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Watership Down

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 19-05-2011


  • An animated adaptation of Richard Adams’ best-selling book about a group of rabbits desperately searching for a new home after the demolition of their warren. The bunnies endure a danger-filled journey in which they contend with hunters, vicious dogs, and even other rabbits who are out to stop them. As the heroes travel, they are befriended by a wisecracking seagull named Kehaar. Will Hazel an

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WATERSHIP DOWN – DVD MovieAmazon.com
Much like Richard Adams’s wonderful novel, this animated tale of wandering rabbits is not meant for small children. It is, however, rich storytelling, populated with very real individuals inhabiting a very real world. The animation is problematic, sometimes appearing out of proportion or just subpar; but it seems to stem from an attempt at realism, something distinguishing the film’s characters from previous, cutesy, an… More >>

Watership Down

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