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Connie Sumner lives in the New York City suburbs with a loving husband and wonderful child but longs for more; she begins an affair with a mysteriousAmazon.com
If you ever need dramatic proof that adultery is inevitably destructive, look no further than Adrian Lyne’s Unfaithful. Drawing inspiration from Claude Chabrol’s 1969 film La Femme Infidèle, the director of Fatal Attraction is mining similar territory here, but this grownup thriller is more intimat… More >>


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Infidelity - wikipedia, Infidelity (synonyms include: cheating, adultery ( married), netorare (ntr), unfaithful, affair) violation couple' assumed stated. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infidelity Unfaithful wives, Cheating wives, cuckolding wives swinging couples dating contacts meetings. http://www.unfaithfulwives.org.uk/ In heat passion ii: unfaithful (1994) - imdb, Directed catherine cyran. barry bostwick, matt mccoy, lesley-anne , michael gross. wheelchair-bound wife dies apparent accident, . http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109234/

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This sensual and somber drama about infidelity stars Diane Lane and Richard Gere as a married couple headed for tragedy. Connie (Lane) and Edward (Gere) are successful suburbanites with a seemingly happy marriage, until Connie meets an attractive younger man and begins an affair. Edward wonders what’s going on, hires a private detective, and gets the answer he suspected all along.

Lane is memorable as the guilt-ridden wife who is obsessed with her lover. She is lovely, mature, and honest in her portrayal and deserved her nomination for Best Actress. Gere is almost a supporting actor here, but he is wonderful playing an average guy. Olivier Martinez plays Lane’s paramour. His character was fairly one-dimensional and could have been developed further, but he was very good in the role.

The first time I saw the movie, I thought it was relatively dull because of its relentlessly low-key presentation and leisurely pace. On the second viewing, however, I found it a real winner. There are long periods without dialogue, where the camera focuses on facial nuances. The silence gives one a chance to appreciate the fine acting. The photography is excellent, from wide shots of dirty urban streets to warm glimpses of home. The musical score was lovely, lilting and romantic. “Unfaithful” is erotic and tender, with some surprises and an excellent ending.
Rating: 5 / 5

There is a certain beauty contained within this film that makes it beyond a film about infidelity and its consequences. Diane Lane didn’t get my attention until the recent “The Glass House.” As a new fan, I had to see ‘Unfaithful’…her performance is nothing short of remarkable.
The story revolves around a ‘happily married’, middle-aged couple living in the suburbs of NY with one small son. Their life is the picture of the ‘American dream’, until one day, Mrs. Sumner (Diane Lane) goes into the city on business and cosmically collides with the much younger Paul Martel (Martinez). When he invites her in to clean up her skinned knee a most deadly affair begins.
What makes this movie different from all the other films with themes such as betrayal, etc, is that we see the struggle and transformation Diane’s character makes. Several times we see Diane reflect on her various ‘visits’ to Martinez and all at once her face displays pleasure, pain, and paranoia. She brings likability to a character we should hate. Richard Gere is one of my favorite actors and I deeply respect him for taking a ‘backseat’ role in this film. His character torments himself wondering why his wife would possibly want to cheat on him, as he thought he was providing a perfect life.
Added suspense and thrills come about when Gere starts to suspect and eventually finds out about the affair. We then see the direct effect affairs have on families. The murder mystery was thrown in more for entertainment value but the true artistic aspect remains in the adultress’ mind.
We’ve seen affairs start from heartbreak, drunkeness, seduction…any reason other than this film’s…boredom. From boredom and seduction we get obsession, we see Diane become addicted to her breakaway from daily life. For those of you who love Richard Gere as much as I do, you really have to bite your lip watching him getting cheated on! However, there is great remorse as Connie (Diane) really does love her husband, but someone dies before the affair is ended. This movie truly remains with its viewers. I recommend picking up the haunting tracks ‘Moby – Rushing’ and ‘E.S. Posthumus – Nara’ to reexperience the emotions captured through watching ‘Unfathful.’ This is a definete must see!
Rating: 4 / 5

Adrian Lyne is not known as the king of subtlety, as in his “Fatal Attraction” or “Flashdance.” He showed remarkable restraint in “Lolita”; giving the film a beautiful and reverent patina of intelligence and honor especially in Jeremy Iron’s portrayal of Humbert. Why the major distributors did not take on the mantle of “Lolita” will forever remain a mystery.
In Lyne’s newest film, “Unfaithful,” he finally comes into his own with a film that is not only provocative but also one that resonates with clear headed thought and remarkably subtle performances.
“Unfaithful” is the story of Connie and Richard Sumner (Diane Lane and Richard Gere), happily married for eleven years with one son living in White Plains, New york. One day, Connie is in NYC for business in the middle of a hurricane-like windstorm when she literally runs into Paul Martel (Olivier Martinez). After Connie scuffs her knees in a fall, Paul invites her into his apartment in Soho for some tea and thus begins a torrid, ultra-sexual love affair. Everything up to this point is Lyne-like with Lane and Martinez never looking more beautiful and sensual in their entire careers amid scenes of photographically perfect lovemaking.
But Lyne throws a wrench into his usual mix of infidelity amd marital indiscretion by adding a murder and thriller plot that adds dimension and breadth to the film. Is it any wonder that this cast was interested in doing this film? Especially Richard Gere who is extremely picky about the projects he undertakes.
Even though Diane Lane has been making movies since she was twelve, she does wonders with her character here. Her Connie is in love with her husband and her life but simply cannot resist the charms of her “amour fou” Paul. There are no big decisions to be made here, Connie is bowled over by Paul and does almost nothing to resist his charms…he is French,handsome and young after all.
The reprecussions of Connie’s affair are played out with Hitchcockian suspense yet without Hitchcock’s 50’s sensibilities and Calvinist modes of retribution. The ending is left remarkably open to interpretation.
Even though Diane Lane has been making movies for 30 years, she has never had a better part than that of Connie and she makes the most of every one of her scenes. She is a revelation in her reticent yet all-consuming realtionship with Paul and with her intelligent and sympathetic dealings with her family. We truly care for her and her situation: she transforms what could have been a negative part into something positive and life-affirming. Both Gere and Martinez are also first rate and empathetic: we care for both even though they are far from perfect human beings.
Adrian Lyne has had a rocky career with several lows (“Lolita”) and few highs (“Fatal Attraction”). “Unfaithful” shows us all what a fine, accomplished, subtle film maker he is and what a diligent and persuasive director of actors he can be.
Rating: 5 / 5

