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U2: 360° at the Rose Bowl

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 13-05-2011


Product Description
Filmed on 25th October 2009
U2360° At The Rose Bowl was the penultimate gig of last year’s U2360° tour in support of their Grammy-nominated album No Line on The Horizon. The Rose Bowl performance was the band’s biggest show of 2009 and U2’s biggest ever US show, with a live audience in excess of 97,000. The show was also streamed across seven continents via YouTube. The first ever live streaming of a full-… More >>

U2: 360° at the Rose Bowl

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Watch and Download U2: 360° at the Rose Bowl

Bono - imdb, Bono was born paul david hewson in dublin, ireland on may 10, 1960, to iris (rankin) and brendan robert hewson. he has been the lead singer of the rock band u2 since. U2 — Википедия, U2 (произносится «Ю Ту») — рок-группа из Дублина, Ирландия. u2 была сформирована в 1976 году. Songtext von u2 - lyrics, With or without you songtext von u2 mit lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, musik-videos und liedtexten kostenlos auf songtexte.com.

U2 - wikipedia, U2 irish rock band dublin formed 1976. group consists bono (lead vocals rhythm guitar), edge (lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U2 U2: rattle hum (1988) - imdb, Directed phil joanou. bono, edge, adam clayton, larry mullen jr documentary irish rock group u2' fall 1987 tour north america.. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096328/ 7 (u2 ep) - wikipedia, 7 ep irish rock band u2, released exclusively target stores united states 2002. collects -sides ' leave. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7_(U2_EP)

Comments (5)

Long time fan since early 80’s. Own it all. Seen them on several tours. I like the band. Seen their concert films. Was particularly moved and impressed with the U23D I saw at imax. This U2360 Blu-ray is very hard to watch. Put simply. How does the biggest band in the world. With the biggest stage and production in one of the biggest venues in the US not consider the home viewer of this DVD? One needs to capture the concert experience. The majesty of the set. The narrative of the songs and flow of the show. They have done this before in their other video releases. Other artists like Peter Gabriel and countless others get this concept. Apparently the director and editor of this production did not. Jump cuts and shaky footage can be useful for effect and to make visual points and are great when they are used sparingly. But when not a single shot lasts more than 3 seconds and there are jarring zooms and pans in them…You get a mess. We have split screens. Super imposed shots. Quick shot of Bono’s shoes to a quick shot of the back of Larry’s head. Those things work in a 4-5 minute song video..But a live concert has to take you there. I think of New Years day at Red Rocks. I think of Exit in Rattle and Hum. I think of Origin of Species in U23D as amazing moments of u2 on video. This concert film does not have those moments and it is not because of the performance, the sound, or their material which is great…It is because the editor and director approached this like a communication student that just got final cut pro. I will watch it again because I own it. Maybe dig around on the disc menu for alternate shots. Or just treat it like a really expensive live CD.
Rating: 2 / 5

as others have said — the quality is like a regular DVD this is not high definition by any means and cutting from one band member to another gets old REALLY fast. I honestly think Bono told them not to film him in HD so it wouldn’t show their age or something. I know it WAS filmed in HD because the YOUTUBE live video was more clear than this “blu-ray” (audio wasn’t as good as this tho). My wife even asked me if the DVD was bootleg!!!!!!! It just looks like the put some digital garbage on it to make it look like a standard def DVD…and sometimes WORSE than standard DVD.

and WHY is BREATHE not the first track!?!?!?!?!??! (its a ‘bonus’ track)

ok, good points — Bono actually sounds damn good throughout the DVD — especially on Unforgettable Fire….and of course The Edge and the others sound good too.

Rating: 3 / 5

I’m giving this a bad review based solely on the technical aspects of the disc. The video quality is absolutely terrible. For a Blu-ray I expected so much more. The video is grainy, overexposed and all-in-all very sub-par. At first I thought maybe the look was an intentional effect that would pass. I even checked my Blu-ray player settings just to make sure it wasn’t my machine. Having seen the other comments on here about the video I have to sadly accept that’s the way it is. It’s too bad. Having seen the 360 tour and the spectacular stage show it’s a real shame this is how they chose to capture it. My standard definition DVD of the 2005 Vertigo tour looks much better than this disc. Someone else said the streaming YouTube video looks better and they’re right. It does.

Some have commented about the editing looking more like a music video than a live concert, and I agree it does. It doesn’t bother me too much, although I would have preferred just a straight-forward approach as opposed to all the overlays, dissolves, composite images, etc.

The concert itself is good. Bono and the boys sound good (although Bono’s voice isn’t what it used to be) and the set list is varied, although why they chose to leave the opening song “Breathe” out of the main concert and make it a “bonus feature” is puzzling.

I wish Bono a successful and speedy recovery from his recent injury and I hope to see U2 back out on the 360 tour soon. It would be nice to see them live again since the Blu-ray does a real injustice to the experience I remember.
Rating: 2 / 5

I have seen many reviews regarding the quick switch of the taping..each shot lasting only a few seconds. I can understand one’s fustration over this style of editing. I have viewed the past two U2 releases…’Vertigo 2005′ and The Elevation Tour from Boston, both filmed by Hamish Hamilton, whose editing is quite annoying. But with the new ‘Rose Bowl’ video, I was pleasantly surprised. The editing wasn’t as bad as the previous videos listed, the sound is very good, and my only complaint is the editing of their now famous intro and the performance of ‘Breathe’. Aside from this, the dvd is actually very good, with the exception of the ending of ‘Moment of Surrender’ and we should be watching U2 taking their bows and walking off stage. Instead, we are transported back into the spaceship and the credits roll.

If you want to see a great opening, I mean ‘Space Oddity’ playing from the very beginning, as you hear a fan state….’Here we go’…go to YouTube…type in U2 Dallas..then scroll down until you see U2 Dallas-10/12/2009-Intro & Breathe. The length is 10:24. Trust me, this is a very good version of the intro and song. Watch this first, then right after, start the dvd.

Get well soon Bono!!
Rating: 4 / 5

I was fortunate enough to pick this up early, but as luck would have it, that was not the case. The video quality is pretty bad; certainly not what I am accustomed to with Blu-Ray. Luckily, it is the same price as the “standard” DVD version, because they must look about the same. Overall, I am quite disappointed with U2’s first live Blu-Ray offering.
Rating: 3 / 5

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