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Wayne’s World

Posted by admin | Posted in Movies | Posted on 28-04-2010


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Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG13
Release Date: 12-MAY-2009
Media Type: Blu-RayAmazon.com
TV’s Saturday Night Live has been like the evil twin of the legendary alchemist’s stone, which supposedly could turn lead into gold. SNL usually does the opposite, taking rich comic premises from short skits and extrapolating them into overblown and unfunny full-length films. (“The Coneheads”? Puh-leeze!) But this film proved to be th… More >>

Wayne’s World

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Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) and Garth Algar (Dana Carvey) have a television show on a public access station that they film in thier basement. A producer (Rob Lowe) buys the show and puts it on his network. But little do Wayne and Garth know that he plans to exploit the show and takes Wayne’s girlfriend Casandra (Tia Carrere).

This is the best SNL movie ever and is filled with lots of memorable lines and scenes. This was filmed on a small budget but was a major sucess. There are plenty of famous people in small roles like Chris Farley, Laura Flynn Boyle, Alice Cooper and Ed O’neil to name a few.

The DVD is presented in widescreen and in DD 5.1 surround. It also contains a featurete filled with interviews and clips from the movie and the theatrical trailer.
Rating: 4 / 5

We all know that Austin Powers was a funny movie, but the way the press prattles on and on about it, you’d never know that there was life before Austin. Let me take you back to 1992 B.A.P (Before Austin Powers): Mike Myers takes a “Saturday Night Live” sketch to the big screen. The sketch was called “Wayne’s World”, and the movie version was greeted with major box office and critical praise (Excellent!). This movie kicks serious a–! The jokes are funny, even after you’ve seen it 50 times! The performaces are wonderful! The lines are classic! It’s just such a great movie! It’ll bring you up when you feel down! So, in conclusion, this movie sucks…NOT!
Rating: 5 / 5

Long before the world ever heard of Austin Powers, Mike Myers was infusing pop culture with the catch phrases and wild doings of Wayne Campbell and hastening the move of multiple Saturday Night Live characters to the big screen over the course of succeeding years. Wayne and his trusty sidekick Garth raked up at the box office and left us with a classic comedy that will be making people laugh for years to come. Aside from all the Wayne-isms and Garth-isms, this movie changed forever the way we listen to a number of classic rock songs.

Okay – let’s review. Wayne lives in his parents’ basement, but it’s okay because he and his buddy Garth have their very own public access show on their local cable station in Aurora, Illinois. Wayne thinks his dream of doing Wayne’s World for a living (and thus escaping from the world of name tags and hair nets) has come true when he gets an offer to do the show on a Chicago TV station, but there’s a certain matter with the fine print. Will Wayne sell out? Yeah. And monkeys might fly out of my butt.

Myers and Carvey take their SNL trademark routines as far as they can, going a little too far once or twice (as with the Scooby Doo and Mega-happy endings – although they did make possible the much-appreciated Tia Carrere bikini scene), and it’s not hard to see why: Wayne’s World was the most popular SNL skit for a good two to three years running. The film has a surprising number of familiar faces: besides the aforementioned Tia Carrere, you get Rob Lowe (fresh off a certain little infamous home movie), Brian Doyle-Murray, Ed O’Neill, Lara Flynn Boyle, Donna Dixon, and – making cameo appearances – Chris Farley, Meatloaf, and Alice Cooper. Of course, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey take center stage at all times. They satirize everything, from Grey Poupon commercials to the entertainment industry, to themselves.

There are a number of memorable scenes: the Bohemian Rhapsody bit as the guys cruise town in the Mirth-mobile, Garth’s Foxy Lady dance number (many of us will never be able to listen to that classic Jimi Hendrix tune the same way again), all of the Dreamweaver moments, the Laverne & Shirley take-off trip to Milwaukee, Wayne’s Marilyn Monroe impersonation, and others. Whether you knew it or not, you were exposed to Wayne’s World lingo throughout the 90s, so if you haven’t seen the movie, isn’t it time you learn why you should have laughed at all those jokes you didn’t understand way back then?
Rating: 5 / 5

Wayne’s World is directed by Penelope Spheeris (The Decline of Western Civilization.) The film stars Mike Myers (Austin Powers), Dana Carvey (This Is Spinal Tap), Tia Carrere (Jury Duty), Rob Lowe (St. Elmo’s Fire), Brian Doyle-Murray (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation), Ed O’Neill (Married With Children), and Donna Dixon. The film is based on the classic series of Saturday Night Live sketches of the same name, also starring Myers.

