Water break, 30 seconds. Following the Turbo, there is a pause allowing you to get a drink of water, although Chalene encourages you to keep moving during this time.

Recovery Dance Party, 6 minutes (but for some reason, this segment continues partly into the next chapter). I didn’t really notice much difference between this and the other cardio segments; after a brief freestyle dance at the very beginning, Chalene moves back into kickboxing combinations. Here, she does cross, hook, and uppercut punches to one corner, speed bags to repeat in the opposite corner, and then does “zig zag” knees–basically, a side crunch combined with a knee lift to one side; eventually, a back kick is added on as well.

Final cardio segment, 4 minutes. This is a quick segment performed entirely in horse stance. First, you do a front speedbag followed by quick cross punches. Staying in horse stance, you do a high-low punch to the side, then add zig zag knees; for the last couple of reps, Chalene does a hop when doing the knee lift.

Aerobic cool-down, 3 minutes. Chalene describes the moves in this section as “finesse.” There are some arm swings to the front plus some low front and back kicks, but everything is performed at a slower, more relaxed pace.

Stretch, 1.5 minutes. Here, Chalene borrows from Tai Chi and talks about focusing your energy; she does just a few very brief stretches such as a hamstring stretch.

Overall, this is a high-intenstiy workout that is mostly low-impact–there are a few jacks/hops thrown in here and there, but as previously mentioned, two of the participants always show funky, low-impact alternatives. The mood of this workout is definitely high energy, and the music is loud and upbeat, with a few recognizable songs (eg, a very fast version of “Busta Move”). Also, there is a countdown bar at the bottom of the screen which lets you know how much time is left in the current segment as well as previews the upcoming moves. If you enjoy kickboxing but are looking for a style that’s more fun and funky than serious, this might be the perfect video for you.

Additional comments about the instructor: Chalene is clearly enthusiastic and has a ton of energy. She makes frequent comments to say that she *knows* you are having fun, and there are several points where she bursts out singing along to the moves. I would say that she’s pretty over-the-top, but I didn’t find her to be annoyingly so.

You may have heard that Charlene’s cueing is poor; she actually *does* cue, but I wasn’t always sure what she was talking about. For example, she cued “twist,” which turned out to be a punching move. If I had done her “Learn and Burn” video first, I’m sure I would have found it much easier to follow along with this workout, but as it was, I was able to pick up the combinations pretty quickly the very first time through.
Rating: 5 / 5

I hate doing cardio. You can’t burn fat unless you do cardio.

This DVD is fantastic. Chalene is so good at leading you. She does not make you feel like the fat kid who can’t keep up. She keeps telling you to just do what you can for right now, you will make it.

This is not even like exercise. You will burn major fat and within minutes be sweating and have energy. I did Learn and burn for the first time yesterday and feel like I’ve lost an inch off my waist already. Somehow that can’t be true, but it feels like it.

This is my favorite of all the workout DVD’s I’ve seen.

If you hate exercise, get this! The moves are more like dance and are not boring at all. You burn a lot more fat on this than a lot of other routines.


After only 4 days, 3 of them of just the 20 minute workout, I have lost several inches, especially around my waist. My legs are much stronger now. I feel like I have been lifting weights for a month.

I am now able to do the Cardio Party 1, which is my favorite.

I tried to do another workout from someone else and could not bring myself to do it. The music really does help that much. Chalene keeps cheering you on all the way through and that makes a big difference. Just when you think you will croak, she says “You’re almost done!”

I’ve bought all the routines and feel the first set is the best. The others are a bit advanced and it will take quite some time to be that coordinated. I’m happy just to keep up with Cardio Party 1.

Rating: 5 / 5

You have to keep doing it! I watched this informercial for months before finally caving. I looked up many, many reviews online and I have seen almost no negative feedback.

I love the music: There’s none of that horrible canned 80s Muzak-with-drumtrack you find in so many workout DVDs. It’s all clubby, highly danceable music; I’m sure it would be even more fabulous if you’re lucky enough to have a good home theater/stereo system.

Chalene is just as peppy and cute as you’d expect, but she is by no means the “cheerleader” type. She does push, and she does encourage. But throughout the workouts you’ll catch a glimpse of the Chalene you don’t see very much in the infomercial: sassy, goofy and maybe a little bawdy (but not at all in an off-putting way). She’s truly a wonder to behold, and entirely likeable: you don’t ever get the sense that she’s a phony.