UNFAITHFUL is a film that might perhaps tap into a viewer’s double standard regarding extramarital sex.

Connie Sumner (Diane Lane) and her husband Edward (Richard Gere) seem to have all the ingredients for a perfect marriage after eleven years of togetherness. They live in a perfect house in an affluent New York City suburb and have a child, a well behaved son, enrolled in the perfect school. Edward is financially successful as the head of his own business, and is apparently an excellent provider. Connie doesn’t have to work, but spends her time soliciting for charities. They have bountiful food on the table and drive upscale, late model cars. All are physically healthy. The household is free of disruptive emotional extremes.

Some would kill for much less.

One day in the Big Apple, a violent windstorm literally blows Connie into the arms of a used-book merchant, Paul Martel (Olivier Martinez), staggering down the street with a burden of tomes. Both fall to the pavement, Connie scraping her knee. Paul is young and handsome. Paul invites Connie up to his apartment for tea and band aids. Such is Connie’s starvation for seduction and passionate intimacy that she’s soon visiting the city on a regular basis for a discrete affair carried on not always so discretely. Edward becomes suspicious after odd answers to the usual end-of-the-day query, “What did you do today, honey?” Edward eventually hires a gumshoe to follow her.

I first saw Diane Lane in the TV miniseries LONESOME DOVE and thought “What a sweetheart!” In UNFAITHFUL, it’s “What a Babe!” – but, hey, let’s not allow that to color my opinion of her performance here. Lane is superb as a subliminally bored woman feeling the conflicting emotions – giddiness, guilt, exuberance, mortification – of an illicit affair, a turmoil wonderfully illustrated as we watch her face and body language as she comes home on the commuter rail after her first intimate encounter. Lane, not Gere, is the star of this film, though the latter is perfectly adequate as the man who slowly realizes he’s being cuckolded. My minor disenchantment with the movie is an ending too open-ended for my taste, especially as it occurs in front of the local police station.

Though the viewer must certainly think that Connie is making a Big Mistake for the long term, I had sympathy for her short term actions. I’m left wondering if this is a gender-based opinion. Would I have felt different if the roles of Ed and Connie had been reversed, and the former had been doing the cheating? I suspect so. And would a female viewer have a harsher opinion of Connie’s choices?

I liked UNFAITHFUL for the questions it raises. I think it much better than the response it received while in theater release. Oh, and I never realized sno globes were built so sturdily. Mine with the cute, little bunnies in the forest shattered early on.
Rating: 4 / 5

The three main actors, Diane Lane, Richard Gere and Olivier Martinez, do an absolutely wonderful job with this movie.

This is not a female version of Fatal Attraction as some have suggested. At least I did not feel it was so.

Diane Lane is the happily married mid-forties woman who accidentally meets a young incredibly attractive man in his 20s who, is obviously attracted and interested in her. Her husband Richard Gere is a cuddly lovable, happily married and successful man. What really blows you away, is why would she stray? Oh yeah, this young man is drop dead gorgeous, sexy and is patiently interested in her.. Deadly combination.
This young man, is like light to the moth of Diane Lane’s character and she keeps coming back despite the potential harm to her family. Since she is doing such a shoddy job of hiding her involvement, in her intensity to see this young man, Richard Gere’s character begins to suspect something.

At one point in the movie, Diane Lane’s character is seen by some friends in the young man’s neighborhood and she is forced to have lunch with them to allay suspicions. Olivier Martinez’s character comes to the restaurant to have a dailliance in the back with Diane Lane’s character, while she is supposedly in the ladies room. However, these ladies in conversation make it quite clear when they see Olivier Martinez that they feel he is wildly attractive. One even goes as far to say, she would go to bed with him in a second. The other, is wilting while recalling a former affair that she has had and its devastation. Diane Lane’s character is forced to see both sides of the coin.

There are some pretty steamy scenes in this movie. Diane Lane does an excellent job also of showing both her mixed feelings and reckless abandon. You see her maniacly pursuing this forbidden relationship, once it is is started. Richard Gere is great as the devoted husband. He is playful and lovable, but not stupid. He does everything he can to understand what is going on, until he has proof in his hands. Olivier Martinez, is one very attractive and compeling young man. I’m sure we will see him even more in Hollywood (in English speaking films) now that he has done this movie. He is wonderful as the young lover.

I won’t go further than this, but the movie takes some twists you don’t expect and some you do. Wonderful job. Very entertaining.

I think this movie will make some people think. It could start some very interesting conversations.
Rating: 5 / 5

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