Wayne Campbell (Myers) and Garth Elgar (Carvey) are hold-over would-be rockers from the eighties. Wayne still lives in his parents’ basement, and hosts his public access television show, Wayne’s World, from there – a strange show that isn’t afraid to poke fun at its guests. A television executive (Lowe) intends to acquire the rights to the show, so that he can exploi t it and make big bucks from the production. Along the way, Garth will pursue his dream woman (Dixon), Wayne will meet a rock star girlfriend (Carrere), and the twosome will hear plenty of bizarre theories and experiences from a psychotic donut shop owner (O’Neill.)

Wayne’s World is a classic because it succeeds on so many levels. In addition to giving us interesting, funny characters, the movie throws comical scenes at us at lightning speed – and they succeed more often than they fall flat. Additionally, the film manages to make fun of just about every angle of the movie industry without ever losing its heart. Despite some harsh language here and there, it manages to succeed as a film without being explicit. Yes, it’s a little bit dated almost two decades later. But when so many catchphrases from one movie become part of everyday American culture, you know the film has succeeded and cemented its own place as a classic piece of cinema (even if it goes against everything I usually call classics.)

There aren’t enough good things to say about this movie. There is no shortage of stuff that will make you laugh here. In just over an hour-and-a-half, the movie pokes fun at the entertainment industry, product placement, alternate endings, public access television, and other films and genres – yet at the same time manages to tell an effective, comical story that, unlike so many other comedies, actually has a heart. Wayne’s World may not have the impact it did during its initial release two decades ago, but there is no denying that this is a great little piece of cinema. You’ll laugh until it hurts – and then you’ll laugh some more.

Image and Sound:

You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll Hurl! And this time around, you’ll be doing all three in 1080p and TrueHD! The transfer here is a bit underwhelming, but this was never really much of a “visual” movie. This transfer is a slight step up in detail from earlier DVD incarnations of the movie, but it’s not a massive improvement over them. Where the disc really shines, though, is its TrueHD audio track, which really gets a chance to shine in loud scenes, and features improved clarity over earlier DVD counterparts. However, if you own the older DVD, there’s really not much of a reason to upgrade. This is a good-looking and sounding disc, but it’s not that much of an improvement over an upconverted DVD.

Special Features:

There are no new special features here, just stuff ported over from the previous DVD release. First up is a Penelope Spheeris commentary track. No fan of the movie will be disappointed in this commentary – it goes into quite a bit of detail on the movie, and she has no shortage of info to share. Still, you’ll wish Myers and Carvey had been on board. The other major feature is Extreme Close-Up, your standard obligatory “making of” featurette. Like the commentary, there’s a lot of interesting information here, and fans won’t want to pass it up. Closing out the features is the original theatrical trailer. All in all, these are nice little bonuses, I only wish they had included some new stuff here instead of just porting over (what few) bonus features were on the DVD.

Final Words:

It’s Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World! It’s party time! It’s excellent! And it’s on Blu-Ray at long last! The film is an undeniable classic, even if it breaks all the rules for what I usually call a classic. If you already own the old DVD, this isn’t worth the double dip since the upconverted DVD comes close to the quality of this disc anyhow. But if you don’t already own the movie, this disc is a good bet. Get out of your parents’ basement, get in the Mirthmobile, and head down to the store and pick up this disc. No fan should be disappointed, though only die-hards (who surely already own the film) need apply for this double dip.

Rating: 4 / 5

“Wayne’s World” will always be a classic – I never get tired of it! Dana Carvey and Mike Myers make this movie better than ever with their always-funny characters Wayne and Garth. They’re 2 characters that are totally original and absolutely hilarious – the storyline is clever and I guarantee it will generate plenty of laughs. I am a Dana Carvey fan myself, his comedy is great, and believe me this movie won’t let you down!
Rating: 5 / 5

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