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The Dorm That Dripped Blood

Product DescriptionOn the eve of Christmas vacation, a college dormitory stands condemned… the dark halls now vacant and unsafe. Student Joanne Murray and her close friends volunteer to help close down the building, unaware a psychopathic lunatic is hiding in the shadows. As the students disappear...

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Vanishing on 7th Street + Digital Copy

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 18-05-2011


Product Description
VANISHING ON 7TH STREET taps into one of humankind’s most primal anxieties: fear of the dark. An unexplained blackout plunges the city of Detroit into total darkness, and by the time the sun rises, only a few people remain surrounded by heaps of empty clothing, abandoned cars and lengthening shadows. A small handful of strangers that have survived the night (Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton, John Leguizamo and Jacob Latimore) each find their way to a rundown bar. … More >>

Vanishing on 7th Street + Digital Copy

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