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Visions of Italy

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 06-04-2011



From the Alps to Sicily, tour all of Italy from a spectacular vantage point Italians call their home Il Belpaese, “The Beautiful Country,” and it has never looked more breathtaking than in this unique aerial tour. Shot in high definition from a helicopter-mounted camera and planned with precision for optimum lighting and angles, your tour is enhanced by an informative narrative and a score of evocative regional music. Take an emotional visit to your family’s homeland… More >>

Visions of Italy

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Visions Of Italy

Movie : Visions Of Italy

Italy Visions

Movie : Italy Visions

Roman Colosseum Birds Eye View

Movie : Roman Colosseum Birds Eye View

 : Южная Италия / Visions: Italy Southern Style (2001) HDTV

Movie : : Южная Италия / Visions: Italy Southern Style (2001) HDTV

Italy Southern Style

Movie : Italy Southern Style

Visions of Italy Southern Style

Movie : Visions of Italy Southern Style

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Roman Colosseum Birds Eye View

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