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Valentine’s Day

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 20-05-2011


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The starriest cast you may ever see sparkles in a hilarious and heartwarming romcom from the director of Pretty Woman and The Princess Diaries. Stories crisscross, collide and boomerang in this look at a day in the life of love. There’s a proposal. Flowers that didn’t get sent. A big fat secret that’s finally told. The “I’ll show up and surprise him” that ended up surprising her. Fights, kisses, wrong turns, right moves and more. Whether new to or through with love,… More >>

Valentine’s Day

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In honor of today actually being Valentine’s Day, I wanted to see this movie. I actually liked it. It is very funny, and very romantic. All the characters are interesting and you care for them. There were a few twists that I didn’t expect. This movie is filled with a lot of great actors.

On Valentine’s Day, we see the lives of different couples and how they deal with love and friendship. Some hearts are broken, and some will find true love on this magical day.

Ashton Kutcher plays a florist named Reed Bennett who pops the question to his girlfriend. Jennifer Garner plays a teacher named Julia who falls in love with a doctor who is unfaithful. Anne Hathaway plays a receptionist named Liz who tries to hide the fact that she is a phone sex operator. A kid in Julia’s class named Edison tries to send flowers to his Valentine. All this and much more happens on the day of love. I highly recommend VALENTINE’S DAY!!!
Rating: 5 / 5

Garry Marshall takes a play from the Robert Altman handbook with “Valentine’s Day”, a romantic comedy about interconnecting people on the famed holiday in Los Angeles. It’s a cheerful but shallow picture to say the least. While the film is packed with stars (23 in total) and a few good laughs, this modern day romance has nothing important to say, hell, it has nothing to say at all. The main lesson learned is that everyone needs to make their own definition of love… okay, thanks. Regardless, it’s a really breezy film. It’s bright, the stars plays to their strengths and it’s just long enough to have all the stories resolved. It is what it is and “Valentine’s Day” makes for a good film to accompany the holiday.
Rating: 4 / 5

This heavily packaged 2010 omnibus rom-com brings new meaning to the term – trivial pursuit. Never have so many Hollywood stars served a movie so bereft of any dramatic gravity or emotional resonance. Overlong at 122 minutes, this enterprise is directed with little nuance by Garry Marshall who seems to be throwing his film back to the broad shenanigans of his late-1970’s sitcoms like Laverne & Shirley and Mork & Mindy. However, even more than Marshall’s superficial direction, the real culprit is Katharine Fugate’s (Army Wives) cliché-ridden, laugh-free screenplay. The contrived storyline she concocts forces about twenty recognizable actors to play out the slings and arrows of romance over the course of Valentine’s Day in present-day Los Angeles.

If you keep count of such things, there appears to be five interconnecting major stories. Character names are irrelevant in keeping track of them since we are meant to be awestruck by the star wattage of the cast, so I will just refer to the actors directly in my synopsis. Story #1: Julia Roberts is an uptight US Army captain on a one-day leave from Iraq and Bradley Cooper is her seatmate on the plane ride home to LA. Story #2: In the San Fernando Valley, Ashton Kutcher is a harried florist who has just proposed to his selfish, careerist girlfriend Jessica Alba, while his best friend Jennifer Garner has fallen in love with Patrick Dempsey, a deceptive doctor whom she doesn’t know is married. Story #3: Emma Roberts (Julia’s niece) turns 18 and methodically plans to lose her virginity with boyfriend Carter Jenkins that afternoon while her parents are presumptively away from the house. Story #4: Eric Dane is a closeted professional football player who struggles with inevitable retirement and complicates the livelihoods of both his romantically challenged publicist Jessica Biel and tough-minded über-agent Queen Latifah.

Story #5: Anne Hathaway is Latifah’s receptionist moonlighting as a phone sex operator as she begins to date mail clerk Topher Grace. The various plots intertwine with each other, and even more actors are thrown in for good measure like Jamie Foxx as a roving TV reporter and Shirley MacLaine and Hector Elizondo as grandparents hitting a rough spot. Does anybody shine above the others? You know you’re in trouble when Kutcher is the one who gives the most dimensional performance in the film. Garner somehow survives with her appeal intact even in the silly revenge scene in the restaurant and the Alias-inspired throttling of the heart-shaped piñata that follows. Biel and Hathaway both work a bit too strenuously in their predictable parts, though both manage amusing moments. Alba continues to be a vacuous screen beauty, and the same could be said of Dempsey. It’s not too surprising that both play characters who end up with the fuzzy end of the lollipop.