I loved kickboxing, but after a while I developed a raging case of plantar fasciitis and couldn’t continue kicking with a wave bag. This workout delivers a lot of hard-kicking, tough-punching fun but with none of the physical contact you might find in a traditional kickboxing workout. You also get a lot of dancy moves, which mixes things up and makes for a much more interesting workout.

I’ve purchased many workout DVDs and videos over the years, and I have never found one that really pumped me up like this. It’s a ball to do, and although I’ve only just started my third week on the program, I’m finding my pants looser, my muscles tighter and my mood lifted.

Highly, highly recommended.

Rating: 5 / 5

I was totally skeptical when I bought the DVD set and even let it sit on my shelf for months because I thought it looked too hard. I’ve tried other beachbody workouts, but this one is by far my favorite. I do Turbo Jam everyday and love it! I never used to love to exercise, but now that I’ve found something I love, exercise is not drudgery.

One of the nice things about it is that the workout can be more or less intense by whatever degree of intensity you want. If you are just getting started moving, you can do the slower workouts such as Burn, or the 20-Minute Jam before heading into Cardio Party.

I wish I could put 10 stars instead of just 5. I would highly recommend this workout to just about anyone. I have shown it to several friends (done the workout with them) and they have all bought the DVDs. I haven’t shown it to one person that didn’t love it.

As for results, I’ve been doing TJ for 7 weeks now and I’ve seen: 12 lb weight loss, 7% reduction in body fat, and 16 inches off my bust, waist & hip measurement. Amazing!!
Rating: 5 / 5

This DVD set has 5 workouts. 1) Learn and Burn 25 min), 2) 20-minute workout, 3) Turbo Sculpt(40 min), 4) Cardio Party (45 min), and 5) Ab Jam (20 min). The DVD set of two has a learn and burn segment which covers learning the 11 moves which are designed for low-impact, high cardio and high ab reduction. Then there is a workout segment of about 15 minutes on the first burn segment. The 20 minute full workout is on the same DVD and another segment of a full turbo sculpt workout using hand weights of about 40 minutes is also included. On the second DVD there is about an approx. 45 minute workout Cardio Party (intensity to high intensity) and then another workout program of approx 20 minutes of a crunching ab and obliques workout.

I started with this program a few weeks ago and have lost pounds and inches in just a few short weeks. I’m not new to the fitness world and so catching on to these powerhouse workouts wasn’t difficult. I love the fact they are not high impact on the legs and knees. The moves are animated and hot, but not damaging to your joints. I continue to use the Cardio Parties, and the Ab Jam routine even in my advanced workouts so don’t think this is a lightweight program. The activity is all intense to high intensity and can be adjusted according to your own abilities.

People have complained that they don’t know when Chalene gives the ques for the next sequence – well maybe they need to go back to the beginner steps of the learn and burn segment to get it. Who cares what the next sequence is called or if Chalene ques it just right? If I had the sound turned all the way down it wouldn’t matter – just watch the moves, do them and lose weight. JUST DO IT. It’s that simple. This is a great beginner set with lots of room to grow into advanced workouts such as Cardio Party and the Ab Jam included in this two DVD set. I do the Ab Jam workout every day as a warm up and then move onto one of the Cardio Party DVD’s for the 40-50 minute workout. Other Cardio workouts by Chalene’s Turbo Jam are Cardio Party mix 2, Cardio Party mix 3, and one of my absolute favorites, Punch, Kick, and Jam. I love the Turbo Jam workouts and me, with an extensive martial arts background, wanted a brightly colored change from the violence of the martial arts. This workout doesn’t remind me of martial arts, even though the moves appear similiar. It atmosphere is anything but violent and the crew are smiling and upbeat, even through their sweat and althetically trim bodies. Some of the women in this DVD set are amazing and you can see their personal successes on the extras in this DVD set including Mindy who lost 45 pounds and Ana-Rita who lost 75 pounds. This is the real thing folks, and you will definitely have fun and lose weight. It’s a wonderful workout program without feeling like I’m in a smelly boxing gym. I went from a size 7 down to a size 3 in a few short weeks. I’m a size zero now! I love the workouts, the brightly colored background and up beat music and the clean good workout fun of the crew and Chalene. She’s one of the best motivational instructors in the world and gets you going! See my reviews on other Turbo Jam products.
Rating: 5 / 5

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