Julia Roberts is wasted in her constricted role, but her niece Emma acquits herself even as singer Taylor Swift plays her gangly, airheaded best friend with surprising élan. Dane is wooden as if he doesn’t know how to play a conflicted character, but Cooper manages to register in his equally ambivalent part. Foxx, Latifah and Grace play their accustomed roles with little surprise or impact. 76-year-old MacLaine gets the benefit of playing a romantic scene with Elizondo in front of a movie screen showing her 24-year-old self in 1958’s Hot Spell. Before you can say Love Actually, it all ends rather neatly with nary a trace. Poof! The 2010 DVD has a predictable set of extras – a bland commentary track from Marshall that matches the bland tone of the movie, a six-minute featurette that allows some of stars to share their Valentine’s Day stories, a five-minute cast tribute to Marshall, a disposable music video from Jewel, a few deleted scenes, and a three-minute sneak preview of “Sex and the City 2”, appropriate since that movie caters to the same demographic audience.
Rating: 2 / 5

Aptly described as “a celebration of romance,” Valentine’s Day follows the lives of an array of characters throughout one romantic holiday. The star-studded film includes about 19 different actors and actresses. As we follow each character, it is soon apparent that all have some connection to another, and all are touched (in positive or negative ways) by their relationships.

A virtual who-who of romantic comedy, the cast is the highlight of the film, each with their own scene-stealing performance. As almost all romantic comedies are, the plot lines are blatantly predictable. Yet that’s why we watch them – for the happy endings. From young, puppy love to tender, long-lasting love; Valentine’s Day covers it all. There are also plenty of laugh-out-loud moments in this light-hearted feel-good flick. I have to admit that before watching it, I thought that there were going to be too many characters and storylines going on. I didn’t think it was possible to tie them all together. I am happy to be proven wrong. Director Garry Marshall is king of romantic comedy. And his latest is just as fun and full of magic as some of his previous hit films.

Since this is a romantic comedy, I don’t think the Blu-ray edition added much to the film viewing experience. But the Blu-ray combo back does come with loads of extra bonus features.

The Blu-ray Disc Combo Pack includes:

* Exclusive Sex and the City 2 sneak peek trailer

* 14 Deleted Scenes with Intro from Garry Marshall

* “The Stars Confess Their Valentine’s Day Stories”

* Gag Reel

* Jewel “Stay Here Forever” Music Video

* The Garry Factor

* Audio Commentary

* Standard definition version of the movie and a digital copy

Rating: 4 / 5

The reviews said “Valetines Day” is a flop. I’d say it flops pretty good. Very good. But, then I love Taylor Swift..Old pro Garry Marshall directs this spring-time valentine to southern California. The Hollywood sign looms in the distance, as a truck-load of intertwining couples make-up and break-up, all centered around sending flowers on “Valentines Day”. They meander down Sunset Boulevard, cruise by Rodeo Drive, and check into the Beverley Wilshire. At the center of this under-rated romantic comedy is Ashton Kutcher as Reed, who proposes to Morley, played by a luscious Jessica Alba. Morley says “yes”, but later changes her mind; an immature young woman unable to love somebody else. Of course a chick-flick, “Valentines Day” has room for the men: You can ponder Ms. Alba half-dressed in her bed, Jennifer Garner in her underwear, and a good dose of young Hollywood hotties like Jessica Biel and Anne Hathaway. But it’s Kutcher who makes the movie. Finally almost acting, Kutcher is touching here, as a heart-broken lover, who decides to turn his sorrow into saving his female best friend. The movie starts slow, and gags fall flat, but the second half lights up. It will melt the hardest heart. Supporting actors are good; including George Lopez, Queen Latifah, Kathy Bates and Paul Williams(somewhere). Very talented Jamie Foxx is mis-cast as a black TV announcer; strangely out-of-place around so many young white hunks. And Jessica Alba is shaky and insecure, perhaps too close to the character she portrays. 42-year-old Julia Roberts is lovely and restrained, as Capt. Kate Hazeltine; on a 24-hour furlough, coming home to see the most important man in her life. Shirley MacLaine is memorable. An argument with her husband drives him to the classic-movie-night at Hollywood Cemetery Forever; an actual location containg the caskets of June Mathis and the movie star she created: Rudolph Valentino. Taylor Swift is very funny as a ditsy Valley Girl. The dialogue is fast, but you don’t really mind. “My only real love is my blackberry”. “Oh. I’m sorry. I really have to take this..” Surely no classic, “Valentines Day” will be remembered. It should have been called “Love Story”, but some movie already has that title.
Rating: 5 / 5

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